From: Pegasus
Subject: Likkle Lorry Driver
Dated: Tue Jan 02 23:01:32

Why does the thought of Zeon behind the wheel of a lorry
make me quiver with terror?
And what does he do with those Yorkie bars?

From: ZEON
Subject: Peggy
Dated: Wed Jan 03 05:09:44

oh please don't encourage Ellie's
perverted lickle fantasies of me behind
a big wheel...she's bad enough as it is..
We all know what she would like me to
to do with HER gearstick...

From: Ellie
Subject: Likkle Lorry Driver
Dated: Wed Jan 03 23:05:18

And just who said it was a BIG wheel?..HA!

From: Pegasus
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Thu Jan 04 20:38:29

You behind a big wheel?
What, you an operator on the London Eye or something?
And for what it's worth, I'll take a chunk of your
Yorkie bar anytime, cher petit.

From: Ellie
Subject: Yorkie Bars...
Dated: Thu Jan 04 22:22:54

It is NOT his Yorkie bar that I am after,
after all he keeps saying he has better things....

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jan 07 22:40:35

Tonight's winner (by a mile!) is Gypsy - 10 kills, 4 defeats and 0 deaths
In second place, Unluckyii - 2 kills and 0 deaths
Joint third are ... Otley - 1 kill and 10 deaths and
Ethnan - 1 defeat and 2 deaths
Moriarty fought valiantly but kept getting bopped ... aw....
Congrats all who took part and sorry I was a bit late!

From: ZEON
Subject: New Immortals
Dated: Tue Jan 09 18:48:23

May I respectfully suggest that certain 'new immortals'
read the section marked 'Guidelines for Wizards'
on the code of conduct page at
ESPECIALLY points 1, 2 and 5
Also a quick visit to room number 295 on here
might be a good idea as well...

From: ZEON
Subject: Quiz Points and Inshades
Dated: Fri Jan 12 18:11:03

All quiz points have now been awarded, I'll try
and keep it up weekly...honest :-)
Also Inshades will be updated just as soon as
Peri sorts out my FTP access to him as it appears
that his recent ISP move has somewhat screwed things up

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Quiz Points and Inshades
Dated: Sat Jan 13 18:51:11

Isn't technology wonderful

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jan 14 22:07:52

Tonight's bloodbath was a bit of a flit hither and yon but
the final scores are:
Ophelia is tonight's winner! 4 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
Unluckyii is second with - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
Obsession (who also flitted) is third - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 1 death
She flitted off though so she didn't get her other quiz point....
Moonraker played for the first half and got killed a bit and then
Moriarty took over from him and got killed a bl
it too.
So that's it...

From: Branwell
Subject: ZEON
Dated: Mon Jan 29 13:37:56

Your succinctness does you great credit Z-babes!

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Shades Meet
Dated: Mon Jan 29 14:55:52

Are we arranging one?
Has one been arranged?

From: Chant
Subject: Last night's BB
Dated: Mon Jan 29 21:07:10

I'm ever so sorry ... I forgot....

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet
Dated: Mon Jan 29 22:32:07

The idea of having one fairly soon has been talked about.
Seeing as we didnt have an Xmas meet this year.
Branny suggested the 24th of Feb as this is almost a month
away and he has a gap in his busy schedule. Unless it turns
out that hardly anyone can make that day.. I suggest we
have the meet then.
As for a venue, there's the pub on the south of Blackfriars
I think it was last time.. or possibly the Sols if its open
but I havent been in there for ages. Open to any other
suggestions tho.

From: Aeia
Subject: Pubs
Dated: Mon Jan 29 22:35:06

The venue should fit the following requirements or
people will whinge :). Fairly central London so its easily
accessible by car and rail (pref with parking possible nearby).
Wheelchair friendly. Fairly quiet on a Sat night so conversation
isnt hard and finally preferably have a no smoking area..
picky or what! :)

From: Archaro
Subject: Meet...
Dated: Mon Jan 29 22:56:28

Well, baring crises, I should be on for it.
I'll be taking my car up, so anyone travelling from the north
is welcome to get the train to leicester and come up and back with me
and kip on my sofa. Small sofa, though, and places are limited. :)

From: Bergkamp
Subject: meet
Dated: Tue Jan 30 11:59:58

24th of feb sounds ok to me!
anyone else?

From: Ellie
Subject: Bergkamp
Dated: Tue Jan 30 20:52:31

Suppose you will be going in your Dinky Toy then Bergie.

From: Someones
Subject: Archaro
Dated: Tue Jan 30 21:43:15

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't London DOWN from Leicester
and not UP??

From: Branwell
Subject: Archaro
Dated: Tue Jan 30 22:12:37

My dear fellow,
One ALWAYS goes "up" to London and "down" to the provinces or
the country FROM London.
Confusingly though, even from London one can go UP to University,
as long as the university in question is a PROPER one.
One can be sent DOWN from University of course, and may choose
to go UP to London to drown one's sorrows as a consequence.
I DO hope all is now clear....

From: Archaro
Subject: London
Dated: Tue Jan 30 22:22:13

You're so right, Someones... we look down on London from Leicester.
Branwell, you're rambling. Eat an eclair.

From: Blondie
Subject: Meet
Dated: Wed Jan 31 10:00:18

How about one in Newcastle for a change.
Anyone up for it?

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Ellie
Dated: Wed Jan 31 11:11:55


From: Bergkamp
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Wed Jan 31 11:13:53

Spot on about the ups/downs of London!!

From: Sussies
Subject: London
Dated: Wed Jan 31 18:06:04

It don't matter if it's UP, DOWN or bloody
SIDEWAYS, It's still a shithole...

From: Pegasus
Subject: Blondie
Dated: Wed Jan 31 19:02:11

I will, Blonz...
Or even Student-Town-from-Hell Durham!

From: Angelis
Subject: Meet
Dated: Wed Jan 31 19:45:29

A saturday?????
I might be able to come!!!!
If mum takes me............

From: Mindy
Subject: Meet
Dated: Wed Jan 31 20:29:16

Well I might be pursuaded if a suitable venue can be found...
even if it is the Saturday immediately after my birthday....
but i can't seem to come up with any better suggestions for
things to do for my birthday..... and it would be nice to get
together with friends n stuff...
oh I'm rambling..... count me in!
M xx

From: Pauli
Subject: Meet
Dated: Wed Jan 31 21:01:46

Hurray! me is definitely coming
as long as I havent forgotten about something terribly important
Will tell Poppy since she's never here

From: Art
Subject: Meet
Dated: Wed Jan 31 23:33:03

As you know, I'm not one to miss out on a bit of a drink, so I'll be
turning up.
Let's hope the turnout is a bit better than the last meet I went to.