From: Paladine
Subject: Bye
Dated: Tue Feb 06 00:07:14

From Archaro and Paladine.
Enjoy the meet!

From: Art
Subject: pub for the meet
Dated: Tue Feb 06 11:10:09

It's the Shakespears Head on Kingsway, Holborn.
About 100 yards south of Holborn Tube station. Come out the exits
of the tube station directly in front of the escalators, turn left,
walk about 100 yards, and the pub is on the left.

From: Art
Subject: Pauli? drunk?
Dated: Tue Feb 06 11:11:11

Surely not!

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet
Dated: Tue Feb 06 13:23:53

OK, shall we confirm the meet then as Sat 24th
Feb at the Shakespears Head on Kingsway, Holborn
Hopefully this pub will suit everyone.

From: Mindy
Subject: meet
Dated: Tue Feb 06 17:25:15

Sounds good to me!
M xx

From: Pauli
Subject: meet
Dated: Tue Feb 06 20:27:27

Like I said toilets are downstairs if I remember rightly
branny are you coming?

From: Art
Subject: meet
Dated: Wed Feb 07 00:46:15

I don't think they are.. have to ask amstar, since he was the only
other person to turn up to the last meet we had.

From: Aloysius
Subject: Sing ho!
Dated: Wed Feb 07 09:40:30

For the life of a bear!

From: Siva
Subject: Freezes
Dated: Fri Feb 09 17:42:59

Is anyone else experiencing long and terminal freezes at the
moment or is it just me?

From: ZEON
Subject: Just You Siva
Dated: Sat Feb 10 07:31:09

See subject

From: ZEON
Subject: Motley
Dated: Sun Feb 11 07:21:09

I do so hope that you aren't mt'ing all
that T for that wouldn't be
a very good idea now would it...

From: Angelis
Subject: Motley
Dated: Sun Feb 11 20:21:06

Yeah, there are other people that you should m't it

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Feb 11 21:49:58

Gypsy's tonight's winner - 6 kills, 2 deaths
Bogus is second - 3 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
Moriarty is third - 3 defeats and 7 deaths
Otley's fourth - 1 defeat and 6 deaths

From: Blondie
Subject: Freezes
Dated: Mon Feb 12 09:06:47

No, it's not just you Siva.

From: Batman
Subject: Motley/Angelis
Dated: Mon Feb 12 09:43:24

I can see my expertise at rogue techniques are needed once again...
My motto: never get caught! Follow the below examples exactly and you
may become an infamous rogue amongst your Shadey players:
1) NEVER mt treasure - instead just go to room 0 and type "g all"
2) NEVER just give treasure to target player - instead SLIP it to them.
This will prevent unwanted 'snoopers' from seeing this action... hehehe
And finally -
Rip off your bras and burn your books! RAH RAH RAH!!!

From: Siva
Subject: Motley/Zeon
Dated: Mon Feb 12 12:30:08

If he has been doing what you suggest, Zeon, why do nothing about
it? If he has not, why mention it? There was a rumour, no doubt
unfounded of course, that Motley had got to wiz by using Otley to
collect for him. I give no credence to this rumour. But neither
do I regard Motley as an immortal.

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Mon Feb 12 16:24:35

I hope you do something. Certain people have had points deducted
or worse.

From: ZEON
Subject: Batman et all
Dated: Mon Feb 12 18:11:40

firstly, you can't go to room 0 in the xmas version :-)
secondly, the comment re Motley was an observation
from the logs, it wasn't actually apparent from them
that this was what had happened, it was circumstantial
and I for one DONT act on circumstantial evidence
As it turns out he had admited it and I don't need
either of you to tell me what action to take/not take
thank you very much
I won't be taking any action in this case as it was his
first offence and he has been warned for it

From: ZEON
Subject: Batman et all cont:-
Dated: Mon Feb 12 18:17:29

Any points that Unluckyii had been given have
been deducted from his score.
In cases such as this, action has only been taken on
the immortal in question when they have already
received a previous warning
Siva, your reference to the rumour re Otley, I had no
proof of this, so unless you have may i respectfully ask you
to be quiet or do i have to remind you how many
suspicious points certain mortals have received
when YOU were around to oblige

From: ZEON
Subject: Batman et all cont 2
Dated: Mon Feb 12 18:23:47

Finally I would just like to point out that
neither I, Savvy, Chant or any of the other arches
can be around 24 hours per day to 'catch' people out
and I certainly don't expect snide remarks from anyone
over something like this.
The original message was put here in order to
get a reaction from Motley, and as it did, I consider
my method to be a success, if you can do better, please
feel free...
The End.....
PS Batman, do you wear a bra, if so which colour??

From: Siva
Subject: Motley/Otley
Dated: Mon Feb 12 19:10:14

Dear Z, the Motley/Otley thing was observed by an immort who
didn't spool it as she did not know how the s/w worked, or so
I am told. No proof therefore. As to my own misdemeanours, I
have often handed out absurdly large sums of t to other people
but have not made my immorts that way. You and Savvy are doing
a wonderful job, but if you need more arches, may I respectfully
propose the names of Branwell and Guiseppe?

From: Philote
Subject: arches
Dated: Tue Feb 13 10:33:39

Oh I think Branwell would make a great arch
especially because he's around far more often than
any of the current arches!

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Arches
Dated: Tue Feb 13 11:13:16

Got to be careful that we don't have more arches than players!
But, if anyone is to become an Archm than I would go along with
He is ALMOST a good guy!! :-)

From: Angelis
Subject: Guiseppe
Dated: Wed Feb 14 18:10:23

So, where is Cap'n Grumpy lately?

From: Siva
Subject: Where is...?
Dated: Wed Feb 14 19:11:42

Yes, where is Cap'n Grumpy? And where is ...
... Twoie?

From: Chant
Subject: Siva
Dated: Wed Feb 14 21:11:35

You poo-faced little toad-thing you...
What about the wonderful job I'M doing?!
'You and Savvy' forsooth....

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet
Dated: Wed Feb 14 22:27:33

Just a reminder that the meet is still on for the 24th
Feb. I will be in London tomorrow night so I will have
a look at the Shakespears Head pub to check out if
its suitable for smoke prone people and wheelchairs!

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Chant
Dated: Thu Feb 15 02:07:10

Yes you are doing a wonderful job!!
Haven't been on the same time as you for years though! ;-)

From: Sussies
Subject: Meet
Dated: Thu Feb 15 05:28:13

So I take it that you meet type people
are anti-smokers then??
If so, then why not hold the meet in an open
field, that way you are sure not to pollute
your precious selves with other peoples
extrements from their dirty filty habit..
Bet you don't think twice about
poluting the rest of us with your car fumes?

From: Siva
Subject: Chantypoos
Dated: Thu Feb 15 13:42:11

It goes WITHOUT SAYING that you are doing a miraculously
wonderful job dearest. xxxxx

From: Bergkamp
Subject: sussies
Dated: Thu Feb 15 14:43:40

Nah...I polute with car fumes and ciggies!
add a little bit of natural methane that I release into the
air on a regular basis.....;-)

From: Aeia
Subject: Smoking
Dated: Thu Feb 15 15:35:11

I think a majority are non smokers. The main
reason for looking for somewhere with a non
smoking place is that one person that is coming to
the meet is alergic to ciggy smoke so wouldnt be
able to come if the meet was in too smokey a place

From: Art
Subject: Smoking
Dated: Thu Feb 15 17:54:45

Just to add, the Shakespear's Head has smoking and non-smoking
bits. I'm sure that the smoking ones could form a huddle somewhere
in the smoking bit every so often ;)
From: Ellie
Subject: Chant/Siva
Dated: Thu Feb 15 18:55:17

That's right Siva Babe, now you have to grovel.
If you are so bold as to insult an Archie
you MUST pay
cant wait for the next instalement

From: Ambushbug
Subject: Branwell the Arch-Wizard
Dated: Thu Feb 15 20:35:47 does have a certain ring to it...
...very much like Branwell's bath no doubt.
Mind you, I can't actually remember how Arches are created cos
it's been so long since I went through the process. I've got a
vague recollection of large amounts of alcohol, leather underwear and
peculiar squelching noises...but that might just be something I'm
trying to block out from the days when I lived in Hazeii's cupboard.
Anyway...he gets my vote!

From: Sussies
Subject: God forbid
Dated: Thu Feb 15 23:02:12

Yeeks, if Branwell was ever made into an arch
then we would have so many new female immortals
suddenly appear overnight that we would be overrun
by them

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet
Dated: Thu Feb 15 23:45:06

I checked out the Shakespears Head pub tonight and it
looks suitable for the meet. There are a couple of
steps into the pub but once you're in its flat. It also
has a no smoking bit at the back.
So to confirm.. Meet on the 24th Feb at the Shakespears Head
which is on Kingsway. Out of Holbourn tube, exit straight ahead
turn left and pub is about 100 yards on the left.
Start time around 7:30-8:00pm.

From: Aeia
Subject: Pancakes
Dated: Fri Feb 16 00:32:55

There's a Dutch Pancake place close to the Shakespears
Head pub, its on New Oxford St. I've been there a couple
of times before and they do very yummy savoury and
sweet pancakes, anyone fancy food there before the meet?

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Pancakes
Dated: Fri Feb 16 10:52:21

sounds good....

From: Batman
Subject: RAH RAH RAH!
Dated: Fri Feb 16 13:06:59

Silly Zed, obviously not as I tore it off. Doh!
But don't worry, my utility belt is quite intact.. :P

From: Pauli
Subject: meet/pancakes
Dated: Fri Feb 16 16:32:45

me for both!
Im staying at Poppy's but she cant come, some pathetic
excuse about a works do or something
Pauli xxxx

From: Art
Subject: Pancakes
Dated: Sat Feb 17 14:22:58

Looks like I'm going to have more money than I thought I would,
so pancakes might be an option after all. What sort of time were
you all thinking of meeting the pancake place?

From: Azmodan
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Sat Feb 17 23:57:19

You can go to room Zero in the xmas version Zeon if your wizard
was created when the xmas version was up. As room 0 is set
as a new wizs home room by default.
I had aready pointed this out to you in a previous email
a few months ago if you had bothered reading it

From: ZEON
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Sun Feb 18 11:16:53

..and hi to you as well dear...
let me help you down from your high horse..
..ahh thats better
For information, not that I really need to bother
answering this, but I will...
I did read your email, although there was nothing
in it about creating an immortal in the xmas version,
anyway, Peri was made aware of the contents of said
email and was meant to be 'correcting' said buglet
regarding room 0, but as yet, has not done so
now take back you soap box and go play in a corner

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Pancakes
Dated: Sun Feb 18 17:26:49

The Pancake House is called 'My Old Dutch'
& I can recommend it as well.
PS - I'm back from the Lake District,
& Pol says 'Hello' as well.

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Arches
Dated: Sun Feb 18 17:35:32

I would like to put my name behind the
Branwell for Arch campaign.
He does have the advantage of being older than me after all

From: Darkangel
Subject: Room zero
Dated: Sun Feb 18 18:22:47

Whilst everyone is concerning themselves with this interesting
room, may I point out the fastest way to get there.
set your home to 0, then go home.
sorry for the extra work Peri :)

From: Chant
Subject: Siva
Dated: Sun Feb 18 21:20:46

Kissypoos sweetie....

From: Chant
Subject: Bergkamp
Dated: Sun Feb 18 21:21:28

Kissypoos to Bergy too!
p.s., You could always toddle along to a bloodbath...!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Feb 18 22:08:04

The winner (at the last minute!) is Myrine - 5 kills, 6 defeats, 1 death
Pipped at the post is Bogus - 9 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
Third is Perseus - 6 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
Fourth is Deadcat (a very late arrival!) - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 9 deaths
Fifth is Ninja (who vanished very early) - 1 defeat and 2 deaths
Poor Moriarty was tonight's sacrifical goat and was killed 14 times...

From: Azmodan
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Mon Feb 19 09:28:12

Funny I have a copy of the 2nd email I sent you regarding this subject
and I can definatly read a bit where it states i can get into room 0
on the xmas version as its set as a new wiz's home room.
Perhaps your eyes are failing you in your old age. I sugest you have
an eye test and get some glasses.
P.S. Hello

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Chant
Dated: Mon Feb 19 10:31:59

Oooo, I could try and make it to a BB, but seeing my X-wife
with the power of an arch might be dangerous! ;-)

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Mon Feb 19 10:32:44

Very easy to get to room 0. with our without using the home
I will gladly show you how!

From: ZEON
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Mon Feb 19 23:24:32

..or perhaps I just don't really care....

From: Siva
Subject: Branwell for Arch
Dated: Wed Feb 21 14:22:55

Well since so many people have expressed such enthusiasm, and since
it would clearly help our existing arches to patrol the game
may I reiterate my suggestion that Branwell be appointed as an arch,
with the title Branwell Arch Wizard of Sydenham.

From: Endora
Subject: Branwell for Arch
Dated: Wed Feb 21 20:01:22

I'd like to add my vote for the Brannie for Arch campaign
He's been on the game for ages and is very good at it.
Luv Endora

From: Melt
Subject: Brannwell for Arch
Dated: Wed Feb 21 20:33:41

OK, I know i've not been round these parts for long
and i don't know Branwell half as much as I wish, but in my time here
he's been funny, helpful (well, kinda. in his own way. sorta) and
well. yeah. I add my vote to the pile.
Branwell for Arch!

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet
Dated: Wed Feb 21 22:49:40

A reminder about the meet this weekend. Its on Sat 24th
Feb. Place, the Shakespears Head pub on Kingsway, Holborn
To get there take the tube to Holborn station, take the
exit straight ahead from the escalators and turn left,
the put is about 100 yards on the left.
Meet from around 7pm onwards. The pub does have food or a
trip to Old Dutch pancake house on New Oxford street may
be possible.
see you all there!!

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Siva/Branny
Dated: Wed Feb 21 23:08:21

Sydenham?? SUrely not....
Anyway, yeah let him be an long as I can still zap him

From: Halley
Subject: Branwell for arch
Dated: Thu Feb 22 00:26:36

Well if we are all going to have a say
I suppose I would add my support for Branwell to ba an arch as welll
As long as the powers that be feel it is appropriate
wouldn't want to tread on anyones toes
regards Halley

From: ZEON
Subject: Archdoom
Dated: Thu Feb 22 04:29:51

Whilst it is all very touching to see all this
support for Branwell to be an Arch, I would just like
to point out that as far as I know Peri has NO plans to
to create any new arch wizards.
This whole discussion has arisen in response to
a chattrack message posted by SIVA on here at the
beginning of this month and NOT through any announcement
by Peri or any of the other arch-wizards
Please may I suggest that any nominations for this
non-existent (AFAIK) post be sent directly to Peri.

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Thu Feb 22 09:49:14

Where they will be nicely ignored! ;-)

From: Siva
Subject: Archdom
Dated: Thu Feb 22 11:12:20

I know it's up to Peri to appoint arches. However, I suppose
it is permitted to express opinions on Shades. If more patrolling
of the game is needed, without ruining the real lives of the
existing arches, then clearly new appointments would have to be
made. And while democracy has never been part of the way this game
is run, it seems reasonable to put forward names of players who
would be popular appointments. That's all there is to this, not a
campaign. Just a thought. Blame me.

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Siva!
Dated: Thu Feb 22 12:20:09

While I agree with you completly, I would like to say that I would
make a much better Arch.
I would be biased, rude, completly abuse my powers.
I would make Auto-sorcs and keep trying to kill people.
I would setscore people down to 0 on a whim or if
I really like them blot them completly.
So I would like to start the ball rolling. Make bergkamp an Arch!
Lorda.....ermmm Bergkamp!

From: Aeia
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Thu Feb 22 13:59:47

Zeon dear.. are we ever going to see a happy CT message
from you?! You're turning into Guiseppe at this rate. :)

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Previous
Dated: Thu Feb 22 18:29:06

Aeia, I'm shocked, hurt & distressed by your CT
I have no idea what you could possibly mean.

From: Teatree
Subject: Brannie
Dated: Thu Feb 22 23:30:26

Brannie? Arch? naah.
Hazeii for Arch!!

From: Ellie
Subject: Guiseppe.
Dated: Fri Feb 23 18:21:45

I know exactly what she means Grumpy.
I am surprised that you do not.
but then I am cleverer than you, so there.

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet
Dated: Fri Feb 23 21:24:26

I wont be about tonight but if anyone has
any queries about the meet tomorrow I'll
be checking the CT tomorrow sometime.

From: Melt
Subject: Meet
Dated: Fri Feb 23 22:09:45

Sorry Aeia, i've not been able to get
a return trip sorted until 0900 Sunday
so I cannae show...
hug, Meltie

From: Catz
Subject: Poverty
Dated: Sun Feb 25 22:52:39

You are looking for me?
I am looking for you.
Lets collide sometime soon