From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Sep 03 21:50:06

Tonight's winner (by a whisker!) is Gypsy - 10 kills, 1 defeat, 1 death
Giving her a run for her money, Soupbowl - 8 kills, 2 defeats, 5 deaths
In third place, Bogus (who left the mobiles alone all night) - 4 kills
Fourth, tonight's Lag King, Siouxme - 1 defeat and 12 deaths
And poor Nancy had Siouxme's leftover lag as well as her own and got
killed 8 times and didn't manage to wreak her revenge (this time!)
See you all next week!

From: Benedict
Subject: Is it my imagination...
Dated: Mon Sep 04 10:49:00

or has it all gone a bit quiet here in the land of Shades?
Where is the cut and thrust of witty debate in the post room?
Where are the scandalous romances and liaisons we love so much?
Where is the bitter rivalry? Where is the hubub?
Perhaps we should try to attract some new players...

From: Pegasus
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Mon Sep 04 11:06:43

Er, Ben? We talkin' 'bout the same Shades here?
'Cut and thrust of witty debate?'
'Scandalous romances and liaisons?'
'Bitter rivalry and hubbub?'

From: Siva
Subject: ducks and Branwell
Dated: Mon Sep 04 15:33:52

Witty debate is impossible when Branwell consistently ducks
my parries. There is still the unfinished business with the
Vicar's wife of Selmeston, Sussex, the ocelot-fur thong and
the mysterious chicken feathers. A satisfactory reply has yet
to be received in this quarter to my email dated 27th July 1990.

From: Incognita
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Mon Sep 04 21:35:31

I don't know about attracting new players,
maybe if existing players stopped leaving in droves
after being driven out it would be better.

From: Zeon
Subject: Leaving players
Dated: Mon Sep 04 23:31:49

Er what existing players have left in droves??
oh yeah, Azmodan, he's in a drove isn't he?
Its summer, Shades always goes quiet in the summer
due to (most) people having a life and actually
doing summit else instead..
Don't panic as soon as it gets dark and the snow
comes all the idiots will be back to say hi to
the idiots that haven't left (in a drove or otherwise)
due to said existing idiots NOT having a life

From: Siva
Subject: droves
Dated: Mon Sep 04 23:57:51

are these droves chauffeur-driven and can we all have one?

From: Proximo
Subject: Life
Dated: Tue Sep 05 05:52:36

What life? *peer*

From: Seb
Subject: siva/branwell/selmeston
Dated: Tue Sep 05 10:45:07

could this be the same vicar's wife who used to make the teas
for the cricket team ?
The team being interesting for the fact that their best bowler
was deficient in legs to the tune of 1
I think we should be told

From: Siva
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Thu Sep 07 13:05:45

I see he pursues his policy of silence on this matter,
a silence which has now lasted a decade. Well, if I were
in his shoes, I could imagine it being at least a decade's worthof

From: Siva
Subject: bbq
Dated: Thu Sep 07 18:28:15

Will anyone who needs directions to this, ie to my house, which
is of course also Kali's house, please contact me either on
here or via the thing of the email. My email address for this
purpose is I theng you.
The shindig itself is on Sunday 17th Sept at lunchtime, which means
anytime after noon. Weather will not be allowed to interfere.
Please bring large quantities of potent moonshine.

From: Barefoot
Subject: DIE
Dated: Fri Sep 08 16:27:01

Have you forsaken me, likkle one.
or lost your bottle..giggle.

From: Wizzo
Subject: Droves
Dated: Sat Sep 09 09:57:48

Is it true? Could it be? That Az left in a drove or otherwise?
Cautiously optimistic,

From: Pegasus
Subject: BB
Dated: Sat Sep 09 21:59:18

Alas, poor Mel.

From: Batman
Subject: Halley
Dated: Sat Sep 09 23:29:53

Dry White Wine or Lemon Juice directly on stain...
use white cloth with water to GENTLY dampen the fibres,
do not rub hard, as this might cause damage to carpet
Use fingertips to work to base of stain,
and repeat process of blotting and rinsing as necessary
Wipe gently and turn cloth frequently
Hope this helps (em crosses his fingers)

From: Twoie
Subject: Tonights BB Results
Dated: Sun Sep 10 22:55:41

Obsession in lead with 5kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
Bogus second with 4kills, 0 defeats and 0 deaths
Samson third with 3kills, 0 defeats and 1 death
Nancy bring up the rear with 0 kills, 0 defeats
and 13 deaths
Scorer was a drug crazed Welshman who missed most
of the early kills and had to resort to being told
Next week Thermonuclear device creation using a safety pin
sticky back plastic and the tops from Sunny Delight

From: Benedict
Subject: Poor me
Dated: Mon Sep 11 14:34:26

I very much regret that I won't be able to join you all
at the BBQ this weekend (sigh). Unfortunately I have to go
to Italy to look up the Pope... But I hope you all have a lovely
time - extra big kisses to Siva and Kali!!
Benedict xxxxx

From: Batman
Subject: Identities
Dated: Tue Sep 12 11:11:31

Most of you have already sussed I am not a
"newbie" to Shades.
It is true that I played some time ago as someone
else, hence, why I know a lot of players.
Although this may be disconcerting to some, I
hope that you will get to know my current player(s).
Batman has returned and is here forever to protect
Shadey City!

From: Chocolat
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Tue Sep 12 16:14:10

Have a nice holiday. But don't get caught looking UP
the Pope. And on NO account ask to kiss his ring!
Pax vobiscum

From: Siva
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Tue Sep 12 20:09:13


From: Pauli
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Tue Sep 12 21:14:28

Yes bah and pah!
I do hope you realise Im extremely upset
Have a nice holiday dear

From: Siva
Subject: This Sunday - a reminder
Dated: Wed Sep 13 14:52:52

The fuel crisis notwithstanding, we are going ahead with our plans
for a bbq in Sussex on Sunday, and some petrol-hoarders are coming
from London and elsewhere by car. All Shades players are very warmly
invited. The venue is my place at noon and thereafter until
late. The nearest station is Uckfield, bus station ditto. Please email
me if you would like to come and need directions. My email address is
Hope to see you on the day. (Weather forecast is not bad.)

From: amstar
Subject: brannniieee
Dated: Thu Sep 14 23:27:56

hey brannies, can you give me a line on
ta! xxxx

From: Siva
Subject: BBQ weather/fuel update
Dated: Sat Sep 16 09:10:56

After torrential rain yesterday the forecast for this area tomorrow
is dry, sunny spells, warm (68F), 10% chance of rain.
This morning my wife was able to fill her tank with unleaded in
Uckfield after a 15 minute wait.
If you want to come and still need directions, please email Or ask Branny, Twoie, Archaro or SheDevil.
Cassoulet update. The beans have now been soaking 12 hours.

From: Zeon
Subject: Hall of Fame Link
Dated: Sat Sep 16 10:39:09

As Sheddy pointed out the Hall of Fame link on Inshades
seems to be shagged, this is due to the fact that
the person whose web site this link points to seems
to have removed it and replaced it with a rather
nice (?) webcam
As soon as I find out where they have moved the piccies too
I'll change the link
Thanks Shedevil for letting me know, it's good to know
that at least ONE person keeps me informed of things!

From: Siva
Subject: Cassoulet update
Dated: Sat Sep 16 11:29:50

The confits are in preparation.
Go back two messages for weather and fuel news.

From: Branwell
Subject: Siva
Dated: Sat Sep 16 12:06:07

NO snacking on "young" cassoulet before tomorrow dear heart!
Has the "Big Brother" hot tub arrived yet?

From: Siva
Subject: Cassoulet latest
Dated: Sat Sep 16 19:45:27

The confits are in a melting condition. The beans well soaked.
The thing of the poitrine, oignons and aille commences.
Alas, the Big Brother hot tub has not arrived yet, but we live
in hope.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Sep 17 22:13:17

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 8 kills and 4 deaths
In second place, SaMsOn - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 9 deaths
Third is Bogus (who played more with the mobiles..) - 1 kill and 1 defeat
It was a bit quiet tonight as most people are over pigging their faces
at the BBQ and I couldn't go to it ... pout!

From: Archaro
Subject: BBQ and Chant.
Dated: Mon Sep 18 18:30:55

Just a quick note to say thanks to Siva for a splendid day on Sunday.
And just to say to Chant (dear, dear Chant): Nyahh! You missed it! Pthhp!
That might have been childish. But it was fun.
and If I start running now, I might even escape...

From: Art
Subject: Archie
Dated: Thu Sep 21 22:36:11

Anyone else seen Archie since that message?
What've you done to him, Chant? :)

From: Deckard
Subject: BBQ
Dated: Fri Sep 22 15:06:42

Sorry I couldn't attend peeps. I know - I'm crap. :)
I will make it one day......

From: Hazeii
Subject: BBQ
Dated: Sat Sep 23 23:26:56

I couldn't make it either...another time!

From: Zeon
Subject: Mt'ing
Dated: Sun Sep 24 20:44:22

Siva, Mt'ing 5K for one personna over a period of
20 mins is a wee bit OTT dont you think dear??
Now be a good boy and behave yourself, there's a love

From: SheDevil
Subject: OTT
Dated: Sun Sep 24 21:17:59

Gotta be better than OPP, doesn't it?

From: Perialaga
Subject: High Level Bloodbath
Dated: Sun Sep 24 21:58:57

I'm not 100% sure I got the scoring right, but here goes:
Obsession: 4 Kills 2 Defeating 4 Deaths
Jivecatt: 5 Kills and 1 death
Samson: 3 Kills 1 Defeating and 9(!) deaths
Bogus 2 Kills and 3 Deaths
(I'm sure that doesnt add up, but never mind!!)
I hope you all enjoyied it!
Peri (who has had to brush a few cobwebs off the keyboard....)

From: Siva
Subject: OTT MT'ing
Dated: Mon Sep 25 09:28:47

I thought I'd bunged him 8K!

From: Branwell
Subject: OTT MT'ing
Dated: Mon Sep 25 13:29:27

I was there and can confirm the odious Siva bunged the fellow
over 8K.
An example must be SET Zeon! I suggest Siva be scourged to within
an inch of his unworthy life by an ugly, moustachiod crone with

From: Seb
Subject: Shadists web pages
Dated: Mon Sep 25 17:14:40

Fellow Shadists
I am going to compile a list of Shadist's pages
for inclusion on Inshades
(the current list is woefully short and out of date)
so please send the URL of your page to
and I'll add you to the list.

From: Archaro
Subject: OTT Branwell
Dated: Mon Sep 25 21:05:21

Branny dear, are you putting yourself forward again?

From: Ellie
Subject: Siva being naughty
Dated: Mon Sep 25 22:34:48

Likkle Lorry Driver
I'm Always Good.

From: Branwell
Subject: Archaro
Dated: Tue Sep 26 13:50:29

Well if no one else is bothered I don't mind allowing my name to
go forward to thrash the fellow.
I am though the wrong gender to be qualify as a crone and my
halitosis is thus far in its infancy.
Got any tips on how I can develope it to your exalted level dear

From: Benedict
Subject: bad breath
Dated: Tue Sep 26 16:36:54

Now then now then. I can sense tension...
play nicely please.
Having snogged both Branny and Archaro in the confessional,
I can assure you neither have bad breath. They could, however,
both do with a bath!

From: Branwell
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Tue Sep 26 17:52:47

I will have you know, Holy Father, that I religiously take a bath every
YEAR, whether I need one or not!
And you'd not be able to gauge Archaro's halitosis snogging him THERE!

From: Siva
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Sat Sep 30 14:16:05

For goodness sake reply to the idiot, I am getting tired of seeing
this message here.