From: Siva
Subject: Shadowlam
Dated: Mon Oct 02 02:35:04

Shadowlam is one of our more colourful and characterful players.
She has lately been spending a lot of time diligently learning
the game. But rarely these days does she let fly with insults at
anyone who dares to attack her and when she does they are pearls such
as "Go spit slugs!" I therefore announce the founding of the
SHADOWLAM FOR WITCH Committee, to encourage her to immortality, and
will myself assume the role of its secretary.
Let's ALL help SHADOWLAM make WITCH!!!

From: Seb
Subject: siva/shadowlam
Dated: Mon Oct 02 10:47:44

let's not.....

From: Siva
Subject: Shadowlam
Dated: Mon Oct 02 13:33:51

Oh, but I insist! Perhaps this is the moment to reveal that Branwell
has joined the campaign as treasurer and all-round Svengali. Watch
this space.

From: Archaro
Subject: Siva/Branwell/Shadowlam
Dated: Mon Oct 02 23:30:30

Hmm.. do you mean that the dear old bean will be entrancing young maidens
and bending them to his evil will? That's nowt new. 
Now, as you all know, I'm the mildest of mild people, and I abhor
fighting to a fault. However, in this particular case
I am prepared to throw my weight (and that's not inconsiderable )
behind the Shadowlam for Novice campaign.
Higs and stuff,

From: Deckard
Subject: Slim Shady.
Dated: Tue Oct 03 14:59:57

Well, I reckon we should all be noviced and start over again.
.... - what? - ohhh... o.k... bad idea.
Deckster x

From: Siva
Subject: Noviced
Dated: Tue Oct 03 17:46:38

Well the game is once again getting rather top-heavy with wizzes
and witchery, so perhaps you are right Dec. I wouldn't object.

From: Siva
Subject: archie/branwell/shadowla
Dated: Tue Oct 03 18:22:45

Yes, of course he will be doing all that, and he does it so well,
but what I meant is that he is our eminence grise, or grisly if you
prefer and we are looking to him to come up with some cunning plans
Meanwhile donations of treasure (all items welcomed, be they ne'er
so humble) may be left in the Kitchen, which for the benefit of wizzes
is location 42, unless my memory fails me.

From: Siva
Subject: Correction
Dated: Tue Oct 03 18:26:59

Oh no, room 42 is the Stables in the castle. So sorry.

From: Pauli
Subject: Siva
Dated: Wed Oct 04 14:35:28

Dont suggest that you fool!
Ive only just got here, I would like to enjoy
it for a little while thankyou dear

From: Sai
Subject: wizkill
Dated: Wed Oct 04 14:58:22

For any who are interested I gave Guru some t to make up
for any points I took by attacking him. I was trying to get the cub to att
him, but killed him dead instead.. Sorry Guru, I know your on cable
but that doesnt stop me being sorry I got you in an unfair fight..

From: amstar
Subject: sai
Dated: Wed Oct 04 16:12:31

oh well done, sai! i seem to remember it was about this time last
year that i had to wizkill noel... but for different reasons.
shame you don't get any points for them mortals...

From: Siva
Subject: Guru Sai Baba Saga
Dated: Wed Oct 04 17:39:59

How exactly do you get the cub to attack someone?
And how does typing (presumably) KILL GURU achieve that anyway?
Just curious. I wouldn't spend any time worrying about Guru,
they are well known for being able to come back from
the dead, as you should know, being a divine master yourself.
Secy, Shadowlam for Witch Watch Committee Brigades
SHADOWLAM 4 WITCH!!! Everybody MUST help!!!

From: Siva
Subject: Pauli
Dated: Wed Oct 04 17:42:33


From: amstar
Subject: shadowlam for witch
Dated: Wed Oct 04 18:24:21

only if we zero the persona file afterwards. :)

From: Sephiruz
Subject: Novice
Dated: Thu Oct 05 05:36:06

Hmmm, Siva the Novice? That sounds good. Maybe it could
be played in reverse. All us mortals get to kill a wiz.
Kinda make up for all the sneaky attacks...Grin

From: Siva
Subject: Shadowlam
Dated: Fri Oct 06 07:25:48

Owing to pressure of work and bladder I have today resigned as
Secretary of the Shadowlam 4 Witch Committee, a revolutionary cadre
modelled on Bakunin's org. This leaves Branwell squarely in control,
and a fine job he will make of it, as he did for the Thief in the last
Mayoral election. (Has anyone seen the Mayor since?) I know you will
all give Branwell your unstinting support.
Sd/- Comrade Siva
Long live the Revolution.

From: Seb
Subject: The Mayor
Dated: Fri Oct 06 09:46:11

Isn't it about time for another election ?

From: Siva
Subject: Mayoral elections
Dated: Fri Oct 06 17:52:04

Well I certainly am not going to organise another one. But if
the Supreme Court of Shades declares the last result null and
void, I daresay, with angry gallants and mysticals attacking
immortals on sight and clamouring at the gates of the city, another
election could be organised by someone else.
Long live &c &c
Tovarich Siva

From: Angelis
Subject: Mayoral Elections
Dated: Fri Oct 06 21:34:13

Well, if Wizzo *ahem* has, like someone else recently,
fled to a safe bunker out of shades
i would run for mayor...
that is, if i could make a slogan

From: Archaro
Subject: Angelis/Mayor
Dated: Fri Oct 06 22:28:12

Sorry Angelis, but I believe that, as in the UK
One must be of 21 years or older before
one may run for elected office.
Mental age notwithstanding. Look at some elected officials...

From: Wizzo
Subject: Mayoralty
Dated: Sat Oct 07 14:17:39

The Mayor is still around as he has always been!
Any subversive forces will have to wait for the revolution.
Please note that the TV station is bulldozer proof.
Lots of love,
Wizzo the Mayor.

From: Angelis
Subject: Ahem
Dated: Sun Oct 08 20:03:12

Well, this is a fantasy land isn't it?
so, i should be allowed..

From: Archaro
Subject: Angelis
Dated: Sun Oct 08 21:01:24

Fantasy? FANTASY?
Well, I suppose it is. But you shouldn't just come right out and SAY it.
It makes people nervous.
Especially if the fantasy involves Ellie's boots.

From: Seb
Subject: Wizzo's record as Mare
Dated: Sun Oct 08 22:22:39

Around you may be, but what have you done ?
It's time for you to go, go now, and go without any more scandal
you have disapointed me enourmously....

From: Art
Subject: Beer
Dated: Sun Oct 08 22:56:20

What with me becoming 18 years of age in 8 days time, I was thinking of
getting rather drunk in celebration. The basic plan being to get a group
of people together in some kind of pub/bar thing in London on the
Saturday after my birthday (21st October).
Suggestions for a central-ish place to meet?
Everyone is welcome to come along, and if you find any young cute and
single females, I'll take them too.

From: Halley
Subject: Art/Beer
Dated: Mon Oct 09 11:17:17

Advanced birthday greetings!
You'll soon be able to actually go into the corrupt mayor pub....
but to my point, would I really be here if I could find
any single cute young women?????!!!!!!!!!!
Doh! :-) Halley

From: Pauli
Subject: Art/Halley
Dated: Mon Oct 09 11:42:18

No you probably wouldnt dears.
Want me to have a scout round for you?

From: Angelis
Subject: Boots.
Dated: Mon Oct 09 21:01:53

Well, if ellies boots were involved in this, people would leave and
her prices would drastically decrease so that people would come back to he

From: Siva
Subject: boots
Dated: Wed Oct 11 10:44:13

Will someone please reply to Angelis's boots message, or at least
tell me what it means?

From: Halley
Subject: Pauli
Dated: Wed Oct 11 11:19:37

Go ahead by all means!

From: Pauli
Subject: Halley
Dated: Wed Oct 11 11:40:05

Okay any special requirements?
and how young and how cute?

From: Halley
Subject: Pauli
Dated: Wed Oct 11 16:04:09

Hmm let me think....
1/2n +5 or 2n-5 that makes ...
Nah forget that 18-25 would be best - and VERY VERY cute of course!
get to it gal!

From: Archaro
Subject: Boots
Dated: Wed Oct 11 16:10:19

I'mnot sure what it means, but if it means what I think it means
I'm not sure Angelis should be thinking it!

From: Angelis
Subject: Boots2
Dated: Wed Oct 11 22:28:43

Well, my message was cut short, and it was meant to be
she, not he, and i don't know what it means so don't ask, and
im a rebel, so stop me if you can.

From: Art
Subject: More beer.
Dated: Wed Oct 11 23:25:11

Looks like the venue for beer will be the Rat + Parrot on Wardour
Street. Nearest tube is Leicester Square, I think. Meeting around

From: SheDevil
Subject: Blah
Dated: Thu Oct 12 17:46:53

Blah... talk no nonsence is sentence this bad very.
messages of loads very since not ago long.
strange and very.
Art dearest... 21st is my wedding... ok! i'll be there :)))))
May I also add.... DIY.... shudder... very very very BAD idea!
And that's my two pence! xxx

From: SheDevil
Subject: Fantasy?!?
Dated: Thu Oct 12 17:51:49

Where the unicorns dance and cats sit in trees grinning from ear to ear.
Horses fly and pigs are purple.
The cow jumps over the moon and Red Riding Hood has been eaten by the Wolf
Santa Claus doesn't exist??!!! And the tooth fairy is your parents??
No, please... this IS for real. My mum told me so :)
... And a straightjacket appears out of nowhere to guide me away.... xxxx

From: Zeon
Subject: Branny
Dated: Thu Oct 12 18:13:29

Way too much MT'ing Branwell
Stop it!

From: Siva
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Fri Oct 13 11:02:29

(so much more sophisticated than sniggering)

From: Archaro
Subject: MT
Dated: Fri Oct 13 19:16:04

Well, I have never been caught MT'ing. :)
Can I claim the moral high ground here?

From: Pegasus
Subject: Moral High Ground
Dated: Sun Oct 15 17:28:53

Archie - you could NEVER claim the moral high ground,
the main reason being: you couldn't get UP There.

From: Archaro Subject: Pegasus Dated: Sun Oct 15 18:24:43 *splutter*
Are you casting nasturtiums on my good character?
Or just my height?

From: Pegasus
Subject: Archie
Dated: Thu Oct 19 10:12:57

The choice, as they say Archie m'lad, is entirely yours.
Still love you, though.

From: Siva
Subject: Archaro
Dated: Thu Oct 19 15:12:05

Peggy, Archie's height is 2" so it wouldn't take many
nasturtiums to bury him entirely.

From: Archaro
Subject: Short people.
Dated: Thu Oct 19 19:50:15

The short will inherit the earth, just you remember that.
All the great leaders were short... Napoleon, Julius Caesar, The Brain...
em tosses his head and walks under the door.

From: Zeon
Subject: Overhelping
Dated: Sat Oct 21 00:05:51

There is far too much mt'ing and helping
towards a certain player at the moment.
Please stop now...this is the last warning
You know who you are......

From: Art
Subject: Remember the beer
Dated: Sat Oct 21 13:55:49

Just a reminder that I'm having a Birthday Beer from 6pm onwards tonight.
Meeting in the Rat & Parrot on Wardour Street, if you're turning up a bit
late and we've moved on, give me a call on 07779 237631.
Chris (Art)

From: Siva
Subject: birthday beer
Dated: Sat Oct 21 14:02:46

Would have liked to join you, Art, in toasting your approaching
old age, but can't get to London this evening. Have a great time
and we'll raise one or two to you from here.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Shedevil/Zero
Dated: Sun Oct 22 01:34:41

Bit late - but - hehe - congrats! :)
Sarah, Stu & Baby (!!!) Jamie

From: Angelis
Subject: Who?
Dated: Sun Oct 22 16:06:25

And who is this person then zeon?

From: Art
Subject: Shedevil/Zero
Dated: Sun Oct 22 16:12:23

I'll join peggy in wishing you two congrats.. even if you did
arrange it on the same day as my birthday beer ;)

From: Art
Subject: Report on last night
Dated: Sun Oct 22 16:15:58

I think I can sum up what I feel like today in just one word. "Ug".
I'd like to thank all the peeps that came, and thanks to Darkangel
and friends for an "alternative" end to the whole thing.
I might do some kind of blow-by-blw report later when stringing
sentences together isn't so much of a challenge.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Oct 22 21:59:27

Tonight's winner (by a smidgeon!) is Gypsy - 8 kills, 1 defeat, 3 deaths
In a very close second place, Bogus - 6 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death
In third place, Wallaby (when he finally stopped bouncing ) -
2 kills, 3 defeats and 8 deaths (no wonder he did stop bouncing..!)
Erudition got killed 8 times (poor girl) and so retired to powder her nose
See you all next week!

From: Aeia
Subject: Shedevil/Zero
Dated: Sun Oct 22 22:03:56

Another congratulations from me!
Had a good time at the wedding and reception.
Have a good honeymoon!

From: Pauli
Subject: Art/Darkangel
Dated: Mon Oct 23 11:22:38

I shall be questioning both of you about this alternative
end to the evening later
And I can assure I felt terrible on sunday morning too

From: Evadne
Subject: bloodbath
Dated: Mon Oct 23 13:45:47

I was invited to join and said no.
And went out to get t but was zipped and attacked.
As I have only 2k there was not alot of point.
And as I didn't want to fight I quit and stayed off.
Do we need to be forced to play bloodbaths?

From: Tubs
Subject: Wiz kill
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:19:57

i have just been attacked 3 times in a row by nirvana
he then zipped me out of safe to kill me
the reason for this was that i attacked his necro who was supposedly
on low stam after a mobile attack. i did not know this as i don't check
stams before attack. i dont low stam on purpose
to bring on a wiz to attack 3 times, then zip out of safe n then kill
a mortal who attacked the wiz 2nd mortal is not on.
can something be done about this pls

From: Peregrine
Subject: Tubs
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:22:16

Well As i was fighting the thief then you attacked
how could you not guess my second was on lowstam.......also
busting my wiz to gain revenge for your mortal is also against the rules
So add so dont complain

From: Tubs
Subject: Wiz kill
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:23:26

if u were fighting thief how could i have attacked?

From: Tubs
Subject: wiz kill
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:26:33

repeatedly booting now?
bust is for rogue wizzes, like wizzes who kill mortals
isn't it?

From: Peregrine
Subject: Tubs
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:29:58

The idea is to tell an arch and let them just deal out punishemnt they see
And attacking a second on LOW STAM delibertatly as they just attacked your
favourite player who you want to help make immortal isnt exactly fair.

From: Peregrine
Subject: Helping
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:33:22

I thought we were ment to be clamping down on the helping of just one
mortal as it is biased against all other mortals who arent helped in this
why should they have to run the risk of being killed when someone who
knows how to play the game and has software have t collected for them
as well as have it mt'd and mobiles zapped for them.
Even when they get too 100k??????
Is this exactly fair and proper I think not. And i thing all immortals fou
helping this player from now on should be punished.

From: Siva
Subject: Wizkilling
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:33:36

Using a wizard to gain revenge on a mortal who has attacked
another mortal is in no circumstances acceptable. Low-stamming
is not against the game rules either. But it would be a good idea to leave
occupy no more space here with it.

From: Tubs
Subject: wiz kill
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:34:07

i did not know u were on low stam. i did not know u attacked blondie
(tho i thought u said in earlier post u were fighting thief? u changing
story for 3rd time? tho that would explain why there was no sign of thief)
if u had checked u would have seen i had just come on so i didn't know
u had attacked blonds
bust is for rogue wizards which u are

From: Siva
Subject: wizkilling
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:34:39

sigh...I meant it would be a good idea to leave it
to Zeon to sort out, and occupy no more space here.

From: Kali
Subject: Siva
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:43:35

Bit childish of Fluffy to appear and bust Siva, but I spose
this is the modd we are in today.

From: Kali
Subject: Siva again
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:44:56

mood, dammit, not modd. Though I daresay we are in
one of those too.

From: Barry
Subject: Kali
Dated: Mon Oct 23 14:46:10

I have it loged where you reveal who perigrines wiz was
which is strictly against immortal policy to reveal who
seconds are..i warned you and you then proceded to boot me
Which left me no alternative.

From: Kali
Subject: log
Dated: Mon Oct 23 15:34:10

Your log will prove what an eejit you are.

From: Spook
Subject: wizkilling
Dated: Mon Oct 23 17:19:23

So - I assume Nirvana has been blotted?
Also - when was low stamming NOT normal....with some killers
whats all the fuss about?

From: Spook
Subject: the way.....
Dated: Mon Oct 23 17:27:26

I'm back....sort of....ish...I think....:)

From: ZEON
Subject: Yawn
Dated: Mon Oct 23 18:09:44

Tubs - Points Restored
Peregrine - Low stamming,whether intention or not is
NOT an offence that you use your immortal to Wizkill with!
Creature - Immortal Restored email me for password
Siva - Immortal restored you know the password
Fluffy and Nirvana - You started all this by using an
Immortal to revenge one of your mortals, you know that
this is strictly NOT allowed
Although Low stamming is frowned upon it is NOT
against the rules so you had no right in the first place
to do what you did

From: ZEON
Subject: Yawn (cont)
Dated: Mon Oct 23 18:11:54

So your immortals will not be restored
And before you say anything about Creature revenging her
mortal, as you had already done wrong and also you
repeatedly booted her I consider that her action was

From: Archaro
Subject: Evadne/Bloodbaths
Dated: Mon Oct 23 20:10:19

When the bloodbath is in session, it's a little difficult to ask each
person if they are playing, prior to attacking them.
And after all, it's only one reset, or 45 minutes, each week.
During the bloodbath, everyone not in safe is fair game.
And this is coming from someone who doesn't play the BB.
And you don't here me moaning about it. :)
Course, I moan about lots of other things instead. :)

From: Archaro
Subject: Wizkilling, etc
Dated: Mon Oct 23 20:19:38

Does anyone want another pickled egg, whilst we enjoy this pantomime being
played out for our benefit? I suppose it's a bit early for
pantomimes, but this one certainly cheered up my day.
PS: Welcome back Spooooook

From: Tubs
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Tue Oct 24 13:25:45

thank u for my points n restoring creature. i was sad 2 lose them!
i didnt knowingly lowstam nirvana's mort. he was out in game so i
attacked him. i dont know why he went mad as he didnt even die he fled
n qq'd its not like he lost half points

From: amstar
Subject: gah
Dated: Wed Oct 25 02:02:34

so i don't log on for a few days and yo uall
go silly!
now what am i meant to do, eh?

From: Azmodan
Subject: Amstar
Dated: Wed Oct 25 23:53:46

Do you need any help with sugestions at all????
I'm sure I can give you plenty.

From: Archaro
Subject: amstar
Dated: Thu Oct 26 11:11:02

You're meant to put us over your knee and give us a jolly good
spanking. What else?
Form an orderly queue, please...

From: amstar
Subject: spanking
Dated: Fri Oct 27 03:24:56

hmm, i agree archie.
spanking will be given in the pub. make sure to bring
your own paddles.
first come, first served.

From: Archaro
Subject: Spanking
Dated: Fri Oct 27 19:58:54

Small measures then.

From: Siva
Subject: Not spanking
Dated: Sun Oct 29 10:23:30

Could we perhaps have a discussion of a more salubrious kind?

From: Archaro
Subject: Siva
Dated: Sun Oct 29 11:56:25

Such as? I'm fresh out of gossip...

From: Aloysius
Subject: fuel crisis
Dated: Sun Oct 29 23:17:22

is there going to be another one? the 60 days must be almost up.

From: Aeia
Subject: Fuel Crisis
Dated: Mon Oct 30 00:34:52

We could always just use wind power at the moment if there is!

From: ZEON
Subject: Fuel Crisis
Dated: Mon Oct 30 05:27:45

There will only be a fuel crisis if everyone goes
out and panic buys like they did last time, thus
creating the said 'crisis' themselves
..Cause and Effect at it's very best..

From: Kali
Subject: Panic buying
Dated: Mon Oct 30 18:03:39

No sign of it yet in and around Uckfield, but then half the damn
petrol stations are closed because of the fearless Uck.

From: Wired
Subject: Fuel & Water
Dated: Mon Oct 30 18:50:30

Uckfield? It's underwater is it not?

From: Archaro
Subject: Fuel Crisis
Dated: Mon Oct 30 19:01:36

Of course there won't be a repeat of the last fiasco. The government is
In Control now.
In any case, the people exist to serve the will of the bureaucracy. Indep
will not be tolerated, neither will independent thought.
But then again, I may be paranoid.

From: Art
Subject: Bye-bye 70k
Dated: Tue Oct 31 01:30:47

Yes, before anyone else points it out, I HAVE lost a vast proportion
of my points.
To cut a short story even shorter: Beggar. ntlworld's 2hour cutoff.
Art the tart-pops Necromancer (sob!)

From: Kali
Subject: Uckfield
Dated: Tue Oct 31 09:10:53

Underwater? That's what I meant about the fearless Uck, which
was out of its banks again yesterday. We went down to look at it
and dabble our toes in its floody water.

From: Wired
Subject: Uckfield
Dated: Tue Oct 31 18:04:31

Sorry, I don't know the area, I just know I
have a request outstanding for the re-installation
of computer equipment in the Clarks shop there!