From: Mysterion
Subject: H.A.W.K
Dated: Mon May 01 12:19:35

With the paranoia, accusations and mudslinging being flung around
by high level mortals who are not good enough to make wiz, I propose
the revival of an old wizardly society, H.A.W.K. The Honourable
Association of Wizardly Killers, whose aim is to take out all high
level mortals who are not wiz seconds, and place an iron barrier
at 150K. I was gonna suggest 100K, but then there'd be no fun
warlocks to hunt down and massacre.

From: Pauli
Subject: Eek!
Dated: Mon May 01 15:41:03

Thats all
P xx

From: Twoie
Subject: sigh
Dated: Mon May 01 17:06:00

I thought we had left this sort of thing behind....

From: Art
Subject: Pauli
Dated: Mon May 01 17:34:41

My thoughts exactly..

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath..
Dated: Mon May 01 19:42:47

Not only did I forget but I've only just realised that I'd forgotten!
I thought it was tonight......blush.....squirm.....
I'm ever so sorry! Kissypoos and make up?!

From: Savannah
Subject: Lyrics Quiz
Dated: Mon May 01 22:45:22

Dont forget..The closing date for the lyrics quiz
is looming.
Friday 5th May 10pm
Get your answers in!

From: Phaid
Subject: HAWK
Dated: Mon May 01 23:28:13

Hehe...sounds like another sad Mafia (xhehe?) persona to me
dont let it worry you - only poor ikkle babe in arms immorts a phooled
into joining the 'mafia' anyway. They deserve sympathy more than respect.
and remember mortals - if immorts can play tag games - so can you.
amazing what a mess a couple of cooperating soothy's can make of
a necro killer wiz 2nd....snigger.

From: Archaro
Subject: Twoie
Dated: Mon May 01 23:28:25

Me too, but it just goes to show you...
sigh... maybe I really ought to play with something other than

From: Savannah
Subject: Chant
Dated: Tue May 02 06:39:49

I wouldn't mind..but you always pick my night!!!

From: Zeon
Subject: Chant
Dated: Tue May 02 11:27:03

Well I forgive you my love

From: Benedict
Subject: Archaro
Dated: Tue May 02 14:54:27

Hello there matey!
will be on wednesday evening 9pm.
Hope you can make it. If so, will meet you at the pub.

From: Juarez
Subject: HAWK
Dated: Wed May 03 00:46:38

Oi Phaidy! This is nothing to do wiv the Mafia and
I resent all allegations. But only cos I didn't
think of it first..! Let's make it 80k..

From: Pandora
Subject: HAWK
Dated: Wed May 03 07:31:04

Sigh, welcome to the return of some wannabe
spotty teenage killer...or rather some
over age wrinkly wannabe killer...

From: Phaid
Subject: HAWKK....
Dated: Wed May 03 09:27:00

All those in phavour of:
the Honourable Association of Wizardly Killer KILLERS - say 'Aye'
No worries Juarez - if you're it - the mortals wont need to worry much
Come to think of it - should have known the Mafia wouldnt be able to think
of anything without prompting......

From: Ninja
Subject: Pandora
Dated: Wed May 03 17:04:17

Well Pandora, I've never met your persona before although I suspect your
just a sad little second whos obviousley very bored of life.
Who cares about who I kill? - I will kill anyone who happens to be out of
and that is above Valiant. I'm enjoying the game as much as the next perso
So I think it would be best for you to grow up and just get on with
the game and stop ya whinging!
Sheesh, I just hope you'll never play a bb, you'll
be spending all your time whinging about dirty tactics ;)
Love Ninj

From: Pandora
Subject: Ninja
Dated: Wed May 03 19:58:37

Oh dear, Oh dear, you just don't get the point
do you Ninny Dear....
I wasn't commenting on the fact that you kill people
I was pointing out that there is nothing brave or clever
about killing personna's that have NO clue whatsoever
on how to fight FOUR times in a row
Go out and kill them once, yes by all means
but there is absolutly no need to mindlessly
continue to kill them over and over again just
to add to your kill score
It just shows how sad YOU are
Go get a life dear boy..

From: Archaro
Subject: Ninja
Dated: Wed May 03 21:02:16

But thanks for the warning anyway :)
Since I generally only manage to get onto Shades with telnet there is
no way I could even attempt to cope with a ZMud user, even if I could
fight. So now I shall curtail even the rare occasions that I do step
out of safe.

From: Juarez
Subject: Pandora
Dated: Thu May 04 00:01:43

So Pandora's out to make friends then eh?
Don't know who or what you are, but I'll take
great delight in ensuring a points loss next time
I see you on the game.. you can die or be leeched..
your choice!
J xx

From: Phaid
Subject: Pandora
Dated: Thu May 04 00:36:57

Odd you should take such a threatening attitude Juarez
I thought she was just trying to make Ninja see the error of his ways
and didnt see your name mentioned anywhere!
still - I spose thats the thing with the Mafia...have to mind other
peoples business. Personally I have to say I agree with pandora
Some people seem more interested in kill score than skill....sigh

From: Phaid
Subject: Fighting
Dated: Thu May 04 01:19:54

For anyone who is told that being killed is 'teaching them to fight'
I would like to mention that - you wont learn anything unless the person
teaching stops long enough to explain and demonstrate how they killed you
so - if anyone tempts you out of safe with claim of 'helping you to learn
I should tell em to take a running jump unless they spend time showing
you how to time your steals - and the other tricks of the trade!

From: Kali
Subject: fighting
Dated: Thu May 04 02:30:43

to be able to fight is an essential part of this game. just as
important as knowledge of the keys and treasure areas and routes.
running, qqing, hiding in safe are all possible strategies to avoid fighti
but they are very difficult routes to take for anyone contemplating
a wiz. the easiest route is to learn t collecting thoroughly and
practise fighting at low levels (for fun) until you are good enough
to defend your high scores without too much fear.
getting killed may teach this lesson.

From: Pandora
Subject: Juarez
Dated: Thu May 04 07:42:05

Well well well Juarez, was that some kind of
girlie threat there made by an ex-mafia wimp???
I am so frightened...
As Phaid said, I don't recall asking for your
worthless opinion on this matter so please
crawl back under that small stone...thanks love

From: Pandora
Subject: Kali
Dated: Thu May 04 07:44:33

Yes Kali, getting killed may teach a lesson or
two in the art of fighting, BUT getting constantly
killed by one personna when it is obvious that one
has no idea on how to fight will only teach
one to go look for another game to play....
which was the point I was trying to (unsuccessfully) make
to Ninja

From: Phaid
Subject: Fighting
Dated: Thu May 04 08:59:30

I would certainly agree that fighting is a major part of the game
and a part which makes shades MUCH better than a lot of similar games.
As far as learning to fight to defend your high level is concerned
I don't think that is very realistic when there are wiz's with several hig
levels who will repeatedly attack you even if you beat one of them
IMOH - at anything above sorc, if you want to get an immort - duck out
as soon as an attacker appears

From: Phaid
Subject: More Fighting
Dated: Thu May 04 09:05:50

It IS important however that you are able to fight off an attack
which may appear unexpectedly. For this you need to use defensive spells
more than normal 'steal/ret' fighting. Once you are out of danger a quick
qq and recover in safe is far more sensible than standing 'bravely' up
to other attackers. For a wiz 2nd killer the loss of a few thousand point
is an annoyance - for a wannabe immort it can be a disaster....

From: Aloysius
Subject: life
Dated: Thu May 04 09:51:28

Sing ho! for the life of a bear!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Juarez
Dated: Thu May 04 10:56:23

Well if your gonna try and keep her points down I doubt she'll have
any problems keeping them judging by the way you fight. Oh and
please feel free to slag my fighting off if you wish I know
its a load of crap thats why i don't bother anymore.

From: Benedict
Subject: fighting
Dated: Thu May 04 11:38:24

Why oh why oh why is there so much unhappiness?
If you look in your hearts you will see that
quiet prayer and meditation is all that's needed
to still your raging tempers. I will visit the
chapel and pray for love. Em sings: Cumbaya my Lord,
Cumbaya...tra la la...
By the way, anyone fancy a saucy moment with a bloke
with messy habits? chuckle.

From: Phaid
Subject: Overkill
Dated: Thu May 04 11:56:58 seems more explanation is necessary....
Repeatedly killing a persona you know you can kill requires neither
courage, skill or technique. In fact there is a word for it in the
English language - BULLYING. I consider bully's to be lowest form of life
and can feel nothing but contempt for them. Bullys usually display a rang
of character traits including cowardice, lack of imagination and plain
ornery meanness. This applies to anyone who believes that overkill is

From: Azmodan
Subject: Overkill
Dated: Thu May 04 12:16:06

Isn't that just when you press your k @o button lots of
times and flood your buffer?

From: Deckard
Subject: Phaid
Dated: Thu May 04 12:52:43

Cheers Dad. ;)

From: Ninja
Subject: Bullying
Dated: Thu May 04 12:54:27

Sorry, I still don't understand...
Aren't killers meant to be bullies?
Ahhh well.... theres no hope... ;)

From: Phaid
Subject: Hope
Dated: Thu May 04 13:11:18

given your response...doesnt look like there is...;)

From: Phaid
Subject: Deccy
Dated: Thu May 04 13:12:18

Your always welcome deccy...;)

From: Phaid
Subject: CT Renamed!
Dated: Thu May 04 13:50:48

Lets call it Phaids least for this month....hehe
Ok a killer automatically a bully?
I'd say not. I may joke about HAWK - but it is possible to be an
Honourable killer. Attacking a high level player is phine
as once they are above chanter they should be with it enough to avoid
killers. Also - attacking other killers is phine - you can prove
your fighting ability. But - if all you want to be is a bully - phair
enough...though I think its a shame.

From: Die
Subject: Killing/Bullying
Dated: Thu May 04 14:47:18

I really don't see what pleasure anyone can get
by merely typing K player and then sitting back
knowing that they ain't gonna respond cos they
haven't got a clue. Doing it once is fair enough
cos you don't know what they are like at fighting till
you try, but to repeat the process again and again
is bloody pointless...IMHO that is
Yeah and also, why is it that Shadowlam
appears to let everyone else kill her but
qq's on me when i attack???
Huh? Huh? Lifes not fair..sob

From: Ninja
Subject: Killing Bullying
Dated: Thu May 04 14:52:21

I'm not sure why everyone seems to be pointing the finger at me anyways...
As I said before, I'll attack anyone, repeatedly or otherwise.
If I sense they are not fighting back, then no I'll stop..
I have often been stuck in lag myself...
If they are new however, then we have already had the debate about that.
So please, lets quit this silly debate... it's getting a tad boring.
em feels bullied. ;)

From: Phaid
Subject: Ninny?...bullied?
Dated: Thu May 04 15:33:16

ah..well...maybe you know what it pheels like then....
I certainly aint got the energy to chase you all over shades and kill
ya...and anyway - that would be bullying wouldnt it...chortle
So!...If you dont reply to this CT message - I wont have to respond
to your response...etc....;)

From: Phaid
Subject: Pandora
Dated: Thu May 04 15:35:33

Oh - and erm....nice one certainly know how to get
some entertaining strings running on the CT....hehe

From: Gemini
Subject: pandora's box
Dated: Thu May 04 17:00:07

Who opened it?

From: Phaid
Subject: The Box
Dated: Thu May 04 18:22:47

She did - but it aint a box - it's a Can of Worms!

From: Juarez
Subject: Drunk and Confused..
Dated: Thu May 04 19:28:35

Well if people will go writing things and forget to
mention they're not about me, it's hardly my fault is it..!
Anyway, if anyone remembers the one thing the Mafia
were good for it was for sparking a flood of mails
on the CT!
Keep up the abuse.. it's more work for Zeon to
archive this lot..!!

From: Kali
Subject: archiving CT
Dated: Fri May 05 07:38:54

...Yeah, Zeon.

From: Benedict
Subject: up at the crack
Dated: Fri May 05 11:51:23

kali, you're up early! I assumed you slept in late
after a night of frenzied killing and mayhem.
Clearly you are much more wholesome than you
would have us all believe. Perhaps you'd like to
join me in early morning prayers one day...
Em sings "Cumbaya my Lord, Cumbaya..."

From: Savannah
Subject: Lyrics Quiz
Dated: Sat May 06 02:18:48

Thanks to all those that entered the lyrics quiz...
The full results plus answers will appear in Inshades tomorrow
For those of you who can't wait here are the results....
In first place with 183.5 was Mindy
In second place with 177 was Polgara..
In third place with 175 was Brid..
In fourth place with 171 was Kali..
In fifth place with 168 was Benedict...
In sixth place with 164 was Peggy
In seventh place with 158 was Guiseppe
Also Poppy got 98, Pauli got 80 and Twoie got 69.5

From: Savannah
Subject: Lyrics Quiz continued,,,
Dated: Sat May 06 02:20:36

Well thats it..Well done everyone...
More in inshades tomorrow...
PS to Gussy..I checked every discography I could but Cliff did it first!

From: Zeon
Subject: Immortals..Please read
Dated: Sun May 07 18:53:55

Now may be time for certain immortals to
re-aquaint themselves with the code of conduct
which can be found at
Especially the part that reads...
'Remember that your wizard and mortal personas are
supposed to be different creations - play them separately
without using one to backup the other. '
Just because it may be 4am or a Sunday teatime, it doesn't
mean that things go un-noticed.....

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Immortals
Dated: Sun May 07 19:04:38

Come on Zeon, there's no need to be coy.
Name & shame the cheats !!!

From: Kali
Subject: immortals
Dated: Sun May 07 20:10:33

given that one of my mortals was on at 4am last night,
I would like to know what Zeon is driving at. I agree
with Gus. Name names.

From: Trance
Subject: Immortals
Dated: Sun May 07 20:16:05

Well to put your minds at ease, twas me
I zapped death while playing another, very
bad, I know. I 'fessed up to Savannah
I have no real explanation. Just Laziness.
Sorry, no malice was meant.

From: Azmodan
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Sun May 07 20:38:10

Ze can I bust him huh can I?

From: Azmodan
Subject: BB Reults
Dated: Sun May 07 21:59:27

Seeing as Chant couldn't turn up again and I'm such
a nice person and let Gypsy play insted of keeping score heres
the results
In first place is Bogus 6 kills 2 defeats no deaths.
Second is Gypsy 5 kills 1 defeat and 8 she wished
she had of kept score now.
Third is Samson 4 kills no defeats and 8 deaths.
Last of all cos he left early was Moonraker 2 deaths awwwwwwww.
Well done all and lets hope chant can turn up next week.

From: Branwell
Subject: Presumably...
Dated: Mon May 08 15:43:09

...Trance's 2nd can now be wizkilled on sight?

From: Juarez
Subject: BB..
Dated: Mon May 08 18:12:37

Seeing as Sunday doesn't seem to be a
good night for Chant and there's not
exactly hundreds turning up, how about
changing the night to a weeknight?
Just a suggestion but maybe others may
find weekdays easier too.

From: Phaid
Subject: BB
Dated: Mon May 08 18:23:04

We tried it before - it didnt work (weekdays that is)
having said that - I can only do Sunday nights if it's a bank holiday
monday - so a weeknight would be good for me...:)

From: Zeon
Subject: BB
Dated: Mon May 08 18:40:56

the only reason that Chant could not
turn up for this weeks BB is because she
had other engagements, she is allowed
a social life after all!!!
As Phaid says, we tried weekdays and it was
a complete washout.
You have to expect the attendance for the BB's
to be down in the summer as people do go and do
other things.

From: Juarez
Subject: BB's
Dated: Mon May 08 19:49:04

Was just a suggestion and mainly cos
I cant make Sundays! As for Chant she's
very sociable so I wasn't pointing the finger!
Just thought it was because of lag that it
got moved from weekdays. The weekend is just as
good/bad these days..
Never mind.. how about a meet instead? Grin..

From: Azmodan
Subject: BB's/meets
Dated: Mon May 08 21:32:13

Well if chant can't turn up i'll hapily keep score
as killing Bogus has got very boring. As for a meet Juarez we had one
not so long ago and you didn't turn up.

From: Juarez
Subject: BB's/meets
Dated: Mon May 08 22:52:59

Well I was out of the country and couldn't make
it. And it was over 3 months ago, can't you
handle more beer again this soon after? ;-)

From: Brid
Subject: meet
Dated: Mon May 08 23:09:05

don't even think about having a meet when I'm in
New Zealand!

From: Zeon
Subject: Meet
Dated: Tue May 09 06:31:58

Lets have a meet when Brids in New Zealand...

From: Pegasus
Subject: Meet
Dated: Tue May 09 08:56:43

Could I tentatively Alton Towers meet?
Perhaps on a workday when all the screaming brats/kids are at
school, where they belong?
Can I, huh, huh, can I?

From: Zeon
Subject: Meet
Dated: Tue May 09 18:57:50

Ummm a workday Peggy, you er mean like a day
when er we are ALL AT WORK??? :-)

From: Azmodan
Subject: Juarez
Dated: Tue May 09 20:18:38

Well if you drink like you fight you wont make it past a half
of shandy.

From: Juarez
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Tue May 09 21:07:51

And if you fought like you drink you'd be
a pacifist.

From: Azmodan
Subject: Juarez
Dated: Tue May 09 21:37:29

Well why do you keep constantly fleeing then?

From: Juarez
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Tue May 09 21:42:53

It's part of fighting. It's only you that can
stand and win every fight without fleeing.
The rest of us have to flee from time to time.
Especially if I'm a Warlock at the time..

From: Savannah
Subject: Meet
Dated: Wed May 10 01:20:38

And you mean leave my screamin brats at home??
Oh Im sure they'd love that!

From: Savannah
Subject: Azzy/Juarez
Dated: Wed May 10 01:21:48

Girls, please....!!!!

From: Archaro
Subject: Dim Blonde
Dated: Thu May 11 20:16:38

I'm sure Siva didn't mean to say that you were in any way similar to
Lordant. :)
But he has a point. As an arch you are only answerable to Peri and/or
Hazeii for your actions. If Lizandith had remained a witch for any length
probably have been some grumbling in the ranks (myself included), but
since it was done in fun there is absolutely no suggestion
of a blot on your record.
In any case, much worse crimes have been perpetrated on Shades in its
history. Basically, we luv u :)
Archie xxx

From: Phaid
Subject: !
Dated: Thu May 11 20:45:29

There ya go Savvy....what did I tell ya!...huggle

From: Benedict
Subject: Love
Dated: Fri May 12 10:41:55

My pryers have been answered. I can feeeeeeeel the love
all around me.

From: Phaid
Subject: Love
Dated: Fri May 12 12:55:48

Hmmm...well count me out Ben....:)

From: Archaro
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Fri May 12 14:00:09

That's not love, dear, that's jellied eels.
But I can understand your confusion.

From: Azmodan
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Fri May 12 16:12:57

Nutter thats what you are, a total raving nutter!

From: Benedict
Subject: madness
Dated: Fri May 12 16:16:48

Azmodan - I remember well the first time we met.
you thought then that I was mad - and you may well be right.
but assuming I am, it really isn't polite
to point it out...
Having said that, I apologise in advance for my

From: Phaid
Subject: Madness
Dated: Fri May 12 16:33:05

An honourable state for any shades raving loonie!

From: Buttercup
Subject: Ossie
Dated: Fri May 12 18:03:10

Well I think it was really really tight
to attack Ossie when he only had 500 points
Totally out of order lads....

From: Mysterion
Subject: Ossie
Dated: Fri May 12 19:51:47

Beware the curse of the Black Hand and the wrath of H.A.W.K.

From: Azmodan
Subject: Ossie
Dated: Fri May 12 20:59:36

No one attacked him he qq'd whilst fighting the spryte because
a gallant tried to zip him, his own fauly realy as he would
of beat the gallant easily.

From: Zeon
Subject: Ossie
Dated: Sat May 13 06:23:39

Silly silly silly boy!!

From: Siva
Subject: Ossie
Dated: Sat May 13 14:19:44

good grief!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Mysterion
Dated: Sat May 13 22:44:00

Beware the curse of Azzys big right foot which may get
implanted swiftly up your backside.

From: Archaro
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Sun May 14 00:51:23

And he has got big feet, too.

From: Angelis
Subject: Ossie
Dated: Sun May 14 21:00:38

In his defence, Ossie told me
that he froze off

From: Robe
Subject: Pokemon Cards
Dated: Sun May 14 21:06:26

If anyone collects pokemon cards and wants 2 trade
with me please email me at robert@vdbogaerde.freeserve.couk

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Pokemon Cards
Dated: Sun May 14 21:27:57

I could get very grumpy about this !

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun May 14 22:10:15

Tonight's winner (bigtime!) is Gypsy - 17 kills, 3 defeats and 1 death
In second place, SaMsOn - 8 kills and 3 deaths
Third is Ewarrior - 5 kills and 10 deaths
Fourth is Robe! Yes! Robe's fourth! - 2 defeats and 13 deaths
In fifth place, Styvesant - 1 kill and 9 deaths
Poor Sharidox got killed twice and then couldn't get back on until the
end and missed all the action!
Well done everyone and see you next week!

From: Gypsy
Subject: Bloodbath
Dated: Sun May 14 22:23:12

Just to put the record straight
cue major girlie strop

From: Azmodan
Subject: Gypsy
Dated: Sun May 14 22:40:18

Makes a change then.

From: Kali
Subject: angelis/ossie
Dated: Mon May 15 13:35:39

Now THAT makes a lot more sense. Somehow I couldn't see Ossie
qq'ing from a gallant, but there have been dozens of appalling
freezes lately. I've been frozen off umpteen times. So Ossie,
commiserations, dear, get those points back double quick.

From: Azmodan
Subject: Kali
Dated: Mon May 15 14:19:45

Errr i never said he qq'd to a galant Kali I sugest you
read what is actualy put in a message before passing comment
I said he was fighting the sprite and he quit/logged off
when a galant tried to zip him I never said the galant attacked him.

From: Aloysius
Subject: Tarraaa
Dated: Mon May 15 14:53:53

For all sorts of reasons I have decided to leave Shades.
A decision long overdue. Will miss many friends here. But
has to be done. So goodbye, goodbyeee...please buy my books as
they come out....

From: Phaid
Subject: Leaving
Dated: Mon May 15 19:58:06

Some of us take the less dramatic approach of requesting
account deletion....:)
thanks for a lot of phun....and sorry to anyone I may have hurt.
or - to put it another way....
so long ... and thanks phor all the phish....:)

From: Archaro
Subject: Aloysius/Phaid
Dated: Mon May 15 20:22:06

Does that mean you are both leaving? And all your friends too?

Well, you will be very sorely missed.
And don't thin kthis exempts you from the party :P
Please contact me at so that I'm SURE I have
correct email addresses.

From: Gilgamesh
Subject: deeds
Dated: Mon May 15 21:30:06

Ah - tis good the deed were done quickly!

From: Gilgamesh
Subject: Leaving
Dated: Mon May 15 21:34:08

and I didnt say 'I' was leaving....
Just that Phaid was....:)

From: Pegasus
Subject: Phaid
Dated: Tue May 16 13:44:18

Who's going to gaze adoringly at me now?

From: Spooky
Subject: gazing
Dated: Tue May 16 14:52:29

I can gaze Spookily at you peggy!...will that do?...:)

From: Archaro
Subject: Pegasus
Dated: Tue May 16 17:08:34

I can gaze adoringly at you, on Mondays and Thursdays
between 3.15pm and 4pm and on Sundays from 2pm to 6pm.
Other times by appointment.
Please contact me regarding pricing.

From: Spooky
Subject: Misbehaviour
Dated: Tue May 16 18:34:15

As the official Ghost of phalls to me to make the....
phollowing apologies....
to Barefoot for treating her so badly last Saturday - I'm amazed she's
still speaking to me....
to Savannah for bullying her into deleting phaid with threats of
doing a phord if she didnt....:(
to Kali/Siva for behaving like a pompous prat....
and to Blondie for being generally weird over recent weeks.....
Now Phaid is phinally dead - perhaps I can get on with my life...

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Misbehaviour
Dated: Tue May 16 18:46:38

Hmm, seems to me that there's an entertaining tale to be told here.
Is anyone gonna spill the beans ?

From: Benedict
Subject: The ghost of Immorts pas
Dated: Wed May 17 11:45:56

Whilst one can never believe all the rumours
flying around Shades, I feel I should share some
gossip that I heard about Phaid's demise.
Apparently, he was caught in the BS with TWO other players.
And a mobile!
the axe, the repellant and the ring were also in use.
Frankly, I'm not surprised he was asked to commit hari kari
after such a repulsive carry on.
I trust the items were cleaned before they were put back.

From: Darkangel
Subject: Have Some Fun
Dated: Wed May 17 14:14:40

If you get too bored, and want to have a moan about my
Programming skills (or lack of :) then why not visit
Its not much, but it might put a smile on your face :)

From: Zeon
Subject: Evictions
Dated: Fri May 19 12:04:39

Due to the shortage of accomodation for
immortals I am going to start evicting
those who have not decorated their room
The evictions will take place 7 days from now
so either get the paint and wallpaper out or
find somewhere else to live!!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Evictions
Dated: Fri May 19 19:55:42

If my room was assigned to me I MAY be able to decorate it
a bit hard when i can't redit my room!!!!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Evictions
Dated: Fri May 19 22:50:04

Okay I may of been drunk last time I tried it okay Ze!

From: Ketch
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Sat May 20 13:48:54

Given that so many players seem able to clear a reset in about
10 minutes now. How about making the length of a reset dependent
on the amount of treasure left. If only the toys and the
stuff under the black tower are left with 30 mins of a
reset left it does make it kinda boring....
Or maybe have more games open...and offset their reset times?
Just a thought...:)

From: Ketch
Subject: Boring resets.....
Dated: Sat May 20 13:53:35

course - the alternative is...give us mortals the Stime command...:)

From: Ketch
Subject: 21 minutes left....
Dated: Sat May 20 14:02:31

So - what else can I ramble about to pass the time....
well - how about a Code Duello..where people can challenge each other
to duels. The challenged party chooses the weapons - like erm...
LS, FBB, RAT, Brain...yeah - make one option a quiz..and another
the fastest to collect an amount of T through the java client...giggle
if the loser is an immort - they lose 50 percent of their score...
if a mortal - usual losses...if the mortal wins - no additional points

From: Ketch
Subject: 16 minutes left.....
Dated: Sat May 20 14:06:09

No points would stop silly mortals challenging to get points.
It would have to be controlled by an immort or arch..but would
give mortals a chance to redress the balance if they feel they
have been slighted by an immort.
Would also be quite a fun spectator sport...we could have
betting on the winner for points..u bet 5k on 10 to 1 odds
if they lose u lose 5k - if they win you get....erm....10k
otherwise everyone would be a wiz in no time....:(

From: Ketch
Subject: Expansion....
Dated: Sat May 20 14:12:23

Sigh - still 9 minutes left....:(
ok - heres another thought....
Have Peri of Hazeii thought about rebuilding Shades in LPMud?
that way wizards could have the job of building extensions to
the game (if they wanted) which might stop them sitting around
invisible winding morals up...also it would make the game
grow and allow for some more creative input.
(let me know if you like this idea and I'll rewrite if 4 u...:)
Yawn...cant be much longer now....

From: Wired
Subject: 10 Minutes?
Dated: Sat May 20 16:12:44

"So many players"? Like whom? I would be
right up for a t collect challenge.
scripted of course. With the sole aim of
demonstrating script writing ability. I am
very well aware that there are other skills
more prized on here, but it would be fun
for some of us...
I am convinced that I could clear in 8 minutes.
any takers?

From: Whisper
Subject: Shades
Dated: Sat May 20 17:04:14

Well, shades has been the same for quite some time now, and
I sure hope people don't go around changing everything..Then we'd be like
every other mud out there...*shudder*
there is mor to this game than just getting treasure, and fighting
and a lot of the other muds i've played have completely
lost the social aspect of the game' how bout we keep it real!!
well theres my opinion:)....later

From: Sloop
Subject: scripting
Dated: Sat May 20 18:45:06

I have nothing against scripting as a skill
But....when a wiz 2nd clears the game in about 10 mins
and doesnt even have the deceny to stime it so others can play
I consider it bad manners and lack of concern for the game....
so...clever scripting or not...I say they should be killed on sight

From: Zeon
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Sun May 21 10:59:23

Quite right....
wiz seconds using scipting to clear the
the game is very unsocial behaviour in my
opinion. It does not give the 'normal' mortals
a chance to collect t
I've nothing against scripting in principle
but please be considerate when using it!!!
Well..actually I have everything against scripting but there ya go

From: Wired
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Sun May 21 11:08:51

OK Point taken, will you all be happier
if I reset the game after clearing it then.
Seeing as how some can't keep up.
Nice tactics though to attack..
Does make it that much harder to clear

From: Aurora
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Sun May 21 11:14:07

Well personally I think you are a greedy little
git Wired who should go out and get a life
instead of sitting at home working out how
to collect treasure on a MUG in the fastest
time possible
If you ever need a female to show you
some more interesting things to do with
your time please let me know

From: Wired
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Sun May 21 11:28:17

Someone got out the wrong side of bed this morning

From: Piaf
Subject: Scripting/Postal
Dated: Sun May 21 14:19:12

It's only a matter of time before scripting kills this game.
Others will write scripts, they'll be passed around and then
Shades will be kaput. Expect dozens of scripted immortals
no more skill, initiative, flair, fun. Add to this that Postal
Wired's current robot, is a greedy, unpleasant player, who
nicks other people's stuff and behaves anti-socially and you
are seeing the future of Shades. There is a remedy. Outlaw scripting.
At least on Game 1. Wizkill scripted robots on sight.

From: Piaf
Subject: scripting/postal/2
Dated: Sun May 21 14:23:30

Scripted immortals are robots not real players. Ignore them, or
better still blot them. (Medium should be blotted anyway, because
Wired has admitted cheating by using his wiz to zap mobiles on
the robot's behalf.) Get rid of scripting and robots from Game 1.
However...scripting is a skill and competitions to see who can script
best may have a legitimate place here. So, why not open up Game 8
for scripted robots to go through their paces. All that would be
necessary is for...>>>

From: Piaf
Subject: scripting/postal/3
Dated: Sun May 21 14:35:27

the creator of the persona to declare to an arch that it is a robot,
whereupon it could be 'ostracised', confined to Game 8. You could
then have robot races there, robot fighting, robot belly-dancing for
all I care, and immortals would be able to spectate, but ordinary
players would not have their game ruined, because make no mistake,
that is what is now happening to this game. It is being ruined.
Don't keep silent about this. Make your views felt. Don't let Shades
be spoiled.

From: Piaf
Subject: wired/scripting/etc
Dated: Sun May 21 15:21:38

I meant Modem the Online Robot, not Postal.
Though Postal may be another of Wired's robots for all I know.

From: Branwell
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Sun May 21 15:31:50

I would request MOST strongly that you and the other Arches take
a MUCH firmer line against the creation of immortals by "scripting".
This kind of thing is COMPLETELY against the whole ethos of Shades,
especially as it seems to require having a puppet-master immortal
sitting up above (in itself a deplorable tactic) to get his
grotesque creation out of any trouble on the game caused by pesky
mobiles or mortals.
I agree with both Aurora and Piaf. "Scripting" is de facto CHEATING.

From: Wired
Subject: Hmmm
Dated: Sun May 21 15:51:44

Oh for goodness sake calm down. There is plenty
room for most activities
Anyone would think I had sucked all the t
for that last 6 months reading this
blot Medium for all I care. The point is
I made my Wiz without cheating, and now I am
just trying to enjoy the game some more
As to my 2nds being unsociable, I have
no idea what you are talking about, but Arch
permitting I will happily reset the game for
others if thats what is being asked.
As I believe I said earlier
but less of the negative.

From: Zeon
Subject: scripting
Dated: Sun May 21 15:52:26

As feelings appear to be running high on this scripting
business here is what I propose to do until a more
permanent solution can be found
No personna will be allowed to get above sorc
level if I feel that they are using scripting to
achieve it.
There is NO skill involved in using this method
to achieve immortal and it is just not fair
on other players.
Any player using this method that does get above
sorc WILL BE wizkilled by ME
Your comments welcomed

From: Branwell
Subject: Bravo!
Dated: Sun May 21 15:53:35

Excellent show Zeon!

From: Wired
Subject: Hmmm2
Dated: Sun May 21 15:54:01

As I said enough of the negative, I like the
idea of a Game8, nice idea. It's unlikely to
happen though. Which is a Shame.
Calm down Piaf/Sloop/Whatever and get collecting
I promise to flee immediately you attack ;-)
Oh and for the record Postal is mine, a fun
character without a care

From: Zeon
Subject: Scripting continued
Dated: Sun May 21 16:01:59

If players want to test/design/work out scripts then
will allow them to do this on game 8
If interestd bplease let me know and i will arrange
it. You must however create a new account for your
robots so that i can confine that account to game 8
You obviously WILL NOT be allowed to make Wiz
but at least you can play to your hearts content
scripts/robot whatever!!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Sun May 21 16:49:48

Just out of interest Ze what happens If one of us
normal wiz's catches Someone using a script????
Can I wizkill em huh CAN I....Pretty pretty Please!!!!!!!!!!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Wizseconds
Dated: Sun May 21 16:53:25

Can't all wizseconds be FORCED to fight huh Ze....pretty please!!!!!!!!!

From: Bumble
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Sun May 21 17:17:38

Anybodt care to explain to iggerant little me
what exactly scripting is?
I run zmud (badly) but I presume scripting is
some high faluting extension of this?

From: Ketch
Subject: fleeing...
Dated: Sun May 21 18:10:37

Awww...u dont have to flee the robot Wired...I dont mind killing

From: Ketch
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Sun May 21 18:16:37

Scripting is using a command language (like the one in Zmud) to
simplify game play. Anyone who uses triggers is using a form
of script if, as it uses the command language to perform an
action as a result of an event ('Die attacks you with the.....).
Programs like Zmud also allow a group of commands to be entered
and made to run consecutively. An extreme version combines these
to allow a player to collect all the Treasure without doing
anything at all....

From: Ketch
Subject: scripting II
Dated: Sun May 21 18:18:58

I feel that - for people who like this sort of game play - a
mud based on something like LPMud would be more suitable as they
could use their scripting interests to good effect in designing
game areas and puzzles rather than spoiling the game for 'normal'

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun May 21 22:33:42

Tonight's bloodbath was a bit unusual in that there were loads of
non-fighters in it!
First is Krusty (guess who the fighter was!) - 16 kills and 2 deaths
Second is Angel (no points for spotting the other one!) - 9 kills 1 defeat
Third is Dexter (who had to leave early) - 1 kill, 2 defeats and 1 death
Fourth is Catharine - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 15 deaths
Fifth is DrJaffe (who sulked and went home early) - 1 kill and 3 deaths

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Contd..
Dated: Sun May 21 22:37:12

Stargazia played for a while, started to improve but went off on a
tangent, so she ended up with - 2 deaths and left before wreaking her
Longbeard came on late and every time he nearly got someone they legged
it and restammed before he could get them so he ended on - 3 deaths
Evadne came on late too and improved immensely during the short time
she was on, she ended on - 7 deaths but came very close to defeating
her attacker on some of her later fights
Well done to the lot of you!

From: Pauli
Subject: Scripting nonsense
Dated: Mon May 22 09:56:22

Surely if You're going to stop people scripting, that
includes triggers for fighting as was just pointed out.
I think its all a big fuss over nowt.
Love Pauli
PS. Of course Im not taking sides or anything :)

From: Marzipan
Subject: triggers
Dated: Mon May 22 10:20:06

I too would like to see an end to triggers in fighting, as opposed
to macros, where the player is still in complete control, but this
is pretty difficult to distinguish, unlike scripted t-collecting.
I think Zeon is right, and would welcome seeing game 8 opened up for
scripting challenges and competitions. It would even be fun.

From: Pauli
Subject: Scripting/triggers
Dated: Mon May 22 14:33:05

We will never see an end to triggers because too many
people use them. Can you imagine the fuss! :)
I always thought loads of people used scripts too
but I was obviously wrong. Either that or noone else
is going to own up to it.

From: Whendy
Subject: Bloodbath/Evadne
Dated: Mon May 22 16:07:10

She was new to fighting but said
Chant was so nice about helping dying was almost fun.
However she then went to chat and was
having a joke with Shadowlam who mentioned she
hated a big fat witch but refused to say who.
So Evadne said she hated a big fat wizard and was
going to refuse to say who too. At that point
she was zapped. She came back and a wizard proudly
owned to the zap and said not to be rude.
She decided not to return.Nice one someone!
Perhaps a change in immortal attitude might hel

From: Whendy
Subject: evadne continued
Dated: Mon May 22 16:09:20

more than a ban on scripts?
immortals assuming they are gods and
spoiling conversations between mortals might
be roleplaying but is annoying enough
for mortals to go and find another game.

From: Sloop
Subject: Evadne
Dated: Mon May 22 16:59:05

Sigh - it's always a shame when a new player arrives unprepared
for the antics that happen on shades. However - an immort does no
harm to a player if they zap them in safe - so I'm afraid I think
that if she was going to take it that seriously it's probably a good
job she left - it saved her suffering far worse when she tried to
get a character to a higher level. Shades is not like most MUD's where
immorts are NOT ALLOWED to interact with mortals, which I think is one
thing that makes it more fun

From: Whendy
Subject: antics
Dated: Mon May 22 17:09:34

Fun for whom?
She was new to fighting but not to Shades.
And she is the third person I know who left
recently because of immortal arrogance or their
seconds harassment.

From: Pauli
Subject: Message from Poppy
Dated: Mon May 22 17:31:55

Popster has asked me to post a message from her as she cant
get on at the mo.
She says what about the time a certain someone made a wiz in
twelev hours? Surely they must have used scripts?
Personally I dont understand why this has become
an issue all of a sudden. Right am going to
stop talking about it now :)
Pauli (and Pops)

From: Branwell
Subject: 12 hour wiz
Dated: Mon May 22 17:51:05

I don't know if scripts were used or not on THAT occasion but
the fact is there would have been no NEED to use them as on that
particular day ALL the games were open to ONE player at a time.
It could be of course he got a friendly wiz to give him the odd
early reset after clearing a game, but it is certainly possible that
that wiz was made perfectly legitimately.
May I say though how very FORTUNATE Wired is to have two such highly
decorative girlies rooting for him!

From: Sloop
Subject: antics
Dated: Mon May 22 18:23:30

I appreciate your comment whendy - but shades has never advertised
itself as a game for the faint hearted. While I know there are
cases of wiz abuse - and have actively objected to them as a wiz
I can't really see a single zap of a player in safe as anything
more than a bit of fun. Most players get used to it - and don't
allow it to annoy them. Still - if thats the way she felt about
it it's probably a good thing she chose to leave.

From: Juarez
Subject: Farewell my friends..
Dated: Mon May 22 19:27:29

And so it is time for the Mafia to once again
become the ex-Mafia. Due to other commitments, not
least of all a baby on the way, I just don't have
the time to fit in Shades anymore. (5 mins always
becomes an hour on here!). Thanks to my old sparring
partners, Deck and Helious, and to the other
mortals and immortals that make this game worthwhile.
14 years is a long time and for shades to hold interest
for that long makes it pretty special. Keep up the good
work Sav, Kali, Amstar, Guis etc >>

From: Juarez
Subject: farewell etc..
Dated: Mon May 22 19:30:51

and all the other Immorts that bother to put in the
effort. Az - learn to get a life ;-) , Wired -
learn to t-collect, Guis - learn to be happy,
and Shadowlam - just learn!!
If anyone wants to keep in touch my e-mail is I'll try and make the next meet.
When time permits I'll be back to fail once
more to hack you all to death!

From: Juarez
Subject: and finally...
Dated: Mon May 22 19:32:08

Good luck Ellie - hope you make Witch soon.
U deserve it. At least I wont be around to hinder
you anymore!

From: Pauli
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Mon May 22 19:44:27

Ohh you are a big flirt!

From: Wired
Subject: Active
Dated: Mon May 22 21:32:19

Oh well nothing like an active Chat track

From: Brid
Subject: oh goody
Dated: Tue May 23 13:24:54

oh goody
turn your back for aminute....

From: Deckard
Subject: Juarez
Dated: Tue May 23 17:10:16

Hope to see you soon JJ, good luck with everything.
I've enjoyed chatting and fighting etc, it's been fun. ;)
Might see you at the next meet!
Take care

From: Deckard
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Tue May 23 17:15:50

Coo, the CT has been busy!
I'd just like to point out a few points and throw
my two pennies worth in. ;)
1. Scripting has always been around as long as I can remember.. (Ripper)
and Panaceas old software were favourites of many players..
2. Every player on this game has the opportunity to script.
So there is no advantage in my eyes, it's just down to
whether people can be bothered to script or not.
If they can't, then they are in no place to moan.
There, thats me done. ;)

From: Seb
Subject: scripting/immortality
Dated: Tue May 23 19:52:30

I'm sure many of us have used some form of scripts to get to wiz
I know I have.
What makes immortality special, though, is the respect from other
immorts for acheiving it.
immortals watch mortals, some interact withe them, and as they
gain score, they also gain credence.
A wiz obtained by automated scripts will not have this respect
or credence. So if mortals have little or no respect for
scripted wizzes, take heart, neither do I (and I'm sure I'm not
just my 2p worth

From: Angelis
Subject: Scripts???
Dated: Tue May 23 20:49:23

What the heck are scripts???????????

From: Archaro
Subject: Scripting.
Dated: Tue May 23 20:56:11

Anyone can script? Sure, but the people who feel that scripting detracts
from the game would be rather hypocritical if they did. Should tsuffer s
for their scruples?
And Ripper and its ilk were nothing compared to the complexity and subtlet
of modern mud clients - I don't really think they are fair comparisons.
As for everyone can download a mud client, what about those people who
for whatever reason cannot have a full-blown client on their machine
(perhaps play from work).

From: Archaro
Subject: Scripting (2).
Dated: Tue May 23 20:59:22

Is it fair that they should have to compete with auto walkers and robot
I certainly don't think so, and I'm not just sounding off about a personal
peeve. For several reasons, It's rare that I get on with anything other t
telnet. And I'm not going to go out there and even attempt to compete wit
someone with a fully programmed ZMud client.
Sorry about the rant, I wasn't going to join in.
My hormones are raging this evening, it seems. :)

From: Wired
Subject: Scripts 1
Dated: Tue May 23 22:47:00

I agree with Seb, that an Immortal made
by scripts does not command the same respect.
However, I think you will find that any Immorts
made in this way, were made by existing, non-
scripting Immorts anyway so there should be no
problem there. It is my belief that
the problem is that some scripted t collecting
seconds denied the oppertunity to genuine mortals
to collect t, something which I acknowledge and
will never do. However, to deny that this has
never happened (scripted collections) is not

From: Wired
Subject: Scripts 2
Dated: Tue May 23 22:52:28

(at least in my knowledge) exactly true.
Anyway, I see no need for scripting to be
condemned in such a way. (Thanks Deck) as
it is being made out to be a henious crime
when really, unless genuine Mortals are affected
is in my view harmless.
But hey, just relax and enjoy people, for
goodness sake, I have not seen such an upset in a while.
Thats it... W

From: Quixote
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Tue May 23 23:31:03

Ok...lets get down to basics then....
to me playing shades with scripts is like masturbation....
momentarily relaxing but ultimately unsatisfying...:)

From: Mercedes
Subject: seb
Dated: Tue May 23 23:44:52

You think immortals respect mortals who are not seconds?
From the posts here they only respect people who
can script and fight using those.

From: Quixote
Subject: Immorts and Scripting
Dated: Wed May 24 00:25:25

it is a well known fact that some of the 'younger' immorts suffer
from a serious lack of imagination and a bit of a football hooligan
in other words - they tend to respect technology more than
themselves - which I think is a shame...but that's life...:(

From: Marzipan
Subject: Mercedes/scripting
Dated: Wed May 24 04:30:47

Mercedes, whatever the attitude of immortals to mortals...and there
are many mortals who are very well respected by all, immortal and
mortal alike... it is certainly not true to say that immortals
support scripting. Most of the anti-scripting messages here have
been written by wiz fact I can't think of a single
one which isn't. And an archwizard has declared it to be taboo...
and you can't get much more immortal than an Arch.

From: Marzipan
Subject: Masturbation
Dated: Wed May 24 04:34:21

Pithy stuff, Quixote. The use of scripting reminds me of a guy I
knew at university, an electronics genius. He got starred firsts
in both his exam years. He built himself an amazing hi-fi system
far far superior to anything in the shops. But the sad sod didn't
listen to music on it. The only record he possessed, and the only
thing he ever listened to, was a test record which reassured him of
the perfection of what he had created. Scripting is like that, it
misses the point. It kills the game.

From: Wired
Subject: Mortals
Dated: Wed May 24 08:02:05

Well I found getting my first Immortal
incredibly difficult, not least in part to those
Immort seconds (as I now know) who repeatedly
attacked me. This made it an enjoyable challenge
and made me even more determined to get there. Which
I think was the point.... So I have the utmost
respect for those Mortals, still
trying to get there, (C'mon Pauli!) so there!

From: Quixote
Subject: Wiz 2nds
Dated: Wed May 24 09:03:49

erm..well...I'm not a wiz 2nd Marzipan....:)

From: Pauli
Subject: Wired
Dated: Wed May 24 10:34:05

Care to lend me a few scripts dear? :)

From: Brid
Subject: London Pubcrawl!
Dated: Wed May 24 10:36:29

We're organising an amazing pubcrawl!
And we need loadsa peeps!
If you're interested, visit our site:
and sign up as a member!
tell all your friends, coz really,
you don't want to miss out!

From: Krusty
Subject: Pauli
Dated: Wed May 24 10:38:18

Depends on if you want to be wizkilled or not as to wether
you realy want to go down that road doesnt it.

From: Pauli
Subject: Krusty
Dated: Wed May 24 11:26:51

Thought someone would rise to the bait :)

From: Spook
Subject: wizkilling
Dated: Wed May 24 12:03:21

hehe...well most scripts I've seen let the mobiles do the killing..:)

From: Branwell
Subject: Quixote
Dated: Wed May 24 12:07:24

Don't knock masturbation lad! It's sex with the person you love MOST!
(with apologies to W. Allen)

From: Ari
Subject: marzipan
Dated: Wed May 24 14:04:57

Didn't someone say f keys are scripts?
Most fighters use those and I bet the arche do too.
So some scripts are taboo and some not?
And mortals who get killed or have to flee or quit
and lost lots of points if high level have
only themselves to blame if they have no software?
But if they have it can be wizzkilled?

From: Spook
Subject: Ari
Dated: Wed May 24 15:06:06

Hehe - nice slant Ari...and not far from the truth.
like most cases where technology is threatening to take over
there is a 'line' to be drawn....the problem is - where to draw it
a programmed key is a single command on a key - like 'e' or 'st ls'
a script on the other hand is a piece of code which allows a character to
perform a lengthy set of commands without user interference. It is the
latter that is being discussed here...

From: Spook
Subject: Ari II
Dated: Wed May 24 15:08:50

I'm sure that a lot of us older players (in terms of time playing...
not necessarily physical age) would love to see all software removed
and a general levelling down take place. This would place all the
skill in the hands of the players. Unfortunately - like nuclear power
we cant uninvent the software. So - we are 'debating' where, and how,
to draw the line.
Hope that clarifies things a bit?....:)

From: Pegasus
Subject: Scripts
Dated: Wed May 24 16:26:53

I have to agree with Spook. I'd like to see the skill of Shades
return to the player. Scripting is all very nice, but lacks
that that used to make Shades so
much more fun.
(Climbs back under rock and goes 'Parp' a lot.)

From: Spook
Subject: Rocks
Dated: Wed May 24 17:18:59

Spook stares adoringly at Peggy.......
and wonders if there's room for two under that rock...:)

From: Seb
Subject: Mercedes/respect
Dated: Wed May 24 17:36:37

Mercedes, I didn't say all immorts will develop respect,
some are too anally retentive and cannot even remember they were
once mortal.
Speaking personally, there are mortals and immortals that I
have the greatest respect for and there those who I wouldn't
give you tuppence for.
just another 2p worth
(that's 4p so far)

From: Marzipan
Subject: Ari/Seb
Dated: Wed May 24 18:05:29

Ari, Spook's answer was a good one. Given the choice I'd get rid
of the whole lot, f-keys included. Then everything would depend on
the nerve and typing skills of the player. That would be best.
F-keys by themselves are of little use without the human skills
of timing, initiative, inventiveness and courage. If all players had
exactly the same f-key software, there would still be good and
bad fighters. But if all players used the same t-collecting scripts,
the game would be reduced to...>>

From: Marzipan
Subject: ari/seb ii
Dated: Wed May 24 18:11:56

a lot of robots scurrying around like cockroaches with no player
skills involved at all. The fun, and the point, would be gone from
the game. I also agree with Seb that there are mortals and immortals
worthy of respect, and mortals and immortals I wouldn't accept Seb's
tuppence for. What mortals perhaps don't realise is that the life of
an immortal on Shades is strangely tedious, there's nothing left to

From: Marzipan
Subject: ari/seb iii
Dated: Wed May 24 18:32:52

...after the euphoria of having made it has worn off, immortality is
a huge anti-climax. Apart from the social side of things, fighting is
virtually the only pleasure left to immorts. No wonder wiz seconds tend
to be rather good at it. Fighting becomes a sport and the best fighters
prefer to battle each other. kis spo
Oops, Spook interrupted this...cackle...long enough anyway. Nuff said.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Rocks
Dated: Thu May 25 13:16:41

Spook...there's always room for you under my bijou
rock. Come along and join the party.

From: Mai
Subject: Nathalie
Dated: Fri May 26 16:48:54

Seeing as you crippled me so you could get to the stuff in the
haunted house for no reason if you now get lowstammed by accident
tough luck!

From: Buttercup
Subject: Vobj's
Dated: Fri May 26 23:10:46

Immortals....if you can't learn to use the CALL and DESC
commands correctly...don't use them!!!!
Its sooooo annnoooyyying!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Ooooer!
Dated: Sat May 27 10:18:26

Hmm t appears that buying stuff over the internet is not exactly safe
using netscape go her and its all explained
This is a public service announcment by Azzy!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Patch
Dated: Sat May 27 10:22:38

Its advisable to install the following patch btw
Sorry almost forgot to mention that!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun May 28 21:51:32

Tonight's winner is Krusty - 8 kills and no deaths!
In second place, Jynx (a late arrival) -!3 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
Third is SaMsOn - 3 kills and 5 deaths
Bogus was off playing with the mobiles (as usual) and got killed 4 times
Moonraker popped on, got killed 3 times and popped off again
Spite was a very late arrival and got killed 3 times too
With regard to the bloodbath. Use it or lose it guys.....
Chatting in safe doesn't count!

From: Fluffy
Subject: Personna file
Dated: Tue May 30 10:09:43

Ain't about time we had a clearout Ze on all personnas?

From: Zeon
Subject: Personna file
Dated: Tue May 30 15:27:39

What you mean delete everyone????

From: Fluffy
Subject: Personna file
Dated: Tue May 30 17:16:13

Yes everyone Ze might as well, seeing as most
people don't seem to do alot or even log on.

From: Anthrax
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Tue May 30 18:24:04

The mortal who I caught scripting you have been warned I'm going
to pass my findings onto higher powers and a wiz of mine
see's you at it again you'll be wizkilled

From: Zeon
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Tue May 30 19:08:48

Anthrax..DO NOT take matters into your own hands by using
an immortal to wizkill someone that YOU suspect of scripting!
This is NOT your decision to make.
I am more concerned about those that use bots as opposed
to a few long macro's..there is a difference
ANY action that needs to be taken will be taken by
an ARCH!!
You have been told....

From: Bumble
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Tue May 30 20:57:48

Zeon - as it happens I was the mortal that was
accused by Anthrax of cheating by scripting
and threatened with wizkilling.(in front
of Siva). As you surmised, I was
running a macro from the church to the
arena and back - not sitting back and
letting my s/ware clear the game of t for me.
I was careless and got caught by the
lioness in a lag with no wep.
The 50K I lost will hurt me more
than what Anthrax threatened.
I don't think Bumble will be around
for a while

From: Anthrax
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Tue May 30 21:39:59

Well that leaves the whole game open to scripting again then,
as all you have to do it make lots of little routes from the
church and you have the same end result.
And you didnt just run a macro from the church to the arena
you ran several others Bumble you can't do the things
you were doing in the second or two it was taking you.
P.s. You can program macros to do t collecting for you
so its the same thing basicaly.

From: Zeon
Subject: Scripting..again
Dated: Tue May 30 22:08:22

I think that everything that needs to be said on
scripting has now been said, can we please change
the subject before we all start going over
it all again...
Most people know the difference between
running macros and using a bot and they are now
aware that using the later is not on

From: Pauli
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Wed May 31 10:15:21


From: Benedict
Subject: scripts
Dated: Wed May 31 15:03:54

I have written a script if there are any literary agents
out there. It concerns the sad life of a lonley holy man
who logs on almost every day, looking for excitement
in the post room and all he can find is the most
mind numbing stuff. WHERE IS THE GOSSIP?
Please don't force me to tell you what I know about

From: Archaro
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Wed May 31 15:47:06

Well we've heard that it doesn't take much forcing, dear. :)
Archie (of the Sarum Rite)

From: Benedict
Subject: Archaro
Dated: Wed May 31 16:47:57

chortle. No forcing needed with you...

From: Archaro
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Wed May 31 20:33:36

I don't know WHAT you're talking about.
Shy, retiring violet, that's me.
em bats his eyes innocently.