From: Deckard
Subject: Frocks
Dated: Thu Mar 02 18:44:46

Wizzo, is there something your not telling us about your weekend parties?
Don't worry, I'll keep it quiet. ;)
Da Deckster.

From: Zeon
Subject: Scandal!
Dated: Thu Mar 02 20:31:07

Wizzo's mayorship rocked by scandal
full details in Inshades

From: Seb
Subject: Wizzo's private life
Dated: Thu Mar 02 20:54:46

Who cares about his private life ?
he's mayor, not pope.
shame on you Zeon, for descending into the realms
of the gutter press.

From: Zeon
Subject: Novice Game
Dated: Thu Mar 02 21:19:14

The Novice Game (game 5) is now open
Only players with less than 8K will
be able to access it.
This game is for use by new players in order
to help them learn the game
Any experienced players seen on there collecting
treasure or fighting WILL be delt with severely
Thanks to Peri for sorting this out
To Access the game simply type NOVICE at
the game prompt.

From: Quiet
Subject: Scandal!
Dated: Thu Mar 02 21:22:50

As the appointed spokeswoman of Brid,the alledged, but as yet unconfirmed
first lady of shades, I would like to state the following:
Brid is not intimidated by the gossip and slander that has been published
about her... um... her... about the Mayor
and that she will stand behind her... um.... behind the Mayor
until the truth comes to light.
She also denies the rumours that she and the Mayor have moved into
separate bedrooms, or that she is merely standing by him because
he is in a powerful posit

From: Quiet
Subject: Scandal!
Dated: Thu Mar 02 21:28:28

Speaking purely for myself now...
I happened to overhear a conversation between Brid and the Mayor
about being low on money and having to turn to Shades Community funds
to provide for all the hush-money and alimonies he has to pay to
previous (and current) lovers.
Apparently this is not the first time this happened...
But you didn't hear this from me...
Better keep it Quiet.....

From: Ambushbug
Subject: The Mayor
Dated: Thu Mar 02 23:44:12

As a completely impartial party, I wish to uphold
the good character of our great Mayor, Wizzo.
The scandals are nothing other than the twitterings
of tiny minds, wishing to strike out at someone
who is doing nothing but good for Shades.
Wizzo has not asked me to stand up for him, nor has
he paid me a large sum of money from the Shades treasury. Any
rumours about such are completely false, untrue and incorrect.
I'm now off to the Bahamas for a luxury holiday, while my
new mansion is being built

From: Azmodan
Subject: Paws
Dated: Fri Mar 03 00:08:57

You have a go at me Fluffs when in actual fact you started the
feud. As for not accepting your bury the hatcket attept. why in
the hell should I. P.S. boot me again for no reason and you`ll
be swiftly busted next time you log on.

From: Azmodan
Subject: fluffs
Dated: Fri Mar 03 00:12:20

I never actualy refused your handshake as you call it nor said
so publicaly. As per usual your living in cloud cookcooland but
whats new, it must be an age thing I guess. And before anyone
has a go at my spelling yes I have been drinking!!!!!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Fluffs
Dated: Fri Mar 03 00:17:28

Due to my drunken state as per usual i cant think straight,
whats new there. Can you please tall me when this so called public
offer of friendship of yours was offered. I obviously must
have een so drunk at the time i didnt notice (more like it was
never offered). P.s. Why do you keep fleeing and and qq`ing from
me when ever i start beating your seconds??????

From: Amstar
Subject: wizzo's child
Dated: Fri Mar 03 13:02:01

wizzo has just confessed that the leech is his lovechild with
that is what you meant, isn't it wizzo?

From: Amstar
Subject: more
Dated: Fri Mar 03 13:13:18

further to that, baddy just confessed she was dumbed and
crippled at the time. cash for sleaze, eh?

From: Badriya
Subject: oi!
Dated: Fri Mar 03 15:00:08

Don't call my baby a leech!
It looks just like Wizzo..

From: Fluffs
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Fri Mar 03 21:57:30

Well you said it, you are drunk so what's new? To answer your 3
posts in 1, you might not remember the hand offered, but many
saw your refusal "keep your filthy paws off me" was your reply.
Are you sure I booted you and not that you fell off your perch?
And take care when issuing public threats,they can backfire.
As for my 2nds, you must be referring to Megan, well she always runs,
always has, always will,she goes thru more trainers than Seb Coe.
and besides, it winds you up nicely.....beam.

From: Jalfrezi
Subject: Fluffs
Dated: Sat Mar 04 07:57:58

Well the kepp your filthy paws of me was aimed at the female
personna that petted me when I had the don`t pet me suffix
just goes to show how people take to heart what you say on here
and believe it word for word. As for the boot it was you and
someone else confirmed that after you went with what you said
to them. It also isnt a threat its a promise.

From: Badriya
Subject: Daddy Wizzo
Dated: Sat Mar 04 13:12:38

Wizzo is claiming the thief fathered the baby
because I voted for him.
The thief is actually gay and has been in a
monogamous relationship with the guard for 12 years.
He is a very good friend and we go to the arena
together to watch events. But He is faithful to the guard.
Wizzo is the father.

From: Badriya
Subject: wizards
Dated: Sat Mar 04 22:00:09

Didn't someone post a while ago on ettiquette
that wizards should not sit invis and target mortals
and then at once come out when they leave safe and attack

From: Zeon
Subject: Baddy
Dated: Sat Mar 04 22:37:24

Think that applied to new players...

From: Badriya
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Sun Mar 05 00:53:08

It is just that seeing location and route of
A mortal is using Wizpowers and then their
second knows exactly where to go and what
weaphon the mortal has.
They get information they would not have as mortals.

From: Taffeta
Subject: badriya
Dated: Sun Mar 05 00:56:43

A weaponless sorc attempts a zip on you one step out of safe and
you call that using wiz powers?
Boy have you got a lot to learn.

From: Badriya
Subject: taffeta
Dated: Sun Mar 05 09:20:43

Another of the Shades pussy's seconds? Well nice to know who they are.
I am sure the unkind rumours that she prefers not to
fight other wiz seconds and only goes for easy targets
are quite untrue.
Wonder if I shall get into PAWS now. She seems to have
so many arguments with players she can't just have them here
like the rest of us. I suppose this might run out of space so she has
to have a place on INSHADES to do it.
PAWS = Petty Aggressive Winges Section.

From: Fluffs
Subject: badriya
Dated: Sun Mar 05 11:10:30

Coo, it took you long enough to work out a reply.
keep working on it dear, you are almost as big a cat as I am.

From: Badriya
Subject: fluffs
Dated: Sun Mar 05 12:17:25

Sorry, I didn't know you were waiting
for a reply. Some of us have other things
to do as well as write posts.

From: Zeon
Subject: Baddy
Dated: Sun Mar 05 14:13:38

Quite right baddy, a wiz should not use his/her
powers to see what wep a mortal is carrying before
bringing on a second. Having said that it is a
simple matter for a sorc to find out what wep someone
is carrying!!

From: Tansy
Subject: zeon
Dated: Sun Mar 05 17:02:02

My score shows 5 deaths. If you look on the killscreen
I killed Moonraker, same level as me.
I can't recall if I actually killed anyone else but
don't recall 5 deaths!
Is it a buglet?

From: Zodiac
Subject: bad form
Dated: Sun Mar 05 17:33:48

All the time i've played this game i've tried to keep good form
i thought maybe i could make a bad apple persona, and have a bit of fun
but pissing off friends isn't very fun
so i have decided to delete good old zodiac
and get back to being the good old*oops, that would be naming my persona*
anyhow, no more bad apple zodiac for me

From: Amstar
Subject: bloodbath results...
Dated: Sun Mar 05 22:42:23

coo, and a celebrity bloodbath tonight (no chant?!) with
hazeii setscores, and yours truely trying valiantly to keep score:
and the results from the shadists jury:
1. Ninja with 12 kills, 3 defeats, and 1 death
2. Obsession with 11 kills, 4 defeats, and 2 deaths
3. Bogus with 4 kills, 0 defeats and 5 deaths
4. Samson with 3 kills, 1 defeat and 6 deaths
5. ArtBB with 0 kills, 4 defeats and 18 deaths
6. Lostboy with 1 kills, 1 defeat and 12 deaths
and that's it. Tadaaa.

From: Zeon
Subject: Tansy
Dated: Mon Mar 06 06:07:31

Did you save after defeating Moonraker??
Kills and Defeats are not autosaved so if
you quit without saving then it won't be recorded

From: Pegasus
Subject: Cat Pepper
Dated: Mon Mar 06 11:02:50

I'm going to sprinkle some Cat Pepper in the Chattrack Rooms.
It's getting a bit unpleasant in there.

From: Kali
Subject: Peg
Dated: Mon Mar 06 17:23:17

Don't forget to clean up the vomit as well, there's a dear.

From: MayorsPO
Subject: Fight Tournament
Dated: Wed Mar 08 18:06:18

The Mayor's office is proud to announce that it is starting
registration for a Fight Tournament!
The tournament will consist of several knockout rounds
of one-on-one fights, to be conducted in the Arena.
The fights will be conducted at levels increasing
with rounds. The final round will be at Warlock level.
Please register your interest by writing to the Mayor
MayorsPO, The Mayor's Press Officer.

From: Deckard
Subject: Fight Tournament
Dated: Thu Mar 09 12:28:52

What a brilliant idea!
I'm well up for a ruck innit.
So when is it?

From: Moonraker
Subject: how do
Dated: Thu Mar 09 22:14:58

Fluffs, to be honest, how do other people know my persona
p.s. i like the bit about me shouting out insults
i like it because its true

From: Sultana
Subject: Titan
Dated: Fri Mar 10 19:33:01

You probably can't read this but I know what you are up to.
You are pretending not to be your old self so you won't have to support me
and our seven children. Very convenient! I bet all fathers would like to
escape the CA by pretending to amnesia.
but I am not fooled.

From: Juarez
Subject: Rucks
Dated: Fri Mar 10 21:16:02

I'm with you Deck.. anytime, anywhere!
Thought this mayor thing was a waste of time
but full marks to Wizzo!

From: MayorsPO
Subject: Fight Tournament
Dated: Sat Mar 11 16:11:30

The Mayor's office is keenly aware of the worries of some
players regarding the use of macros and triggers in the
Mayor's Fight Tournament. Many feel that software such as
ZMud will disadvantage those less proficient in its use
or unable to use it for other reasons.
Consultation with Hazeii the Coder had yielded a solution.
There is a variable called IRATE in the code which controls
the rate at which a player can submit commands. It can be
set such that players not using macros won't notice it >

From: MayorsPO
Subject: Fight Tournament (cont)
Dated: Sat Mar 11 16:19:09

but those using macros to send rapid sequences of steals etc
will find that their commands get lagged in implementation,
thereby not allowing them to respond as quickly to events as
a player typing in their commands.
A few practice sessions will be scheduled to demonstrate
this restriction. However, it is recommended to all players
that the best practice would be to fight without macros.
This way it's all about what you type and when, rather than
what software you're using.
The Press Office.

From: Moonraker
Subject: Kwiz
Dated: Sun Mar 12 11:04:56

If u want Guiseppe, ill host a kwiz
with Zmud thing on inshades....

From: Sultana
Subject: IRATE
Dated: Sun Mar 12 14:17:48

Can we have that all the time?
Love Sultana

From: Art
Subject: Mr Mayor?
Dated: Sun Mar 12 15:23:32

What happened to the policy to get rid of lag then?

From: Titan
Subject: Sultana
Dated: Sun Mar 12 15:53:49

I gave up raisin kids a long time ago. ;)

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Mar 12 21:50:02

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 8 kills and no deaths (clever little bunny)
In second place, Ninja - 4 kills, 4 defeats and no deaths (brutal bunny!)
Third is SaMsOn - 3 kills and 7 deaths
In fourth place, Bogus - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 6 deaths
Fifth is Moonraker - 2 kills and 6 deaths
Deadcat turned up briefly, died 4 times and then faded away
Cheers to all who turned up (and yes, I did see that comment about it
being a 'celebrity' bloodbath last week with me not there!)

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results p.s.,
Dated: Sun Mar 12 21:52:58

Ooops! Ninja's score should be - 4 kills, 4 defeats and 1 death

From: amstar
Subject: celebrit
Dated: Mon Mar 13 00:21:12

i didn't mean that chant!! just that hazeii was there doing his
magic with their scores...

From: Seb
Subject: Swearing
Dated: Mon Mar 13 13:50:00

Perhaps some mortals should become acquainted with the rules on language
I have had to warn two and jail one today
and swearing when a wizard is vis is just stupid

From: Felon
Subject: Veskit
Dated: Tue Mar 14 04:46:25

So far you have made 11 attacks on my warlock, doesnt this
constitute harassment? Are you the games self appointed
guardian or just someone who has no other life outside of here?
I hear you have 3 wizzes of your own so why stop anyone else
getting some of what you have?
Just once I would like to log on and play without you popping
up and popping at me, go get a life and leave mine alone.

From: Veskit
Subject: Felon
Dated: Tue Mar 14 05:02:47

Only 11 times you say well all I can say is you brought it on youself
you taunt me after qq'ing and or zapping yourself (not clever realy
taunting a so called wiz second, thats a sure way to get them annoyed)
.You also attacked down on Mouze a personna who is so nice she never
attacks anyone (don't see her moaning or winging about anything).
So as far as I'm concerned what you get is what you deserve.
P.S. I'm not the self apointed game guardian nor are there any wizs on
my account.

From: Kali
Subject: Felon
Dated: Tue Mar 14 14:26:02

Surviving to 200K, whether by fighting or fleeing, is what
makes an immortal worth having. You're only 14K off now, two
good resets should do it. Pick a time when Veskit, or one of
his relatives on other accounts (!) are at work, or studying
and then go for it. Lots will be there to cheer you.
Love, Kali xxx

From: Pandora
Subject: Kali/Felon/Cheer?
Dated: Tue Mar 14 18:20:09

Lots of people here to cheer Felon on??
I don't think so...from what I have
heard he is an annoying oink who doesn't
conduct himself in a manner apropriate
to the game

From: Phaid
Subject: Harassment
Dated: Wed Mar 15 01:05:49

Hmmm...from what I remember when I was getting my wiz
anyone necro or above was fair game at any time.
I think you'll find 'harassment' only applies to newbies.
as it should. If you've got to warlock you should know the
game well enough to cope with regular attacks.
What is it with these new players? They want an immort
on a plate?.....sheesh.....:)

From: Benedict
Subject: Absolution
Dated: Wed Mar 15 17:57:33

As the only man of God currently playing
I would like to suggest we get together
for prayers and forgiveness. I can bring my guitar
and we can sing Cumbyah together before holding hands
I promise you will all feel the anger floating away
only to be replaced with love for each other.
those in need of a private session may see me alone
in the chapel - bring something to rest on as you may well
spend some considerable time on your knees.

From: Fluffs
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Wed Mar 15 18:11:33


From: Kali
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Thu Mar 16 01:03:45

Hello dear, haven't been on much so no hellos.
Unlikely to be on much henceforward for foreseeable future
either, so hello and pax vobiscum, no pun intended.
much love, K xxx

From: Felon
Subject: Kali
Dated: Thu Mar 16 06:38:38

Thanks for the advice, veskit and his associated family members
must have gone on hols, because I DID IT.

From: Ninja
Subject: Trophies.
Dated: Thu Mar 16 14:34:34

I have a suggestion for The Mayor.
Why don't we introduce Trophies - or awards for certain achievements?
Like the Lemming award for the most suicidal.
Best T collector Award
Killer award...
Wizard awards...
The list goes on...
And like - "The Killers Screen" we could have a
"Trophy Screen".
You never know..... it might just work! ;)
What do you all reckon?
Answers on a postcard pleeeeeze.

From: Zeon
Subject: Ninja
Dated: Thu Mar 16 22:28:19

What do I reckon???
I reckon you's is on druggies my boy
thats what I reckon...

From: Felon
Subject: Rumours
Dated: Fri Mar 17 04:44:51

Can someone explain to me why there are rumours doing the rounds
about how I made it to wiz? Seems I am supposed to have done it by
killing down.
Will the rumour mongers care to name just one supposed victim? One
that appeared on the killer screen? Not one that occurred in someone's
add dreams.
No? I thought not.
If you cant stop them making it then let's blacken their character
seems to be the motto of the day.
It takes all sorts.

From: Phaid
Subject: Rumours
Dated: Fri Mar 17 16:53:03

It's a common problem....
often called 'sour grapes'.....hehe
well done for making it by the way....:)

From: Fluffs
Subject: Felon
Dated: Fri Mar 17 19:30:04

congrats! Now, to go with your immortality you need to develop a
thicker skin. Why worry what peeps say? You made it so stand proud.

From: Pandora
Subject: Felon
Dated: Sat Mar 18 01:24:15

Mouse for one, two levels below you
oh you didnt kill her did you, she nearly
wiped the floor with you...oh well

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Mar 19 21:44:36

Tonight's winner is Obsession - 5 kills, 2 defeats and 4 deaths
In second place, Bogus - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
In third place, Ninja (who left early) - 1 kill, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
In fourth place, Moonraker - 1 kill and 8 deaths
Congrats to all who turned up BUT if more of you don't start showing
then I really can't be bothered to keep every Sunday evening free to run
the bloodbath and the players who do turn up are getting a bit fed up
of it being so quiet. So use it or lose it!

From: badriya
Subject: Kali
Dated: Sun Mar 19 22:36:44 does not

From: Kali
Subject: badriya
Dated: Mon Mar 20 12:43:27


From: Phaid
Subject: E-Mail
Dated: Mon Mar 20 17:17:33

For anyone who might have tried to contact me on my old e-mail add....
my new one is:'s free....:)

From: Benedict
Subject: paws
Dated: Wed Mar 22 15:45:25

I'm sure I speak for us all when I say
how impatient I am to read the latest instalment.
We are all desperate for the latest gossip and
hints & tips. But most of all, we miss the warmth and
good humour of the author.
So, PLEASE, hurry....!!
Thank you.

From: Fluffs
Subject: benedict
Dated: Thu Mar 23 00:20:42

You know what they say about sarcasm, tsk tsk, and be careful what
you ask for, you might get it.
Paws is going in to Zeon later this morning.

From: Benedict
Subject: paws
Dated: Thu Mar 23 10:51:11

what a cynical bunch we all are.
compliments were genuine. Honest.
We love you!

From: Phaid
Subject: ICQ
Dated: Thu Mar 23 12:39:27

For those of you who expected to find me on ICQ....
It wont work behind the firewall here so....
I am now on Yahoo messenger as phaid_uk

From: Zeon
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Thu Mar 23 18:30:20

Inshades updated

From: Wizzo
Subject: Paws/absences
Dated: Thu Mar 23 19:00:22

I refer the honourable (?) lady to her first sentence.

From: Angelis
Subject: Trophies
Dated: Thu Mar 23 21:20:00

I agree with Ninja

From: Fluffs
Subject: Wizzo
Dated: Thu Mar 23 22:23:12

So the rumours you were detained at someone's pleasure are untrue?

From: Deedee
Subject: Wizzo
Dated: Thu Mar 23 22:51:29

If the rumours are true then how come you were spotted sporting
in the mansion pool with a very young nymph?
Or was that the reason you were detained? Go on, spill the beans.
I wont tell anyone.

From: Charity
Subject: Wizzo
Dated: Fri Mar 24 05:32:40

You said we wouldn't be seen.....sob. You pwomised it would be alwight
If Daddy finds out he's going to be vewwy vewwy cwoss with you
I'm sowwy you couldnt come on hols with me, but I'm looking forward
to seeing you when you get out, sowwy I meant get home. I have so
much to tell you.
from your sweet Chawwity
p.s. Isnt it exciting! The test turned blue!

From: Wizzo
Subject: Fluffs
Dated: Fri Mar 24 16:35:54

I was detained at my own pleasure, but would like to think
that others in my company were adequately pleasured too.

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Wizzo
Dated: Fri Mar 24 18:33:26

Are you saying that you are only 'adequate' Wizzo ?

From: Fluffs
Subject: Wizzo
Dated: Fri Mar 24 22:00:30

Of course you were....wink.
btw does that tag interfere with your sock?

From: Wizzo
Subject: Guiseppe
Dated: Sun Mar 26 14:19:14

I have very high standards of adequacy.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Mar 26 20:57:43

Tonight's winner (by a mile!) is Gypsy - 15 kills, 3 defeats and 1 death
Second is Bogus - 5 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
Third is Rover - 6 kills, 1 defeat and 3 deaths
Fourth is Wallaby - 7 kills and 8 deaths
Fifth is Moonraker - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 7 deaths
Sixth is Tarantula (first ever BB!) - 1 kill, 3 defeats and 10 deaths
Seventh is Artbb - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 8 deaths
Last but not least .. poor Robe with 13 (unlucky for him!) deaths
Nice to see more of you on!

From: Uno
Subject: Sierra
Dated: Thu Mar 30 02:29:00

Here are a few points to help you survive.
!) A seer is smaller than a spellbinder and an attack is valid.
2) qq'ing from a fight makes you lose a great many points.
Standing in the pub yelling abuse for all to hear can be hazardous.
Yelling about the war and how the USA saved our bacon does not
recommend itself to harmony.
So do shut up and learn to mind your manners.