From: Innocent
Subject: To the owner
Dated: Mon Jun 04 10:07:30

I am writing to complain!!
Will the owner of the castle please fix those dodgy floorboards!
They clearly do not comply with the necessary laws of health and safety
The damp will also soon spread to the rest of the castle
This complaint has albsolutely nothing to do with the fact
that I just fell through again and lost 1.5k
And if anyone suggests I should watch my weight then they shall feel
the sharp side of my longsword!!
Kindest greetings from Innocent

From: ZEON
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Mon Jun 04 17:46:46

Ok, don't all faint....Inshades has been updated

From: Ellie
Subject: Floorboards
Dated: Mon Jun 04 17:54:29

Well if you cannot remember that the floorboards
Don't let just anyone through
And most castles these days do spring the odd surprise
Maybe you should count yourself lucky
That you only fell through, without breaking your leg
There again though it could be you need to lose weight
Better luck next time Innocent
We will all be watching.

From: Ellie
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Mon Jun 04 17:56:51

Er Likkle Lorry Driver
I have just been there
And it hadn't been
You been drinking again?

From: ZEON
Subject: Ellie/Inshades
Dated: Mon Jun 04 22:37:05

Has too, try viewing a page thats not been held
in your ISP's cache for the last 8 years :-))

From: Ellie
Subject: HOI
Dated: Tue Jun 05 17:09:50

Er Likkle Lorry driver...
You know I don't understand all this teccie stuff
Fancy asking me to do something like that!!
I bet you have been drinking really...grin

From: ZEON
Subject: HO to you too
Dated: Tue Jun 05 20:28:09

Well you better wise up then honey bunch cos its
just been updated again.....
Course if you are still confused I will glady
pop round and show you how all your bits should work

From: Moriarty
Subject: Inshades...
Dated: Tue Jun 05 22:40:29

I'm particularly impressed with my performance 11/2/2001
Not only did I come last (as usual!) I also came in 3rd!
Beat that!

From: Ellie
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Tue Jun 05 22:55:36

In Your Dreams Lover!

From: Ellie
Subject: Persona Files
Dated: Wed Jun 06 17:24:00

Could someone please tell me
Why the Persona File is full
Love and Kisses from me..

From: Ergo
Subject: Novicing...
Dated: Wed Jun 06 19:18:46

It's so long since I've seen a novicing...
I thought that it had been removed from the game...
... obviously not!!!
hehehe - sorry Sorceror!

From: ZEON
Subject: Personna Files
Dated: Wed Jun 06 20:19:00

Quite right Ellie, it does sure look that way
I've let peri know and shall give him a few days
before i start doing some novice purging myself
Thanks for pointing it out honeybunch
Yours forever

From: Ellie
Subject: Thanks
Dated: Wed Jun 06 20:27:18

Thank you Likkle Lorry Driver
Nice to know i was not going round the twist
And by the way..
Keep Your Mitts off MY novices
Er not that I have any

From: ZEON
Subject: Personna Files
Dated: Thu Jun 07 20:14:40

Peri has now sorted the problem out so all should be OK

From: Branwelll
Subject: Miss Shades Contest
Dated: Sat Jun 09 13:31:33

I have pleasure (and anticipate more) in announcing the first ever
Miss Shades beauty contest, to be held under my august auspices.
All comely female personas are cordially invited to enter.
There will be two clothed rounds, in evening dress and in swimsuits,
and a further round of philosophical nature.
Please apply to me for further details.

From: Ellie
Subject: Miss Shades Contest.
Dated: Sat Jun 09 17:43:58

That was SOME DREAM Brannie dear.
Perhaps you need to take the tablets again
The Doc warned about this if you didn't
Lots of Love and Kisses Ellie XXX
get better soon

From: Barefoot
Subject: Who has the MOST!
Dated: Sat Jun 09 23:26:48

OK Brannie Babe...
What is the prize!!
Is it a night in the Dungeon with Handsome.
Please say yes.I have Waited long enough..
I look forward to your reply..
Kissey Kissey..

From: Krusty
Subject: Ellie
Dated: Sun Jun 10 22:02:38

Sorry Ellie this is Az due to an argument between Chant and myself
i will never be logging on again, sorry for any incovenience this may caus
goodbye all nice knowing you all
P.s You know what my email address is Ellie if u want to stay in touch...L

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jun 10 22:22:39

Tonight's winner is Bogus - 4 kills and 1 death (and lots of canoodling
and kissing with mobiles)
Second is Moriarty - 1 kill and 1 death
Third is Madmoo - 1 kill and 4 deaths
Branwelle flitted hither and yon and didn't do much....

From: ZEON
Subject: Krusty/Az
Dated: Mon Jun 11 00:17:58

And just how many times have you said THAT before???
Seeya in a few days no doubt...

From: Angelis
Subject: Chant/Azmodan
Dated: Mon Jun 11 21:18:56

And you two said you wern't having an arguement!
BTW, does ANYONE know if there is a treasure hunt in the making?
i would do one, but i can't

From: ZEON
Subject: Treasure Hunt
Dated: Tue Jun 12 07:53:02

I have tried on many previous occasions to set up a treasure
hunt but each time was met with total apathy, but if people do
want one just let me know and i'll set one up

From: Innocent
Subject: Treasure Hunt
Dated: Tue Jun 12 10:30:07

I'll play if everyone else is game for it

From: Ellie
Subject: Treasure Hunt
Dated: Tue Jun 12 12:16:34

Well I could be interested
But then I would have competition from Angelis to play
Guess I will just have to lock him up
Till it is all over...maybe longer too.Grin.

From: Aloysius
Subject: Ellie/Angelis
Dated: Tue Jun 12 15:32:20

Well, I will simply unlock him. After all I manage to escape often
enough after you have tucked me up for the night.

From: Aloysius
Subject: PS
Dated: Tue Jun 12 15:33:57

I would like to nominate Barefoot for Miss Shades. When Branwelll
gets around to organising the great event.

From: Mindy
Subject: Bouncy-Castle Meet!
Dated: Tue Jun 12 17:53:24

Now I know you haven't all forgotten....
but just in case, this is your early (ish)
warning/reminder for this weekend's
Bouncy Castle Meet in Sunny (hopes) Sussex!
Bring a bottle & Something to BBQ
camping space available, or TravelLodge nearby.
for further details, email me on:-
Directions supplied on request.
Date 16th June. Time 4pm onwards
Hope to see you there!
love Mindy xx

From: Ogre
Subject: T Hunt
Dated: Tue Jun 12 22:14:25

Count me in...
Just name the time and place!

From: Branwelll
Subject: Miss Shades Contest
Dated: Wed Jun 13 16:27:24

I am asked by Branwell the Wizard to point out that there is not and has
never been any connection between myself (3 ls) and him (2). So your
pleas and questions regarding the Miss Shades Contest should under no
circumstances be addressed to him. He deplores beauty contests and does
not hold with the cheapening of feminine allure. In short, he wishes
to disassociate himself entirely from my humble proposal.
Furthermore he insists that I replace the verb "asked" in the opening
line with "commanded

From: Key
Subject: Miss Shades
Dated: Wed Jun 13 22:43:47

Brannie, who said anything about it being a beauty contest...

From: Siva
Subject: Miss Shades
Dated: Thu Jun 14 16:47:58

Perhaps it should be a botty contest.

From: Siva
Subject: Bouncy Meet
Dated: Sat Jun 16 21:10:42

Mindy and Beermat, sorry we couldn't make it. Work commitments
alas, intervened. I have a deadline to finish something by
tomorrow and will be working through the night. Hope it is going
well and wish we could have come. Love, Siva

From: Die
Subject: Fighting/New Players
Dated: Sun Jun 17 20:36:35

Are there actually and New players out there
that want to learn to fight as opposed to either
fleeing and qq'ing , simply qq'ing, forcing fleeing
running like scared lickle children, shouting abuse
as soon as they feel the slightest tingle
or simply wetting their knickers at the merest
sight of another player???
bunch o' wimps...

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jun 17 22:15:57

Tonight's outstanding winner is Bogus - 6 kills and no deaths (not even
any mobiles; so they're all sulking now...)
In second place, Moriarty - 2 kills and 4 deaths
Third is Moonraker (who is a very busy little bunny at the moment and
is up to his proverbials in revision - so a double cheer for him) -
with 1 defeat and 5 deaths
Gypsy flitted on briefly and then had to sneak off for a clandestine
assignation ... you know what she's like..

From: Ellie
Subject: Die
Dated: Sun Jun 17 23:20:06

And who got out the wrong side of the bed then.

From: Nancy
Subject: Die
Dated: Mon Jun 18 08:33:22

I couldn't agree with you more. Far too many fl o QQers about.
I even had one of Ellie's seconds FloQQ on me the other day.
I mean, a Sorceress FLoQQing from a Valiant.
FLoQQing crazy these days. The only time you get to kill someone
these days is by fighting another killer.
At least they dont QQ.
Zzzzzz, (AKA Nancy the reformed FLoQQer.)

From: Deckard
Subject: Hello All!!!!
Dated: Tue Jun 19 13:19:35

Hope everyones ok
I've been away for a while - work n all that
But I'm back online at work etc... so your gonna have to
put up with me again (groan)
Complaints and Love letters to
Deck x

From: Art
Subject: BBQ this Sunday
Dated: Thu Jun 21 23:02:34

Since I've got a parentless house this weekend, I'm having the
obligatory party-type affair.
BBQ, my place. Bring booze and/or something to stick on the BBQ.

From: Art
Subject: BBQ, continued
Dated: Thu Jun 21 23:10:18

I forgot to mention times and stuff. Things will be starting to
happen at about 6pm-ish.
Be there, or be.. umm.. not there, I guess.

From: Branwell
Subject: Art...BBQ
Dated: Fri Jun 22 16:25:55

Will there be cold beer and lots of wild, wild wimmin?

From: Art
Subject: Branwell...BBQ
Dated: Sat Jun 23 14:41:57

There should be beer. Might even get the occaisional wild woman, too.
Although I get first pick of the wimmin. And the beer, come to think of it

From: Angelis
Subject: BB
Dated: Sun Jun 24 22:34:11

Well, tonight's BB was difficult, but fun!
In 1st place - Bogus with 8 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths,
In 2nd place - Gypsy with 8 kills and 1 death
In 3rd place - Moriarty with 5 kills, 3 defeats and 4 deaths
in 4th, but not last place - Evolution with.....well, lets just say he was
a VERY good sport, so he has an hounorary point.
Apologies in advance if any of the scores are wrong, I got it mucked up
when AOL threw me off.....Typical.....
well, see ya all soon!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath....
Dated: Sun Jun 24 22:39:24

Huge thanks to Angelis who kept the scores whilst I went and
munched my (belated) din-dins!
I hope everyone had loads of fun and see you next week...

From: Melt
Subject: BB
Dated: Sun Jun 24 23:21:38

hmm, you each got me about 8 times, methinks.....
grin, always happy to be a sacrificial bunny...

From: Siva
Subject: Branwell/Beer/Wimmin
Dated: Mon Jun 25 02:15:47

Lad, next time you come to my gaff I shall fill you with Old Fart
beer. Or you could drink Old Git wine. Both courtesy of Sainsburys.
As for wild wild wimmin, will Holly and Suzie do?

From: Branwell
Subject: Siva's gracious invite
Dated: Wed Jun 27 16:16:07

I don't REALLY think Holly or Suzie fit the bill old dear - though
no doubt they have provided YOU with sterling service when times (if
nothing else) were hard. They'd no doubt do very nicely after 17 pints
of Old Fart, as I do find a hair of the dog most efficacious in such
I found your recommendation of in general, and
Ulrika of Uckfield in particular, an altogether more satisfying
solution. Ulrika sends her you her best by the way!
Pip Pip!

From: Savannah
Subject: Branny
Dated: Thu Jun 28 08:04:04

Oh Branny, surely you should know its hard to quote a web address
these days without it actually existing.
Just to put the record straight is the home
of the genealogy one name study on the Punter surname.
But I'm sure they wont mind the hits..G

From: Siva
Subject: Punternet
Dated: Thu Jun 28 15:52:42

I think the poor boy means, a "service" which, as is
obvious from his remarks, he assiduously studies, and of which he
is an enthusiastic proponent. I have lost count of the number of
headaches, migraines, attacks of gout and constipation I have to feign
in order to avoid accompanying him on his visits to Ulrika, Anna of
Crawley, Sybil of Sydenham et al, none of whom in any case, measure
up in terms of female pulchritude to the hairy bitches he apparently

From: Branwell
Subject: Punternet
Dated: Fri Jun 29 12:27:06

I am immensely grateful to Siva for correcting me on the name of his
favourite establishment. He doth, as usual, protest too much, as evidenced
by the fact he has the correct name to heart.
I know of Anna, of course, but await with bated breath Siva's report on.
his tryst with Sybil, who I gather does interesting things with tongues
Meanwhile Ulrika tells me Siva's last quarterly bill of #1300 remains
unpaid - and she'd also like him to return the eyeless leather balaclava
he took such a shine to

From: Savannah
Subject: punternet
Dated: Sat Jun 30 07:37:15

Hmmm..wonder if Loretta advertises there...