From: Angelis
Subject: BBQ
Dated: Sun Jul 02 10:44:14

I would principle that is...
but can't.....sorry....
Angelis (xxx)

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jul 02 22:09:28

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 3 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death
In a very close second place, Jynx - 3 kills, 2 defeats and 3 deaths
In third place, Bogus - 2 kills and no deaths (and he avoided the mobiles!
In fourth place, Ouinsear - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 4 deaths
In fifth place, tonight's Lag Queen, SaMsOn - 1 defeat and 6 deaths

From: Benedict
Subject: mailroon
Dated: Thu Jul 06 12:01:22

the postmen must be on strike
because there doesn't seem to be any mail getting through.
Where is everyone? Don't force me to invent gossip!
It could get ugly!
Benedict prays for you all.

From: Archaro
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Thu Jul 06 22:31:34

Are you praying for us because you are about to invent gossip?
And I fail to see how any invented gossip about me could be any
worse than the sordid truth.

From: SydBarret
Subject: For Archaro
Dated: Fri Jul 07 00:22:05

I've found the URL of the Archimedes emulator for LINUX:
Hope this is useful!
cheers, SydBarret

From: Archaro
Subject: SydBarret
Dated: Sat Jul 08 15:06:56

Thanks Syd, I'll play shortly :)

From: Savannah
Subject: BB Results
Dated: Sun Jul 09 22:11:49

1st Obsession 6 kills and 2 deaths
2nd Bogus 3 kills and 1 death
3rd Samson 3 kills and 7 deaths
4th Jynx with 2 deaths
Can't you cry off on one of Zeons weeks for a change Chant??
boo hoo

From: SydBarret
Subject: For Bear "Cybergypsies"
Dated: Tue Jul 11 10:45:47

Sorry, I can't make it today for the film premiere.
I'm not well enough to travel. Hope the trip to Geneva went well.
From Sydbarret

From: Bear
Subject: SydBarret
Dated: Tue Jul 11 12:53:02

Ah, I did look out for you in the audience. It went well enough,
they seemed to like the movie. Geneva return in less than 48 hours
was an adventure, but fun. Catchyaround.

From: Zeon
Subject: Wanted
Dated: Tue Jul 11 14:21:47

Has anyone got a P2 box going spare or cheap??
Need Case/Power Supply - M/B - Processor
email me if you can help..

From: Tanos
Subject: Return after 10 years?!
Dated: Wed Jul 12 01:22:45

I used to play this when it was on Prestel service...Incredible.
As if by luck, I just found it tonight! There are even old areas!
Now where are my maps? I saw Hazeii on the WO list, the only
character I remember apart from Chuckles. Unfortunately my old name
is in use. Could any Wiz's check if it is currently active? If not, I
would love it back. I used to be Quixote, something like 10 years ago
Nostalgia. Dontchya love it?...

From: Spook
Subject: Quixote
Dated: Wed Jul 12 03:29:30

Hmmm.....whats it worth then?
hehe...only kidding - if u want it back u can have it
but be warned - I've been using it for a while so you
better suffix yourself 'not spook' to save embarassment....;)
I'll rename him this evening so get in there quick and grab
it while it's available....:)

From: badriya
Subject: tanos
Dated: Wed Jul 12 05:37:49

Are you the Tanos who knows Tiana?

From: Tanos
Subject: Quixote and me
Dated: Wed Jul 12 12:30:03

Thanks Spook - I'll go and grab him just now. I guess no one will remember
my character anyway, but thanks! I'll give you a shout if I decide to drop
him and you can have him back.
Badriya - I don't think I am! Sorry. I've only ever played Shades, ages
ago, and I currently play Realms of Discordia.

From: Aloysius
Subject: life
Dated: Wed Jul 12 20:50:44

Sing ho! for the life of a bear!

From: Benedict
Subject: Aloysius
Dated: Thu Jul 13 18:00:59


From: Archaro
Subject: Bear love
Dated: Thu Jul 13 19:29:46

isn't that, umm, you know, illegal?

From: Benedict
Subject: Bear love
Dated: Fri Jul 14 12:17:18

maybe.... but check out the website for a real eye opener!
There are people out there who like furry toys...
although I don't judge anyone, it does seem a little bizarre

From: Archaro
Subject: Bear love
Dated: Fri Jul 14 19:41:40

I'm almost afraid to ask...
Which website?

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jul 16 22:00:38

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 9 kills, 2 defeats and 6 deaths
In second place, SaMsOn - 8 kills, 1 defeat and 4 deaths
Third is Bogus - 5 kills, 3 defeats and 2 deaths
In fourth place, Styvesant - 1 defeat and 9 deaths
Spite turned up late and got killed 6 times (so he'll probably show up
even later next time, poor chap!)
Wallaby was on time but couldn't stay long enough to do kill or die..
Congrats all - it was a fairly bloodthirsty one tonight!

From: Benedict
Subject: Bear Love
Dated: Mon Jul 17 10:39:38

Er... check out "Plushies". See what you find...
Heh Heh.

From: Siva
Subject: Plushies
Dated: Thu Jul 20 03:14:55

Plushies are quite disgusting. On the basis of what i have
seen, I refuse to allow Aloysius access to Shades.
He is far too innocent.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Chuckles
Dated: Sat Jul 22 09:56:05


From: Zeon
Subject: Peggy
Dated: Sun Jul 23 00:32:48

Keep taking 'em Peggy babes...

From: Archaro
Subject: Pegasus
Dated: Sun Jul 23 12:38:57

And where do you get them? I want some too.

From: Twoflower
Subject: BB results
Dated: Sun Jul 23 22:25:08

Joint first tonight Bogus and Obsession 3 kills and 3 deaths apiece
Second place therefore goes to Samson with 2 kills and 2 deaths

From: Siva
Subject: archaro
Dated: Mon Jul 24 02:05:31

archie please email me at the address with
whatever i should tell mistral. we can sort this out in
the next couple of days.

From: Benedict
Subject: post
Dated: Wed Jul 26 14:06:27

There doesn't seem to be much post these days...

From: Benedict
Subject: life and death...
Dated: Wed Jul 26 14:18:25

I know that attacking and killing is a source of great
pleasure for many of the younger players on shades. I do
feel, however, that those who have already attained
immortality could be a little kinder to those of us still
struggling to get there. This isn't a moan - I really do think
the danger adds to the excitement and it's good to know that
one is giving pleasure to the yunguns, but a little kindness
wouldn't go amiss. Oh and by the way Slurp, I'm not suggesting
that you are a second...

From: Siva
Subject: Yunguns??
Dated: Wed Jul 26 17:40:19

Slurp? Young? Hahahahaha. Some of the violent and indeed vile
killers on here may indeed be young, depending on your def,
but most are long in the tooth (and grey in the tooth too).
In any event may your star prosper and I hope to see you invis
shortly. Two good sessions at dead of night should do it.
Love from Siva and family.

From: Azmodan
Subject: Siva
Dated: Wed Jul 26 23:53:42

Thanks for the warning I may pop on in the wheee small hours now then :)

From: Slurp
Subject: Ditto
Dated: Thu Jul 27 01:13:25

As of course shall I......

From: Benedict
Subject: poor me
Dated: Thu Jul 27 09:53:28

Benedict will now practice his "peer", "lurk", "cringe"
"hide" and "run screaming" commands at every opportunity.

From: Benedict
Subject: Shame and regret
Dated: Thu Jul 27 10:29:32

something awful happened today. A small player called out
to me that she was being attacked. I stupidly plowed in
and attacked and killed a gallant. I'm sure there are
rules about this sort of thing and I think I may have
broken them. I am so sorry. I know I will deserve whatever
punishment I receive.
Oh dear. It's all so tricky isn't it.

From: Zeon
Subject: Ben
Dated: Thu Jul 27 10:54:10

As Ben was obviously defending a ladies honour
he is, IN THIS INSTANCE, totally absolved from all

From: Kali
Subject: killing gallants
Dated: Fri Jul 28 10:05:52

Dying at gallant is a pinprick, dear boy, the loss of
a couple of hundred points. It would have been worse if you
had attacked and polished off an enchanter or a sorc
--- and also, of course, much more dangerous. 
(PS: Ignore comments of Slurp and Azmodan. They can't stay ALL
night EVERY night, can they? Unlike us party animals?)

From: Proximo
Subject: Me
Dated: Fri Jul 28 17:22:55

Oh, but i can....snigger

From: Pegasus
Subject: Who...?
Dated: Fri Jul 28 19:07:02

or Caroline?
And if you don't know what I'm talking about...
You're missing out.

From: Archaro
Subject: Caroline
Dated: Fri Jul 28 19:55:09

I meant to vote for Sada, but I got the number wrong.
And I'm buggered if I'm going to vote for Sada twice.
I really wanted the stockbroker-twit evicted.

From: Kali
Subject: arch twit
Dated: Sat Jul 29 01:42:21

We ALL want the stockbroker twit evicted dear, but first
they have to nominate him. Will they wake up in time?

From: Archaro
Subject: Kali twit
Dated: Sat Jul 29 18:28:41

Doubt it. He appears to have case a glamour over the others.
Not that there's any point to it. Or anything else, come to think of it.

From: Archaro
Subject: Apologies
Dated: Sun Jul 30 10:33:52 Polgara, Guiseppe and Twoie.
My behaviour was fairly unacceptable. Rest assured that I am sane
again, or at least, no more insane than usual.

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Archie
Dated: Sun Jul 30 11:57:56

Just happy you're still with us matey :)

From: Archaro
Subject: Guiseppe
Dated: Sun Jul 30 12:13:10

Actually, I'm with the Woolwich.
(As you can see, my sense of humour hasn't changed either.
Every silver lining has a cloud.)

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Archie
Dated: Sun Jul 30 17:21:54

And there was me thinking I was the one anti-depressants !

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Previous
Dated: Sun Jul 30 17:22:55

or 'one *on* anti-depressants' even :(

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jul 30 22:06:10

Tonight's winner is Bogus (who stopped playing with the mobiles long
enough to join in the bloodbath) - 9 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths!
Obsession (with lag prob) is second - 5 kills, 3 defeats and 5 deaths
Third is Owen - 3 kills and 0 deaths
Fourth is Layinsp (a newbie to bloodbaths!) - 1 kill, 2 defeats, 5 deaths
Fifth is Blondie (yes, it really was her!) - 2 kills and 13 deaths
Sixth is the arrived late and left early Longbeard - 1 defeat and 1 death
Until next week...!

From: Scouse
Subject: Nancy - My Heart is your
Dated: Mon Jul 31 16:30:42

Thanks for the great time ...
anyone who teases is jealous ...
you're the best!