Messages prior to 7th Jan lost, not due to the millennium bug but due to me
accidentally deleating if anyone out there happens to
have them logged can they please send them to me!! ta

From: Azmodan
Subject: Bust
Dated: Fri Jan 07 12:19:11

Hmm isnt getting revenge for a mortal with your wiz one of
the biggest no no`s around?

From: Phaid
Subject: Respect
Dated: Fri Jan 07 12:33:19

Just a little reminder for the newer Immorts....
It has always been considered very bad manners for an Immort
to tell mortals when another Immort is online, but invis.
In the old days - repeated offences have been known to result
in Busts and even Blots....
Although respect for each other seems to be disappearing
it would be nice if we could all at least follow the
dictates of simple good manners?

From: Juarez
Subject: Az
Dated: Fri Jan 07 12:53:14

I agree with you Az - You shouldn't have
used your Wiz to get revenge on my mortal..
Anyway, what's done is done.. let's just
forget it happened.. we all have to live
and die on this game together - Ok?
Let's leave the moans to Paws.. hehhe

From: Jalfrezi
Subject: Bluebird
Dated: Fri Jan 07 13:25:56

But you sware was good enough to attack me with, maybe the real
reason for running off is a lack of backbone?

From: Azmodan
Subject: Teapots and Kettles
Dated: Fri Jan 07 15:22:18

Pot calling the kettle black?

From: Gale
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Sun Jan 09 13:23:49

So you jailed me for being annoyed with your 2nd and yet you feel
free to kill mortals and go unpunished. Such hypocrisy.
No doubt you are drunk yet again.
You really are such a sad sad little man.

From: Azmodan
Subject: Gail
Dated: Sun Jan 09 13:43:09

Maybe before you start pointing the finger you should get your
facts straight, I think you`ll find it isn`t my second. As for
jailing you maybe you shouldn`t go around attacking people
and then moaning and telling them to piss off when they kill you.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jan 09 22:06:15

Tonight's winner (literally got a kill in the last minute!) is
Ninja - 11 kills, 2 defeats and no deaths
Pipped at the post in second place, Gypsy - 12 kills and 3 deaths
Close behind in third place, Ophelia - 9 kills, 1 defeat and 3 deaths
In fourth place, Deadcat - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 7 deaths
In fifth place, SaMsOn - 3 kills and 13 deaths
In sixth place, Dinky (who was a late arrival) - 2 kills and 3 deaths
In seventh place, Moonraker (with his first ever kill!) - 1 kill, 14 death

From: Amstar
Subject: meet
Dated: Sun Jan 09 22:36:17

sat 5th february 2000 in london at a place to be determined.
if you're coming, let me know.

From: Deckard
Subject: Faster connection?
Dated: Tue Jan 11 13:10:43

I just wanted to sew a seed and start a discussion on
the possible improvement of the speed on this game.
Firstly, does anyone know of a way of improving the speed?
Amstar has already offered to put the game on his server.
And in my eyes, anything is worth a try....
although I'm not aware of the logistics of the thing,
I suggest we all try and help find a solution...
Deckster. xx

From: Azmodan
Subject: Faster connection
Dated: Tue Jan 11 16:38:23

I thought it was already set at warp factor 9 anyway Deckypoos

From: Omega
Subject: meet
Dated: Wed Jan 12 17:46:21

Amstar how can we know if we're coming....
if we don't know where we're going!! :-)
Please suggest a location so we have a clooo!
Somewhere central and easy to get to would help tho
Regards Omega

From: Chant
Subject: This Sunday's Bloodbath
Dated: Wed Jan 12 19:31:47

At Moonraker's request it's going to be a high level one
Can people remind me that it's high level in case I forget?
Cheers! See you there!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Chant
Dated: Wed Jan 12 19:47:31

You`ll forget even if we remind you :D

From: Pauli
Subject: meet
Dated: Thu Jan 13 11:59:54

Don't know if I can come yet or not.
Depends on time and where really
Might be able to go to london that weekend to see
some other people tho.
Let me know where its going to be and I'll try and make it
Pauli xx
PS. How many people are going anyway?

From: Kali
Subject: Mother of Meets
Dated: Fri Jan 14 19:17:28

It seems that this meet is destined to go down
in history as one of the megas. So if everyone
comes and brings others, ex-Shadists etc, how
many will that make? And will we all fit in the
back of Amstar's car?
Love, Kali xxx

From: Branwell
Subject: Mother of Meets
Dated: Sat Jan 15 00:26:17

IF kali is to grace us with her presence then perhaps the M.o.M.
should be held in the middle of Hyde Park?
That way there'll be room for the rest of us to sit down too!

From: Kali
Subject: M.o.M.
Dated: Sat Jan 15 21:48:36

Pay no attention to Branwell. He is trying to divert
attention from the fact that he has PROMISED to wear
the ocelot fur thong to the meet. On no account to be missed.
Love, Kali xxx

From: Pegasus
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sat Jan 15 22:32:53

Anyone considered us poor wretches stuck in the 'sunny'
(oh, ROFLMAO) North of England?

From: Zeon
Subject: meet
Dated: Sat Jan 15 22:35:15

We never get considered petal you know that,
as far as these southerners are concerned life
stops at Watford

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Previous
Dated: Sun Jan 16 00:23:25

Not life Zeon, just civilisation !

From: Wizzo
Subject: North South divide
Dated: Sun Jan 16 03:30:44

There are, in fact, some train links across the said divide.
Far too liberal for my liking, glad we got Prescott on the case.

From: Veskit
Subject: Bluebird
Dated: Sun Jan 16 05:47:24

Amazing how people suddenly loose there bottle isn`t it when
there going for wiz. Not so cocky now are we.

From: Zeon
Subject: Wizzo/Trains
Dated: Sun Jan 16 12:40:46

And have you ever travelled for 4 hours on
a non-airconditioned, crammed pack full
dirty, no toilets working, warm beer from buffet
Virgin Train from Cumbria to London then??

From: Diadem
Subject: Veskit
Dated: Sun Jan 16 18:26:47

and your point is?
Are you suggesting that players should stand and be
killed for your satisfaction?
The name of the game is survival and those that survive
make it.
Does the phrase "get a life" mean anything to you?

From: Angelus
Subject: veskit
Dated: Sun Jan 16 19:24:32

What *exactly* are you whining about? Was it because
they didnt stay to be knocked about, or they ran when you
attacked? Just remmeber mate, more wizzes make it by running
than by standing up as a punchbag.
Try counting your kills not your misses.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jan 16 21:58:54

Tonight's bloodbath was a high level one - and I remembered! Strut!
Tonight's winner is Miguel - 20 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths! Cooer!
In second place (was neck and neck almost until towards the end) is
Obsession (a bit late as usual!) - 11 kills, 5 defeats and 3 deaths
In third place, SaMsOn - 7 kills, 2 defeats and 13 deaths
In fourth place, Bogus - 6 kills, 1 defeat and 5 deaths (not counting
all the times that the mobiles got him! He just couldn't leave them be!)

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results contd.
Dated: Sun Jan 16 22:02:46

In joint fifth place - Moonraker with 1 kill, 2 defeats and 20 deaths
and Angelica (who left early) - 1 kill, 2 defeats and 4 deaths
So Moonraker is living up to his suffix and really is getting better!
In sixth place, Deadcat - 2 kills and 13 deaths (tonight's Lag Queen?)
In seventh place, Dustdevil - 2 defeats and 9 deaths (her first ever
victories - so well done Dustdevil!)
Congrattypoos to all who took place and see you next Sunday!

From: Zeon
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Mon Jan 17 23:41:49

paws 4 now in Inshades plus some other stuff...

From: Kali
Subject: Paws4
Dated: Tue Jan 18 01:10:04


From: Stalker
Subject: Paws4
Dated: Tue Jan 18 18:19:53

Paws1 - an inspiration to newbies.
Paws2 - very educational.
Paws3 - fits of laughter!
Paws4 - *sob*
Paws5 - I`ll let you know...

From: Amstar
Dated: Tue Jan 18 23:13:23

Date: Saturday 5th February 2000
Location: Pitcher and Piano Bar, William IV Street, London
Nearest Tube: Charing X
Let me know an idea of numbers please....
Time: 7.30pm

From: Zeon
Subject: Numbers
Dated: Wed Jan 19 00:24:57

Now where shall we begin then Amstar,
Numbers are what we on Earth use for
counting things. You can add them together
take them away, multiply them, divide them
and do lots of other interesting things with them
There, have you got an idea of them now?

From: Kali
Subject: numbers
Dated: Wed Jan 19 08:03:31

Kali raises ten hands.

From: Juarez
Subject: MOM
Dated: Wed Jan 19 18:18:45

Sulk! The P&P is about 10 secs from where I work
and would usually have been ideal (apart from
over-priced and packed - but that's London for u)
but I'm away that weekend.. next time perhaps.
My tip of the day for you is drink shorts!! The bloke
shoving tissues and aftershave in your face in the
toilets will soon p*** you off!!

From: Aeia
Subject: P&P
Dated: Wed Jan 19 18:41:58

So is this pub a posh place that wont let you in if you're not
dressed right? The only Pitcher and Piano Pub I know is on Dean St in So.
SoHo. Never been in it, just go to a more ineteresting club thats
below it!

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Ooops
Dated: Wed Jan 19 19:07:56

Sorry Hammy, just realised that the Meet clashes with Wales v France in
Cardiff. I'm afraid that I can't pass up a Saturday night
with the garlic eaters, they are great entertainment.
Catch you all next time maybe.

From: Veskit
Subject: Bluebird
Dated: Thu Jan 20 08:12:33

Maybe you would like to have a duel seeing as you won`t fight
me on any other terms......that is unless you scared to of course.
So I challenge you to a duel.

From: Veskit
Subject: Bluebird
Dated: Fri Jan 21 09:31:19

You realy are cowardly for a wiz second arent you not accepting a
challenge to a duel. But then I guess that sums you up when it comes
to the crunch.

From: Bluebird
Subject: Veskit
Dated: Fri Jan 21 19:51:09

sorry matey, just seen what you laughingly call a challenge.
Why should you think I should give a damn about what you think?
I will go my own way in my own time and you can carry on
stewing in your own juices.
Have fun, dear, sad lad.

From: BabaYaga
Subject: Bluebird & Veskit
Dated: Sun Jan 23 20:39:48

I wish people would stop quarrelling.
Now let's see you kiss and make up.
Azmodan kiss Fluffs
Fluffs kiss Azmodan
And may all their troubles be little ones.

From: BabaYaga
Subject: My last
Dated: Sun Jan 23 20:47:57

Is of course meant to be a limerick.
I hope you all enjoy it.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jan 23 21:57:24

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 13 kills and 2 deaths
Second is Bogus - 6 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
Third is Xena - 6 kills and no deaths (she made a rare visit but left
early to eat?! No sense of priorities!)
Joint fourth are Eeyore and SaMsOn - 4 kills and 5 deaths each
Fifth is Moonraker - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 15 deaths
Sixth is Dustdevil (coo!) - 3 defeats and 10 deaths
Seventh is Phydeaux (must have been painting his nails..) 1 defeat 4 death
Congrats and stuff to all who joined in!

From: BabaYaga
Subject: Another limerick
Dated: Mon Jan 24 07:37:44

Okay so the last one didn't rhyme or scan, or make sense,
so here's another try.
Let that grumpy young wizard called Az
Take Bluebird, a witch with pazzazz,
(She whom he once harried)
and let them be married,
And may all their troubles be little ones.
em takes a bow,thengyou thengyou

From: Zeon
Subject: Treasure Hunt
Dated: Mon Jan 24 18:14:23

Treasure Hunt next Sunday after BB
For rules go UP from the pub

From: Dinky
Subject: Shadowlam
Dated: Mon Jan 24 19:13:52

Why do you sneak on, close the drawbridge, then qq?
If its to annoy, then you have succeeded.
Do you not realise when you do that a meesage is sent
over then game so we all know its been done?

From: Bluebird
Subject: Babayaga
Dated: Mon Jan 24 19:21:26

And here was me thinking I was the birdbrained one.

From: Azfag
Subject: Serpant
Dated: Tue Jan 25 04:49:07

why did you wiz boot me after you fled and qq'd?
It was a fair fight.

From: Helious
Subject: azFAG
Dated: Tue Jan 25 04:59:34

1 (in my opinion is directed towards another player)
ok besides that SerpAnt doesnt have a wizard to wiz boot you:o)
and I watched the whole thing, along with another wiz
i didn't wiz boot you as im sure the other didnt:o)

From: Amstar
Subject: MEET! 5TH FEB 2000
Dated: Tue Jan 25 22:49:29

The meet location has had to be changed, as the previous venue will
be too busy and the toilets are upstairs...
DATE: SAT 5TH FEB 2000 AT 7.30
NEAREST TUBES: Blackfriars and Southwark
By foot: go to the south east side of Blackfriars bridge, go down the
steps and travel east. It's thefirst pub you'll see!
By car: single yellow parking on Holland St and Hopton St. Ramps
available up to the pub.
Any problems, I'm going away!

From: Wired
Subject: MEET! 5TH FEB 2000
Dated: Tue Jan 25 23:36:57

So for some comedy, how do we recognise one
another? Is it really that obvious in public?
Just checking....

From: Amstar
Subject: MEET!
Dated: Wed Jan 26 00:22:22

of course, the meet is in london.. forgot that bit!
and to recognise us? hmm, well you can recognise me
i'm at:
em really has to get a taxi soon.

From: Kali
Subject: Fite Skool
Dated: Wed Jan 26 11:04:17

Fluffs, this is desperately needed, as you can see.
Would you consider restarting it?
love, Kali xxx

From: Pauli
Subject: Wired/Meet
Dated: Thu Jan 27 08:58:13

Does that mean you're coming dearest? :)

From: Mylana
Subject: meet
Dated: Thu Jan 27 16:29:31

I'll be there!
see everyone soon

From: Wired
Subject: Pauli/Meet
Dated: Thu Jan 27 18:28:53

Not necessarily, just wanted to know
what to expect...
end of cryptic message

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jan 30 22:09:42

Tonight's winner (with a truely astounding score) is ...(cue fanfare)...
Gypsy - 13 kills, 14 defeats and 0 deaths (apart from one by the guard..!)
Second (with a v respectable score) Samson - 10 kills, 1 defeat, 3 deaths
In third place, Bogus - 8 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death (slippery as ever..)
In fourth place, Phydeaux - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 5 deaths
In fifth place, Kronos - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 11 deaths
Joint sixth are SerpAnt and Tycho - 1 defeat each and lots of deaths

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results contd.
Dated: Sun Jan 30 22:12:15

Moonraker got exhausted by being killed lots and retired to t collect
And a late arrival was Mohican! Yes, the noisy one has emerged from
the mothballs and returned! He got killed a fair bit too but will no
doubt be back next week to wreak his revenge...
Well done to everyone who took part (especially the newbies who were in
there fighting away like mad!) and see you all next week.

From: Kali
Subject: Paws 5
Dated: Mon Jan 31 23:46:20

Excellent piece Fluffs. Glad to see Fite Skool will begin
operations soon.
Love, Kali xxx