From: Azmodan
Subject: paws 5
Dated: Tue Feb 01 10:08:33

I hope people are aware you can set zmud up to auto target
attackers and what they attack you with and it does work
both ways.

From: Kali
Subject: A Mayor for Shades
Dated: Wed Feb 02 01:15:45

With the London Mayoral race in the news, we are reminded
that the Shades Mayoral Mansion stands empty, and the city
is infested with violent vagrants, and wild animals. So it
is proposed to hold an election for the post of Mayor of
Shades. Wizzo has immediately announced his candidature and
named Wired as his campaign manager. We now need some other
candidates to offer themselves. Manifestos please! Closing
date for nominations and actual ballot to be announced.

From: Kali
Subject: A Mayor for Shades II
Dated: Wed Feb 02 01:21:42

Prospective candidates are reminded of the many perks that
go with the post of Mayor. A blue Rolls Royce landaulette
stands in the Mansion House garage. The Mayoral Mansion is
equipped with a palatial Roman pool and a ballroom complete
with chandelier for swinging from, which we would expect to
become the venue for many future glittering Shades bashes.
So who'll be the first Mayor or Mayoress of Shades? Let's
get politicking. Daggers out, and watch your backs!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Game
Dated: Thu Feb 03 02:20:40

Okay whos cocked the game up, not more than one mortal can log on
to a game at one time and have a choice of games 1-6. What you been
fiddling with now Zeon.

From: Felon
Subject: game
Dated: Thu Feb 03 04:24:15

Cocked up? It's a nice change to be able to collect without
some sword happy moron attacking you.
long may it last.

From: Kali
Subject: Mayoral election
Dated: Thu Feb 03 08:47:25

We have a new candidate. The thief has announced his intention
to stand, and has appointed Branwell as his campaign manager.
Looks like it's gonna be a dirty fight. Any other player candidates?

From: Nirvana
Subject: Game
Dated: Thu Feb 03 14:44:52

I bet I know who`s fault this knocked any wires
out Chantypoos?

From: Wizzo
Subject: Mayoral Election
Dated: Thu Feb 03 16:29:04

I welcome the competition of another candidate in the Mayoral
Election. How unfortunate, however, that a known criminal has
been allowed to run! His criminal record is not only littered
with thefts, but he is a known murderer of mortal beings!!
As a pre-emptive strike to his future thieving, I have declared
today a killer-free day on Shades! Mortals will have a game
each to themselves!!
So go get those points with peace of mind, and don't let the
thief spoil your day!
Wizzo for Mayor!

From: Pauli
Subject: Wizzo/Mayor
Dated: Thu Feb 03 17:06:38

Erm wizzy darling, that still doesnt stop the thief from
stealing/killing everyone
Now if you can stop mobiles from killing us then my
vote is in the bag
Love Pauli
PS. Another 50 quid and I promise I'll be loyal to you
Well at least until I get a better offer

From: Mindy
Subject: Meet
Dated: Thu Feb 03 20:02:50

Well I've had a look at my London A-Z
and I can't see a "The Queens Walk" anywhere near
blackfriars bridge.... Can someone post
directions that tie up with an A-Z for those
more unfamiliar with London?
Then I might turn up :)
Mindy xx

From: Zeon
Subject: Azzy/Game
Dated: Fri Feb 04 00:32:57

Not me guv, not been on, I suggest you look
in higher circles for the culprit....:-)

From: Zeon
Subject: Meet
Dated: Fri Feb 04 00:33:51

Might have been a nice idea if someone had
sent details of the meet to Inshades
Still who am I to worry....

From: Azmodan
Subject: Meet
Dated: Fri Feb 04 13:10:42

Amstar read your email!!!!!!!!. I need to know if its okay for me
to stay over or not cos I`ve got to buy a return train ticket.

From: Dazzle
Dated: Fri Feb 04 14:12:00

Dazzle would like to announce he is running for Mayor
e is looking for a campaign manager - all can apply
Infomr him of your support whe he is logged on
More rights for Mortals !!
He welcomes comments about this posting

From: BRAnwell
Subject: Important Annoucement
Dated: Fri Feb 04 15:22:46

I have been instructed by my client The Thief to announce
that, having been urged to do so by many friends and well-wishers,
he is allowing his name to go forward as a mayoral candidate in the
forthcoming election.
He is of course aware that, in the eyes of bigots and other mean
people, his criminal record may count against him.
He can only plead a deprived childhood and poor role models. He
would have it known he is now a reformed character and a
diamond geezer 'oo strayed from (con't)

From: BRAnwell
Subject: Important Announcement I
Dated: Fri Feb 04 15:32:37

..the paff of righteousness but 'as now found the troo way.
My Client is representing the Mobiles in this election but

if elected will strive to act in and for the best interests of
He acknowledges Wizzo would in theory bring experience and "fun"
to this hallowed office, but wonders whether such a sleaze-ridden
git is reely the best candidate the wizzes can throw up?
My Client knows for a FACT Wizzo has been touting for bribes and
sexual favours
Vote Thief! Vote for a clean City!
Ta Ducks

From: Dazzle
Subject: Vote for Dazzle is a vot
Dated: Fri Feb 04 16:28:27

VOte for Dazzle the Mortal Candidate
Wizzo will be heavy handed striking mortals down with a whim
The Thief just kills and steals from mortals
Vote Dazzle, Vote for Freedom

From: Wizzo
Subject: Nickers and Blinders
Dated: Fri Feb 04 16:51:10

I categorically deny the accusation of heavy-handedness
with which that blinder, Dazzle, is attempting to bismedge
my good name.
Many of you have known my light-handed approach, and those
very same people know that I do not demand sexual favours,
but rather offer them to the needy and the fit.
Do not be taken in by the poor-boy-come-good story offered
by the Thief's campaign team, for that candidate has been
spotted thieving from and attacking poor mortals even
as recently as this very day.

From: Wizzo
Subject: Nickers and Blinders
Dated: Fri Feb 04 16:54:58

So join me in denouncing nickers and blinders
and vote Wizzo, the people's choice!!

From: BRAnwell
Subject: Dirty Fighting
Dated: Fri Feb 04 17:33:11

My Client, the People's Thief, notes more in sorrow than in anger
the somewhat desperate tone of Wizzo's shrill attempts to
smear his good name.
My Client, more than anyone, admires the dedicated manner by which
Wizzo has hauled himself up by his bootstarps into the gutter, and
himself attaches no credence whatsover to the rumours that Wizzo is
an undischarged bankrupt and an ex-pimp.
My Client abhors such mudslinging and will have no part of it.
and has an alibi for the whole of today.

From: Fluffs
Subject: Mayor
Dated: Fri Feb 04 18:30:16

I hereby put my name down as a candidate for Shadey mayor
and promise equal rights to all players.
All will be treated equally, grin, and die well
Vote for me and you get a mention in Paws. Whistle...

From: Kali
Subject: Shades election
Dated: Fri Feb 04 18:52:57

We have four candidates, Wizzo, Fluffs, Dazzle representing
more rights for mortals and the Thief, standing on behalf of
the mobiles. Anyone else wishing to stand must declare themselves as
a candidate on this cttrack, the announcement to be dated no later than
11pm on Sunday 6th February 2000. This is the closing date for
nominations. Candidates will be asked to produce manifestos
and an election date will be set.
Voting rules and regs will be published early next week.

From: Dazzle
Subject: Vote Dazzle, Vote Mortal
Dated: Fri Feb 04 20:11:40

A vote for a mortal will
strike at the very balance of power
which resides in this land
I promise to campaign on behalf of all mortals
and never to allow the wizards to much rope
Vote Dazzle, strike a blow for the mortals

From: Kali
Subject: MEET TONIGHT!!!!
Dated: Sat Feb 05 03:41:45

FOUNDERS ARMS, The Queen's Walk, London SE1
NEAREST TUBES: Blackfriars and Southwark
BY FOOT: Go to the south east side of Blackfriars Bridge,
go down the steps and head east. It's the first pub you see!
BY CAR: Single yellow parking on Holland St and Hopton St Ramps
available up to the pub.
(Posted on behalf of the Hamster, who is flying back from
South America.)

From: Badriya
Subject: Votes for mayor
Dated: Sat Feb 05 04:12:33

I am willing to vote for whichever candidate offers me 45k....:)

From: Karma
Subject: Badriya
Dated: Sat Feb 05 11:26:05

Oh Baddy, it would be nice if you actually
managed to get at least SOME of your points
by yourself...:-)

From: Tansy
Subject: Karma
Dated: Sat Feb 05 15:07:52

I got 150k!

From: Karma
Subject: Tansy
Dated: Sun Feb 06 00:58:26

Er thats nice, but I wasn't talking about you

From: BRAnwell
Subject: The Meet
Dated: Sun Feb 06 11:32:27

A swift word of thanks to Amstar for organising last night's orgy.
Those who were there will never forget it, except one of us who I
doubt will remember much of it, but nonetheless managed to leave his
mark - or marks - all over the pub.
My Client The People's Thief would also like to extend his warmest
congratulations to Amstar for all his sterling efforts.
he would remind everyone that a vote for The Thief is a vote for more
and better such social gatherings.
Vote Thief - Vote FUN!!!

From: Trance
Subject: The Meet
Dated: Sun Feb 06 11:56:31

So who is anyone going to post any piccies or
a meet report for us sad people who missed out?
It sounds like it was a resounding success....
Azmodan, have you woken up yet?

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sun Feb 06 12:50:58

Well, I have the piccies, including some of Azmodan who
was very camera shy. Both Mindy and Amstar were busy scribbling
notes all night :-)

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Feb 06 22:01:58

I'd like to point out that even though I had tonsillitis I STILL RAN IT!
Tonight's winner is Elektra - 10 kills, 4 defeats and no deaths
In second place, Obsession - 8 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
Third is SaMsOn - 5 kills and 4 deaths
Fourth is Bogus - 4 kills and 2 deaths
Fifth is Spite - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 3 deaths
Sixth is Moonraker - 1 defeat and 13 (unlucky for him) deaths
Proverb joined in late and got killed lots once people realised
she was playing .. aw...

From: Evadne
Subject: places to go
Dated: Mon Feb 07 17:10:06

Why not try void? Just when you need a change
You can't fight or kill but the bitching is
similar ;)
telnet 1234

From: Phaid
Subject: Apologies
Dated: Tue Feb 08 00:01:59

To all who expected me at the meet.....
Unfortunately - due to 'technical difficulties' I only got as close as
2 miles.....
then drove back to lincoln with no tail lights, indicators or brake lights
snigger.....and didnt get stopped!
....better luck next time?....sigh

From: Zeon
Subject: Meet Report
Dated: Wed Feb 09 00:11:16

Meet report in Inshades

From: Moonraker
Subject: Ninja....this is the end
Dated: Wed Feb 09 20:01:31

Ninja, one of these days, when i have the cloak
and you are on the game, i'll get the fbb,
and ill come and kill you
em laughs uncontrolably
xxx MOONRAKER & other persona

From: Deckard
Subject: Wizzo for Mayor
Dated: Wed Feb 09 20:16:10

If Wizzo becomes Mayor of Shades,
can I become Sheriff? ;)

From: Zeon
Subject: Killing
Dated: Sun Feb 13 15:18:51

Will all you killers out there please
exercise some thought when it comes to
new players
There is absolutely NO point in
in constantly killing them over and over again
when it is obvious that they haven't got a clue
about the game let alone about fighting
All this is doing is driving them away
Please give them a chance to actually get into the
game before you hack them to bits
Em is not happy....

From: Azmodan
Subject: Killing
Dated: Sun Feb 13 17:23:59

Not me have been behaving myself...And I rarely attack Valiants ;)

From: Perialaga
Subject: Xmas Version
Dated: Sun Feb 13 18:22:44

Ok, after all your complaints I have finally removed the Xmas version!
Just don't expect it back in time for next Christmass...

From: Fluffs
Subject: Perialaga
Dated: Sun Feb 13 19:04:04

You mean no more Xmas versions, ever??

From: Siva
Subject: Killing
Dated: Sun Feb 13 22:05:09

Agreed Z, is this a case for the famous "Novice game" again?
Apparently Fite Skool is difficult because of s/w problems.
But something simple cd be organised for new players. For example
teaching fight basics by typing wi learners, then moving to s/w
and making sample settings for Zmud and Rapscallion available
as downloads from Shades or InShades.
Move on to spells, multiple weps, tactics, stratagems etc
not forgetting girl-grabbing. All could be practised.
Whatcha think?

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Feb 13 22:16:14

Tonight's winner is Rapunzel (she got her last kill in in the last second!
with - 13 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
Pipped at the post is Gypsy in second - 13 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death
In third place, SaMsOn (getting better!) - 7 kills, 1 defeat and 6 deaths
Taffeta is in fourth place - 4 kills, 2 defeats and 7 deaths
Bogus (the mobiles' friend..) is fifth - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
Riachu is sixth (coo!) - 3 kills and 8 deaths

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Contd..
Dated: Sun Feb 13 22:19:13

In seventh place, Phydeaux (sly old dog..!) - 1 kill, 2 defeats, 4 deaths
Spite is eighth - 2 kills and 3 deaths; just beating ...........
Deadcat in ninth place (she left early) - 2 kills and 6 deaths
And last but not least! Morrison! His first go and he did ever so well.
He stayed the entire time and died most valiantly!
So, in tenth place, Morrison - 1 kill and 20 deaths
Well done all and hope to see you next week!

From: Zeon
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Mon Feb 14 00:45:15

mayoral Election
All in the updated Inshades

From: Zeon
Subject: Killing
Dated: Mon Feb 14 00:54:08

The Novice game can be opened at any time
Unfortunately there is nothing in place
in the software to stop those over 8K from
going on it..Now if everyone baggered
Peri into sorting that little problem out
then I could go ahead and open it.
With regards to s/w for Zmud etc, I would
happily put sample settings for
download in Inshades, anyone wanna
send me some!
I have also added a few lines in the Info
Center telling new players where to get
extra help and Info

From: Kali
Subject: Novice Game
Dated: Mon Feb 14 01:10:24

Why not open the Novice game with a warning to players over 8K
that if they are found on there, they will be instantly wizkilled?
Love, Kali xxx

From: Kali
Subject: Mayoral Election
Dated: Mon Feb 14 01:26:17

We have 4 candidates and the first manifesto (Fluffs's) is up
(part of Paws) on InShades. Other manifestos to Zeon asap.
Campaigning will last two weeks. Polling over w/e of 26/28 incl
Monday 28. Each player gets FIVE votes, to be assigned to five
of their personas, one vote per persona. To register, send an
email with your five chosen personas to
To see full rules, etc, check InShades, they are up now. And thanks
to Zeon for all his help. xxx

From: Dazzle
Subject: Dazzle's Mayoral manifes
Dated: Mon Feb 14 20:54:09

Dazzle's manifesto for the mayoral election
has been sent to Zeon
read it on Inshades soon
VOTE DAZZLE - the mortals choice

From: Kali
Subject: Registering to vote
Dated: Tue Feb 15 12:46:01

To vote on polling day your personas have to be registered
in the Shades electoral roll. Every PLAYER can choose 5 of their
personas to get 1 vote each. Or split the 5 votes between fewer
personas. Eg, 3 votes for Persona1, 2 votes for Persona2. Or
all 5 votes for one persona. To register, please email your
chosen personas to
To make it easier, you can also register directly by catching
Kali on Shades.
Love, Kali xxx

From: Wired
Subject: Dazzle Dreams
Dated: Fri Feb 18 03:56:15

Wasn't aware you had turned Coder Dazzle
Do tell......

From: Zeon
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Fri Feb 18 07:28:52

More old meet pics plus 'location' pics
in Inshades

From: Kali
Subject: Dazzle's manifesto
Dated: Fri Feb 18 12:20:44

Interesting ideas put forward by any candidate are
worth considering. Personally I think the wiz-for-a-day scheme is
clever, because it will create greater enthusiasm among
mortals to get those powers forever. And leadto more mortals
playing harder, incl fighting. Motivation, as with any
game, is everything. And while the Mayoral Election is fun
a Mayor elected by the players will have at least the moral
authority to suggest ideas/enhancements. This isn't usurping
powers, it's thinking creativel

From: Branwell
Subject: Kali
Dated: Fri Feb 18 13:23:31

What you write makes very good sense. My Client, The People's Thief,
has asked me to say that he endorses both your viewpoint and the
imaginative and excellent suggestions the mortal Dazzle is putting
forward. He thinks these contrast starkly with the ego/power trips
both immortal candidates appear to be engaged in.
My Client urges everyone to vote for the mortal/mobile ticket. Like
all mortals, my Client is tired of the endless, whimsical abuse of
zaps, lunching etc.
Unity IS strength!!

From: Dazzle
Subject: Reply to Wired
Dated: Fri Feb 18 13:28:54

I haven't turned Coder but as you can see
from the previous to messages
I have some allies within the immortal crowd.
I am still waiting for Wizzo's manifesto to see what he
can come up with. As for Fluffs...well..enough said.
see you at the polls

From: Kali
Subject: Election ideas
Dated: Fri Feb 18 15:22:14

I would like to make it clear that I am not allied to any
of the candidates, and will show enthusiasm for good ideas from
any quarter.

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Election Hustings
Dated: Fri Feb 18 18:56:39

How's about the three candidates going head to head in a public forum ?
Something akin to Bush & McCain on Larry King could be amusing.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Election Hustings
Dated: Fri Feb 18 20:44:22

How about the three candidates going head to head in an arena of mud?
Ooh! Yeah!

From: Kali
Subject: arena of mud
Dated: Sat Feb 19 04:28:47

Peg, don't forget the 4th candidate, the Thief. Branwell is
his campaign manager, so shd stand, or roll, in for him.

From: Seb
Subject: Question for candidates/
Dated: Sat Feb 19 17:06:40

and coders
What do you think about an immortals message board.
to be used for short term messages for immortals eyes only.

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet Photos
Dated: Sat Feb 19 19:00:20

Finally got time to scan the photo's in today and to stop you
having to wait any longer, I've stuck them up on a web page
I dont think anyone.. apart from myself escaped the camera!
See you all at the next one!

From: Fluffs
Subject: Seb
Dated: Sat Feb 19 19:10:38

Darn good idea Seb. Why not our own wall/board indeed.
We could then leave messages etc for our eyes only.
Now why didnt I think of that? grin
I will add it, with your permission, to my manifesto.

From: Branwell
Subject: Seb
Dated: Sat Feb 19 19:33:46

My Client The People's Thief takes the view that the Immortals
already have far too many perks. Indeed, he tells me he thinks wizzes
and witches should be allowed no more than ONE zap/lunch/shc etc per
He has no doubt though that the very cynical immortal candidates
will rush in to adopt your idea...

From: Moonraker
Subject: help
Dated: Sat Feb 19 20:15:00

If anyone wants to help me on my Quest to find out the easy
way to become an Immortal...(D from Rat Shrine)
then i welcome them to come and help.
Email me (Address on guide to Seership)

From: Cherry
Subject: Moonraker
Dated: Sat Feb 19 22:18:40

You will have to make wiz the hard way like everyone else.
That puzzle became defunct when it was solved. So keep on
BTW do stop running around on 8 stam, its making my eyes water.

From: Badriya
Subject: meet photos
Dated: Sun Feb 20 00:59:10

Not Woz, Moz :)

From: Squirrel
Subject: Paws afterthought
Dated: Sun Feb 20 13:14:27

Having read Paws and the bit about wiz seconds
It gave me a likkle idea you might or might not like!
Hows about opening up ALL games permanently
with say a max of 10 on each game so that
the mortals can choose which game they play on
which will give them a bit more help grabbing T
before getting slaughtered.. also it will mean
that wiz seconds will have to chase their prey a bit
more rather than hovering on one game and being able
to keep tabs on all the wepaons/mortals on that game.

From: Squirrel
Subject: Trial period
Dated: Sun Feb 20 13:15:17

What about a trial period for an idea like this?
Luv me xx

From: Amstar
Subject: moz
Dated: Sun Feb 20 14:14:24

moz woz wot?

From: Fluffs
Subject: Squirrel
Dated: Sun Feb 20 15:59:25

Nice idea but it cant work like that. Games are already set to
open when 10 mortal players are on line. BUT when do you see 10
mortals playing except on game 7 for quiz night?
To take it further,to have game 2 open you need 11 mortals on,
then for each extra game to open you need yet another 10 mortals.
besides dodging wiz 2nds makes for a very exciting life...grin.
You can always ask a kind Arch to randomly set the games to 1, on a
once a month basis.
Not knowing when or if.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Feb 20 21:53:00

Tonight's winner is Ninja - 12 kills and no deaths. Cooer!
In second place, Obsession (on time too!) - 8 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
Third is Bogus (who left the mobiles alone) - 6 kills, 2 defeats, 2 deaths
In fourth place, Sugar - 6 kills, 1 defeat and 4 deaths
Fifth is SHADOWLAM!!! Yes! She got out there and booted botty!
With...wait for it...TWO defeats (count them!) and a few deaths..
AND in sixth place, Moonraker - with 1 defeat and also a few deaths
Congrats all, especially the last two!

From: Pauli
Subject: Meet Photies
Dated: Mon Feb 21 10:08:20

Aeia darling, the two other people in the one of me and brid are
Poppy on the left and my friend Jacqui on the right.
Love Pauli xx

From: Kali
Dated: Mon Feb 21 21:00:37


From: Fluffs
Subject: Kali
Dated: Mon Feb 21 22:36:13

When do we get to dish the dirt on each other???

From: Kali
Subject: Dishing dirt
Dated: Mon Feb 21 22:47:02

You must dish dirt at every opportunity! Hurry, there are
only three campaigning days left.

From: Badriya
Subject: voting
Dated: Tue Feb 22 01:03:15

I found instructions to register but how do you vote?

From: Wizzo
Subject: Voting/Badriya
Dated: Tue Feb 22 11:03:14

My understanding is that voting will take effect by the same
mechanism as registering, i.e. an email to
I'm sure Kali, our Returning Officer, can confirm/correct that.

From: Kali
Subject: Voting in election
Dated: Tue Feb 22 13:25:45

To vote, you must be registered. Registration closes Thursday noon.
Voting will start Friday 0001am and continue through weekend and
Monday 28th, ending at 2259pm Monday.
This is to give day players, night players, small-hours players,
weekend and weekday players the chance to vote.
So far 175 voters have been registered, representing 35 players.
Cast your vote by emailing your choice/s of candidate to Or catch Kali on Shades.
Love, Kali xxx

From: Zeon
Subject: the Thief
Dated: Tue Feb 22 18:12:14

The thiefs election manifesto is
now in Inshades
You know the address....

From: Badriya
Subject: voting again
Dated: Tue Feb 22 18:22:57

Do we need to send an email for each personna
who votes or will one with all five do?

From: Kali
Subject: Badriya/Voting
Dated: Tue Feb 22 18:39:48

Ummm, errrr, why?????
No, Baddy, just send ONE email with the votes of all your
registered personas.
Much love, Kali xxx

From: Azmodan
Subject: New players help
Dated: Tue Feb 22 22:19:18

Errrr Ze the axe has a power of 20 btw ;)

From: Zeon
Subject: Smart Arse
Dated: Tue Feb 22 23:42:34

Big pokey tounge in your
general direction

From: Megan
Subject: Scandal breaks
Dated: Wed Feb 23 00:15:34

Tonight Dazzle finally and proudly admitted she is also that queen
of sleaze..Slinky.
I did tell her I was spooling our conversation but she was quite
blase about it. So all her previous denials were for nought.
Do we mortals vote in one with so little moral sense and one who
openly admits to lying about it?
Or do we all look elsewhere for a candidate. The choice must be yours.

From: Badriya
Subject: Scandal
Dated: Wed Feb 23 01:52:40

If we don't vote for Dazzle then the thief becomes the
only candidate, surely?
It is customary now to declare one's seconds?
Megan, who do you suggest we vote for?

From: Angelus
Subject: Badriya
Dated: Wed Feb 23 02:10:07

There are 3 other candidates to choose from as i recall it.
I read Megan's msg and didnt she say for you to choose for yoirself?
I cant comment on revealing 2nds but if Dazzle is now admitting
he is also Slinky, then what are you going on about?
perhaps you should invite Slinky to your game, VOID, she would fit
right in there.

From: Caspar
Subject: scandal
Dated: Wed Feb 23 02:42:01

Yeh yeh I told you so about dazzle and that slinky.
fancy a male gumming all the other males it maks me sick.
this is getting like real politcs now so im going to find sleaze
on the other s. watch this space.

From: Wizzo
Subject: Badriya
Dated: Wed Feb 23 08:51:22

In case you missed it, I am the only candidate, the others
paling into insignificance by comaprison.
Manifesto coming today, so watch this space!!

From: Dazzle
Subject: Vote Dazzle for Mayor
Dated: Wed Feb 23 09:20:32

So the witch hunt on seconds has begun has it. No more can you feel safe i
If you vote for Dazzle then you are voting for free thought and freedom of
Also you will be voting for someone who will not pry into your private aff
what people/persona get upto is their own busniness as long as it isn't ac
Offending is different. Everyone has their own morals and standards but wh
en those personas try to inflict those standards on others
then it becomes a problem
vote Dazzle - free to think the way you w

From: Dazzle
Subject: IInshades Letter
Dated: Wed Feb 23 10:48:21

I have sent an article to Zeon
for inclusion on Inshades
I welcome all comments on ti
when it is published
vote DAZZLE - keep mortals free

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Elections
Dated: Wed Feb 23 18:35:34

Politicians eh.....who'd have 'em ?

From: Fluffs
Subject: Dazzle
Dated: Wed Feb 23 21:03:06

dazzle dear, DO try to master the art of writing legibly on here
first before you try to master the mortal populace.
And as it was you who chose to reveal that Slinky was your 2nd
how can that be called a witchhunt? Unless you are also a secret
as for imposing ones standards on others, isnt that exactly what
you did with Slinky? People WERE offended by her actions so arent
you just a teensy bit guilty of employing double standards?

From: Badriya
Subject: Angelus
Dated: Wed Feb 23 22:24:15

What is actually wrong with Dazzle being Slinky?
I haven't met either of them so don't know.
Why would slinky fit on void especially?
If so then maybe I should vote Dazzle as people who really
fit on void tend to be my kind of people.
Incidentally other candidates have played void.

From: Wizzo
Subject: Election
Dated: Wed Feb 23 23:34:19

My Manifesto is up on InShades!
Vote Wizzo - The choice for an even greater Shades!

From: Seb
Subject: Wizzo's manifesto
Dated: Thu Feb 24 00:37:57

Wh substance ?

From: Witness
Subject: election
Dated: Thu Feb 24 04:09:23

well i've read all 4 manifestos and seems to me that the best
are those by dazzle and the thief, because they have some real
ideas with which to benefit us mortals. wizzo has attacked
branwell/thief but to me it seems that wizzo has knicked dazzles
wiz for a day idea, so whose the thief, haha? as for fluffs, she
has enuff power with paws. so for me its a toss up between dazzle
and thiefy. and that's my 2p worth.

From: Wizzo
Subject: Election
Dated: Thu Feb 24 08:09:44

The Wiz-for-a-day idea proposed by dazzle offers little in
the way of motivation for mortals to collect, and nothing
at all for immortals. Mine offers both!
And Seb, I realise your criticism is based on the fact I didn't
adopt your Immortals-only notice board, but I felt it would
alienate mortals.
You'll also notice that my manifesto does not engage in
any negative campaigning whatsoever!

From: Moonraker
Subject: WHAT
Dated: Thu Feb 24 20:45:44

Why do people have to be blind? FLUFFS HAS TO BE MAYORESS. She has to be..
witness is a loony, fluffs manifesto is the best
em gets carried away sorry......

From: Pandora
Subject: Fluffs
Dated: Thu Feb 24 23:07:18

Fluffs, Paws, Power????
What power has she got then?

From: Pandora
Subject: Box
Dated: Thu Feb 24 23:09:07

Take the money

From: Badriya
Subject: The thief
Dated: Thu Feb 24 23:24:04

If he gets in will he have to stop stealing from us
and attacking us?

From: Loco
Subject: Wizzo
Dated: Fri Feb 25 05:11:12

Your balancing act must be painful when you are fence sitting.
Ever thought of an original idea? Ever?

From: Kali
Subject: Voting has begun
Dated: Fri Feb 25 08:49:41

Voting has now begun in the Mayoral Election.
Email your votes to
First exit poll (on a tiny sample of voters)
shows the four candidates neck and neck.
The election is wide open. Cast your vote today.
(Polls open until midnight on Monday, but do it now.)
Kali xxx

From: Martini
Subject: Wizzo
Dated: Fri Feb 25 09:12:35

Love the fight tournament idea!!
If you could arrange it over a few days
we should get lots more people taking part
than in normal BB's.
Maybe someone could run a book on it too??

From: Badriya
Subject: votes
Dated: Fri Feb 25 12:38:45

The email address to vote does not work

From: Kali
Subject: voting
Dated: Fri Feb 25 14:33:38

er, if the email address does not work, how come I have
received an email from you?
Please send your votes as soon as you have decided, to: Believe me, it works.
Voting continues through w/e until midnight Monday.
kali xxx

From: Kali
Subject: Depraved
Dated: Fri Feb 25 21:18:30

Depraved, who has just announced his candidacy and claims
to be running on the Adult Movie Ticket, with a manifesto
promise of "Make Every Room a BS" is NOT, repeat NOT,
an official candidate, and voters are asked NOT to vote
for him.
Please do however cast your votes for official candidates.
Email, or catch me on Shades.
love, Kali xxx

From: Kali
Subject: Voting
Dated: Sat Feb 26 10:33:24

Very heaving polling yesterday, all but a few players'
votes are in. Could I ask Amstar, Darkangel, Grettir,
Felon, Guiseppe, Poppy, Saul and Sundo to hurry theirs
in, then we can declare the result early.
much love, Kali xxx

From: Fluffs
Subject: Ellie
Dated: Sat Feb 26 11:13:53

In view of our earlier dealings I would like to point out that
the persona Fluffy is NOT one of mine. The name being taken by
another during my absence.
I do not break my word.

From: Kali
Subject: Voting
Dated: Sun Feb 27 16:15:31

I've emailed the last few players who have yet to vote and would
like to close the voting by lunchtime Monday in order to
announce the results live on Shades, 6:30pm Monday.
The reason for this time is that it is the only one that all four
candidates have a reasonable chance of making. Dazzle can
only make weekdays 9-5.30 and Fluffs doesn't play before 6pm.
6:30 Monday is the best compromise. Hope you can all attend.

From: Badriya
Subject: voting
Dated: Sun Feb 27 19:48:23

I am working at 6.30 Monday. *sulk*

From: Fluffs
Subject: Kali
Dated: Sun Feb 27 19:56:41

Why do you need us there at all? Once you decided that the mobiles
could vote, and voted for them, without consulting either the
candidates or the electorate, then the election was reduced from fun
to a farce.
Quite frankly you may just as well continue and announce the reult
whenever and whatever you choose.
Our presence or absence has become immaterial.

From: Robe
Subject: im back!
Dated: Sun Feb 27 20:26:18

hello everyone on shades im back and im now 9 years old!
I havent been on for a long time cos I was building a website (http://memb

From: Kali
Subject: Election results
Dated: Sun Feb 27 21:49:15

Cackle...never fear.
The results of the players voting will be announced separately.
In any case, I can reveal that even combining the players and the
mobiles voting would make no difference to the result, which is
now clear beyond any doubt.
Three players have yet to vote and although they can no longer
make any difference to the outcome, they can obviously still
affect the share of vote. So I plan to wait until tomorrow 6.30pm.
Much love, Kali xxx

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Election Results
Dated: Sun Feb 27 22:05:04

Thanks for telling me that my votes will not count Kali.
Maybe I should change my suffix to 'Disenfranchised'
On second thoughts I shall just remain Grumpy.......
...and hope that the next election will be more professional.
PS...The first one has been good fun xxxxxxx

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Feb 27 22:14:59

Tonight's winner by a whisker is Elektra - 13 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
In a very close second place, Obsession - 11 kills, 3 defeats and 3 deaths
Close behind in third place, Spite - 11 kills and 3 deaths
In fourth place, Bogus (the mobile's friend) - 6 kills, 2 defeats, 1 death
Fifth is Sugar - 6 kills and 2 deaths
Sixth is Artbb - 4 kills and 11 deaths
Seventh is Paris - 2 kills, 2 defeats and 9 deaths
In eighth place, Moonraker - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 9 deaths

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results Contd.
Dated: Sun Feb 27 22:21:16

In Nineth place, Lostboy (a late arrival) - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 6 deaths
In tenth place, Robe - 1 kill and 14 deaths (why he simply didn't talk
his opponents to death I do not know! Snigger....!)
In eleventh place, a very late SerpAnt - 1 kill and 5 deaths
In twelfth place, an even later SaMsOn - 1 defeat and 3 deaths
Well done to all! See you next week!

From: Kali
Subject: election result
Dated: Sun Feb 27 22:21:33

The returning officer apologises to all and sundry, especially
sundry, for her lack of professionalism, but as you say, Gus,
it has been lots of fun and amazing how many people have voted.
Results tomorrow at 6:30pm outside the pub. Drinks on the new
Mayor, whichever of our four excellent candidates that turns out
to be. Much love, Kali xxx
Who has never been much good at anything she did!! ...grin

From: Kali
Subject: Election Result
Dated: Mon Feb 28 08:39:28

...will be announced on Shades live at 6.30pm tonight.
Be there to cheer for your candidate!

From: Kali
Subject: Shades Election Result
Dated: Mon Feb 28 19:05:12

As Returning Officer for the Constituency of Shades
I declare that the number of votes polled in the election
was as follows:
Dazzle the Freedom: 23 votes
Depraved the Sordid: Disqualified
Fluffs the Nassty Feline: 52 votes
The People's Thief: 53 votes
Wizzo the Magical: 107 votes
I therefore declare the aforesaid Wizzo the Magical
duly elected Mayor of Shades.
sd/- Kali, Returning Officer, xxx

From: Wizzo
Subject: Election
Dated: Mon Feb 28 22:24:27

Just a brief note of thanks before I turn my attention to
the tasks of Mayoralty.
I want to thank all who voted for me, and my campaign team
of Wired and Zindavia. A great big thank you to Kali who
organised the whole thing - no one else could have pulled it
I shall spend a few days on the usual recriminations before
addressing my manifesto, so get your party frocks ready!