From: Aeia
Subject: Darkangel's Pubs
Dated: Fri Dec 01 00:57:18

So which pubs did you take them to then?
Dunno any pubs to suggest.. but could always go for
a meal.. quite a few non smoking restaurants around
Wagamamas in Camden is good, might get everyone round
a big table there. Though I doubt I'll be there
as I'll be up north!

From: Pegasus
Subject: Shedevil
Dated: Fri Dec 01 15:53:41

Jokes: Fantastic. My work colleagues are wondering
if you take bookings for Xmas parties?

From: Archaro
Subject: Peggy
Dated: Fri Dec 01 21:40:47

Well, SheDevil doesn't take bookings, exactly.
But I understand that Zero takes bookings to get her away...
em pulls on his zap-proof underwear.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Dec 03 22:14:52

A very close battle tonight....
Bogus pipped Obsession to the post - 12 kills and 0 deaths
Obsession came in second with 5 kills, 7 defeats and 1 death
Third is Surazal (a late starter) - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
Fourth is Otley (a great game from him!) - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 10 deaths
Fifth is Moriarty (despite line drops!) - 2 kills and 9 deaths
Gweyna and Guru both had a bash at their first ever bloodbaths and both
got killed a fairish bit but both improved loads too!
See you next week

From: SheDevil
Subject: Jokey Break XI
Dated: Mon Dec 04 16:28:20

President Clinton looks up from his desk in the Oval Office
to see one of his Aides nervously approaching him.
"What is it?", exclaims the President.
"It's the Abortion Bill, Mr. President, who do you want to do
about it?" the Aides replies.
"Just go ahead and pay it.", responds the President.
How many ears does Spock have?
"Three - his left ear, his right ear, and the final front ear!"

From: SheDevil
Subject: Figure this out...
Dated: Mon Dec 04 18:58:10

this cock is cock a cock good cock way cock
2 cock keep cock a cock thick cock twat cock
busy cock for cock 20 cock seconds cock!

From: Halley
Subject: Shedevil
Dated: Mon Dec 04 20:54:32

Shed dearest have you been drinking something nasty?
I'm most concerned about your health!!
Tell us you haven't really lost it!

From: SheDevil
Subject: Halley
Dated: Tue Dec 05 16:02:59

... I haven't really lost it ...
(gibber, foam)

From: Pauli
Subject: Shed
Dated: Thu Dec 07 18:35:21

I didnt realise she ever had it

From: Perialaga
Subject: Shades Move
Dated: Mon Dec 11 16:02:05

At some point over the next 10 days or so, Shades will be moving to a
new home in Telehouse London. This should give you all much faster access
and much reduced lag.
During this time, there is likely to be some distruption to service,
please simply try again if you cannot get through.
Some software that uses an IP address to connect to Shades rather than
the name '' will need to be changed, and we will post
the new ip address here shortly! Many thanks, Peri

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Nice one
Dated: Tue Dec 12 14:38:43

Nice one Peri....faster access and less lag sounds the business

From: Die
Subject: Nice one
Dated: Sat Dec 16 05:53:36

Yeah, so does rampant sex and free vodka but it
rarely pans out that way
Opps did I say that out loud.....

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Nice One
Dated: Sat Dec 16 16:42:28

Surely free sex & rampant vodka would be a better idea ?

From: Ellie
Subject: Die
Dated: Sat Dec 16 17:04:05

I see Die is getting carried away again,
Must be cos he is missing Barefoot.....Poor Boy!
As if anyone would give him free sex, he has always told me he pays for it

From: Mindy
Subject: Xmas Meet
Dated: Sat Dec 16 17:05:19

I know it all went very quiet on this subject
mainly due to lack of venue ideas
but thanks to a suggestion from Art
we have a plan!
Which is - 23rd December - Shakespears Head
The Shakepears Head is on Kingsway about 100 yards south of
Holborn Tube station. If you come by tube, come up the
escalators, out the exits directly in front of you, turn left
walk about 100 yards, turn left again into the pub
(directions from a friend of Art's so no responsibility for
7pm onwards
M xx

From: Archaro
Subject: Xmas Meet
Dated: Sat Dec 16 18:34:16

Well, it's my works 'do' on the 22nd,
but I should be sufficiently recovered by the evening of the 23rd.
Hope to be there.

From: Archaro
Subject: Die
Dated: Sat Dec 16 18:35:49

I can quash the rumour about Die paying for sex.
He still owes me for 5 sessions. I'm going to have to send the heavies in

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Dec 17 21:56:30

Tonight's winner is Obsession (a late arrival too!) - 6 kills and 1 death
Second is Moriarty (a last minute takeover!) - 2 kills, 1 defeat, 2 deaths
Third is Jhary (a blast from the past) - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 4 deaths
Fourth is Ecliptic (a very late arrival) - 1 kill and no deaths
Otley was tonight's tempting morsel and got bopped lots...poor chap...
Congrats to all and see you next week
Happy Christmas ho ho ho and all that jazz...

From: Siva
Subject: to the arch-druid
Dated: Mon Dec 18 16:36:38

Ohe, venison eater! Please be so kind as to ring the wise serpent.

From: Perialaga
Subject: Shades Move
Dated: Mon Dec 18 22:28:41

Futher to my previous message, when Shades fails to be available
at the current location, if you need an IP address to connect,
you should find that works.

From: Bergkamp
Subject: when
Dated: Tue Dec 19 10:03:35

When is this happening Peri?

From: Archaro
Subject: to the reversed rentacar
Dated: Tue Dec 19 18:09:27

Emailed you - can't phind your fone number.

From: Siva
Subject: Fluffs sighting
Dated: Fri Dec 22 01:13:38

Gus thinks I'm mad but this is quoting the wo:
Daramis 19:28:04 on 21 December 2000
Thane 18:17:50 on 21 December 2000
Fluffs 17:18:51 on 21 December 2000
Bergkamp 16:35:43 on 21 December 2000
Motley 16:29:55 on 21 December 2000
Nancy 16:07:11 on 21 December 2000
Now is that or is that not a genuine mog-spotting?
Has anyone talked to her? What news?
Merry Christmas!

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Fluffs sighting
Dated: Fri Dec 22 10:01:02

Well the stats don't lie!
If this is a genuine sighting then we may have a
fight on our hands...:-)

From: Partridge
Subject: wizroom
Dated: Fri Dec 22 15:31:58

message to zeon - would like own room please
new wiz - Partridge

From: Ambushbug
Subject: Shades Meet Tonight?
Dated: Sat Dec 23 11:38:18

There's a Shades Meet tonight and nobody told me?
Damn...doesn't look like I quite have enough time to get there.
Somebody make sure they drink two or nine pints for me please!
Suggestive remarks to Aeia are probably in order too.

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Partridge
Dated: Sat Dec 23 14:42:41

congrats on making wiz!

From: Mindy
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sat Dec 23 21:38:42

FX: hangs head
I'm sowwy! Apologies to anyone
expecting to see me at the meet tonight
We have only just got back from an unexpectedly
lengthened relative visiting session, and spending the
day perched on dodgy old chairs of varying design means
my back is also less than happy.
Hope at least someone went and had a few drinks :-)
Promise I'll be at the New Year meet!!
M xx

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet/Amby
Dated: Sat Dec 23 23:51:15

well I didnt make the meet either due to being a couple of
hundred miles too far north!
Oh and what suggestive remarks might they have been
Will attempt to make a meet in the new year so long as
I have no exams!!

From: Ambushbug
Subject: Meet/Aeia
Dated: Sun Dec 24 09:59:06

Aeia missed out on a London Shades meet? Astounding...
As for suggestive remarks...that all depends on exactly what
flimsy bits of black cloth you're wearing at the time!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Dec 24 21:58:38

I guess you were all off doing last minute prezzie wrapping as
only two showed (well, and Archaro but fat chance of him joining in!)
This was just as well as I don't think I could have coped with a
game full!
So tonight's winner is Moriarty - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
Second was Jhary - 1 defeat and 3 deaths
Congrats all and I won't be seeing you next week as it's New Year's
Eve and so I won't be even vaguely capable of typing!

From: Archaro
Subject: BB Results...
Dated: Mon Dec 25 00:20:09

Erm.. Chant... (dear, dearest Chantypoos)... may be my port-addled brain...
...but I don't think those scores add up...
...maybe you had a TEENSY bit more bubbly than you thought?
Your ever-adoring minion,
PS: Note my typing? Not a spelling mistake! And that's with half a
bottle of port under my belt!

From: ZEON
Subject: BB Results
Dated: Mon Dec 25 01:24:09

er I think its YOU that has had too much Archie dearest
2+1+1=4 and so does 1+3...:-)
kissy kissy and happy Xmas type stuff
From: Archaro
Subject: BB Results
Dated: Mon Dec 25 20:34:56

This is a valid argument. I'm attempting to repeat the
experiment. *hic*
But... Moriarty has a death... and Jhary doesn't have a kill... so
who killed Moriarty?
My brain hurts.

From: ZEON
Subject: BB Results
Dated: Mon Dec 25 20:48:13

Er Jhary DEFEATED Moriarty, hence the one defeat
after the name 'Jhary' :-)
You don't fight that much do you dear...hugzz

From: Archaro
Subject: BB Results
Dated: Mon Dec 25 22:19:33

Look, I was drunk. Still am, as a matter of fact.
I'll just retreat to my small hole in the skirting board, shall I?

From: Azmodan
Subject: Ambushbug
Dated: Sat Dec 30 22:36:37

By my reconing you owe me 200008 points :)