From: Archaro
Subject: Big Bruvva
Dated: Tue Aug 01 20:00:31

I think Caroline and Craig too.
And yes, I know Nicholas is a prat of the first order,
but he appears to have charmed the residents of the house.
'grats Benedict, too.

From: Kali
Subject: BBQ
Dated: Wed Aug 02 12:19:31

We have decided to do it on Sunday Sept 13.
Venue: our gaff. Time: lunch. Weather: Notwithstanding.
All cordially invited. Contact me for directions etc.
General location is East Sussex, two miles from Uckfield
which is on the A22 London-Eastbourne road.

From: Branwell
Subject: Kalithrash
Dated: Wed Aug 02 12:22:01

Kali, Hypatia and I would be delighted to attend your latest
soiree on the 13th proximo (no relation). Would you like us
to bring any refershment or vittles to assist the local
peasants who will be catering?
A bientot!

From: Kali
Subject: hoopla!
Dated: Wed Aug 02 12:51:50

Howzat for an instant RSVP? Well, bottles of strong drink will
go down well I'm sure.

From: Branwell
Subject: BBQ
Dated: Wed Aug 02 17:03:42

Kali my little brussels sprout, I am reliably informed that
September 13th is NOT a Sunday. Do extract the old digit dear!

From: Benedict
Subject: A message for Zeon
Dated: Wed Aug 02 18:00:10

May I have a room please at your convenience. Just somewhere
small where I can hear confession...
many thanks.

From: Archaro
Subject: BBQ
Dated: Wed Aug 02 20:31:13

Many thanks for your invitation, Kali, I shall certainly try and attend.
Have the miserable wretches at Mistral complied yet?

From: Benedict
Subject: BBQ
Dated: Wed Aug 02 23:38:13

Me too! Can't wait!
love Benedict xxx

From: Kali
Subject: bbq date
Dated: Thu Aug 03 02:43:25

It occurred to me as I drove home from Londres this evening that
the 13th September is not a Sunday. Of course I meant the 18th.
A 3 is much like an 8, if you close one eye and squint. Anyway
the 18th it is. Love, Kali xxx
PS: If the 18th is also not a Sunday, please let me know.
PPS: The prom tonight was wonderful, exhilarating stuff.

From: Pauli
Subject: Kali/bbq
Dated: Thu Aug 03 11:56:56

Giggle, the 18th isnt a sunday either dear, its a monday.
Shall we take it as read that you mean the 17th?
Dont think I can come anyway, but will check

From: Darkangel
Subject: Barbie Cue?
Dated: Thu Aug 03 13:51:37

Great Idea!
The 17th could be fun, It'll be my Birthday.
Not sure what state I'd be in :)

From: Kali
Subject: dates
Dated: Thu Aug 03 14:05:30

Bah, so much for mathematics and I had counted most carefully too
on ALL my fingers. The 17th it is, though a 7 doesn't look much like
a 3 or an 8.

From: Squirrel
Subject: BBQ
Dated: Thu Aug 03 18:12:35

I'd love to come Kali, on the 17th!
have plenty of nuts ready
Love squirrel xx

From: Sephiruz
Subject: Squirrel
Dated: Thu Aug 03 19:09:36

If everyone turns up, there will be plenty on nuts. :)
count me in.

From: Azmodan
Subject: BBQ
Dated: Thu Aug 03 22:36:46

If I aint at work or doing other things I come but are you realy sure
you want me to come. After all youve seen what sort of a state I get into

From: Archaro
Subject: Azzie
Dated: Thu Aug 03 23:37:24

Well don't worry, I'll look after you.