From: Brighten
Subject: April Phool....
Dated: Sat Apr 01 08:11:06

Nice one H!....chortle

From: Zeon
Subject: Brighten
Dated: Sat Apr 01 08:36:08

H???? H????

From: badriya
Subject: Listeners hear no good
Dated: Sat Apr 01 19:41:09

The shades pussy was sitting invis watching a conversation
when she heard someone say they made diptheria flee.
and I cheered so she zapped.
But the first time she interrupted the cosy chat I
was having with Zarabeth, who hasn't been on for ages
nobody was talking about her at all. I think she just felt
left out..
so zapped me off the chat
Still, pussy's are drippy.Oh no! Dippy!

From: Fleabag
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Sat Apr 01 20:53:32

So I have you to blame for this name eh???
Just you wait, I..I..I'll........mutter.mumble

From: Fleabag
Subject: Badriya
Dated: Sat Apr 01 21:00:33

Paranoia seems to reign supreme in your little mind dear.
As you were tucked up in the killers den with your mates and unsnoopable
AND as I was playing a 2nd at the time of your supposed zapping, PLUS
how the hell did you see who was zapping if they were invis?
How did you come to select me as your target?
Never mind, keep taking the tablets.

From: badriya
Subject: fleabag(shades pussy)
Dated: Sat Apr 01 22:59:40

You didn't need to snoop as we were saying at the time
And at the time of the first zap only Zarabeth and I were on visible
And I don't think the second was there at the time of the second zap./
Although I suppose some other invis could have zapped to support
the shades pussy. Wonder why they were too shy to be known.

From: Zeon
Subject: Inshades/Quiz Points
Dated: Sun Apr 02 07:41:45

Inshades Updated
Quiz points for the last two quizzes have been added
to scores, Kali and Branny if you want your points
added to any of YOUR seconds can you let me know..ta

From: Wired
Subject: Names
Dated: Sun Apr 02 12:24:15

Nice one Zeon.. good chortle, nearly missed it
as I cam home late last night, some of the names
were inspired ;-)

From: Peaches
Subject: Wired
Dated: Sun Apr 02 12:29:47

They were? Humph!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Apr 02 21:58:06

Tonight's winner is Bogus (when he could be dragged away from playing
with the mobiles) - 8 kills, 2 defeats and 2 deaths
Second is Obsession - 7 kills and 5 deaths
Third is Rover - 4 kills and 3 deaths
Fourth is Moonraker (who didn't stay very long) - 1 defeat and 3 deaths
Last but not least is Lessa who is tonight's newbie (and has never been
in a bloodbath before) and everyone made her feel very welcome by
killing her so she died 9 times

From: Wired
Subject: Sai
Dated: Wed Apr 05 21:07:24

Congrats Sai, well earned. Stood your gound
in a high level fight, something I could never do!
Anyway, hope you stick around....
any little army being prepared?

From: Sai
Subject: Thanks
Dated: Wed Apr 05 21:28:09

I would just like to thanks all those
who hung around and taugh me the
the mystical ways of Shades.
Obvisouly there are too many people to
list but special mention to: Slurp,
Wired, Wizzo (put that girl down), Savannah
for that last push, Ninja who taugh me to fight
Zin ... well you know just about everyone
and just a little mention to anthrax for
making me more determined.
thanks again, see you out there!

From: Pauli
Subject: Sai
Dated: Thu Apr 06 11:29:52

Well done Sai sweetie!
I'll say it again (as I always do when someone makes
wiz), hopefully I'll be joining you soon!
Pauli xx

From: Wizzo
Subject: Sai
Dated: Sat Apr 08 09:00:13

Congrats Sai!
Shall I take you off the list of "Immort for a Day"

From: Barefoot
Subject: Lost at Sea...
Dated: Sat Apr 08 20:53:40

Likkle Turtle
Have you gone too far out to sea,
and got lost....Giggle

From: Azmodan
Subject: Barefoot
Dated: Sun Apr 09 08:29:56

What can I say the woman is definatly mad!

From: Angelis
Subject: Bloodbath
Dated: Sun Apr 09 22:10:44

A brilliant BB 2-night, The first 10 mins was spent normal killing and tha
to SetScore all
Here are the Scores ( P.S. Thanks for turning up Chant )
Tonights Winner is Bogus with 9 kills and 2 deaths
In Second place is Obsession with 9 kills and 4 deaths ( Very close tonigh
In Third place is SaMsOn with 7 kills and 6 deaths
And in Last ( but not least ) place is Lessa with 13 deaths ( I think ) bu
because she was SUCH a good sport ( Cheer )
So it was a good BB and a very Good turnout tonight, and

From: Angelis
Subject: BB ( cont )
Dated: Sun Apr 09 22:12:51

Congrats to all who Turned up.
And as my scoring Debut, it was fun
P.S. Rest of the Message is back
See ya!

From: Angelis
Subject: Whoops!
Dated: Sun Apr 09 22:14:32

Sorry, some of the Message was cut off
From: Zeon
Subject: Easter Lyric Quiz
Dated: Sun Apr 09 23:25:41

Savvy's Lyric Quiz now in Inshades

From: Angelis
Subject: Flee
Dated: Tue Apr 11 21:47:29


From: Angelis
Subject: Flee
Dated: Tue Apr 11 21:48:10


From: Azmodan
Subject: Angelis
Dated: Tue Apr 11 23:04:40

Did you capture the event or did any one see it?....If no is the
answer to these questions then its tough luck unfortunatly.

From: Phaid
Subject: Amstar
Dated: Fri Apr 14 19:55:08

Hammy - that e-mail never arrived - still got the remote
if you try again on or .... or...... I'll send it....:)

From: Deckard
Subject: No phone charges.
Dated: Sat Apr 15 16:21:41

Just a quickie to let people know (in case they haven't heard)
Atla Vista provide a 0800 number for 20 squid a year.
So everyone can play to their hearts content on a reasonable ISP.
Aaaaeeeit. - Big up to the freebie net posse. ;)

From: Aeia
Subject: No phone charges
Dated: Sat Apr 15 16:55:31

I've just signed up with LineOne/Quip. 24/7 free
internet access so long as you route #5 a month of
phone calls via Quip. Works on non BT lines too
which many of these offers dont seem to and its
available now.

From: Seb
Subject: aeia
Dated: Sat Apr 15 19:39:22
the Australian egg industry association

From: Bumble
Subject: Kwiz (13 april)
Dated: Sun Apr 16 21:31:30

No Kwizzy points for coming second then ?

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Apr 16 21:55:05

Tonight's winner (by a fair bit!) is Gypsy - 15 kills, 4 defeats, 0 deaths
Second is Bogus - 7 kills, 2 defeats and 3 deaths
In third place, Mere - 3 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death
Fourth is SaMsOn (a late arrival) - 1 kill and 6 deaths
Joint fifth are Boggle and Lessa with 1 kill and a few deaths apiece
Last but not least is poor Moonraker who got killed a bit and then left
So congrats to all who turned up and hope to see you (AND THE REST OF
YOU LOT!) next week

From: Zeon
Subject: Bumble
Dated: Sun Apr 16 22:13:14

You didnt get points cos Gussy didnt send me the results
so noone got points cos i didnt know who to give them
So have a go at Him!!!!
As soon as i get the results from him I will add the points

From: Wired
Subject: Free Calls
Dated: Mon Apr 17 00:59:15

Well as we are on the subject...
World Online (formerly Localtel) are offering
free calls 24/7 too, 9.25/month plus all voice calls
(as if) are 10% cheaper than BT across the board (apart
from mobiles which are the same). Works for me!
I stay Connected 24/7 now......

From: badriya
Subject: free calls
Dated: Mon Apr 17 16:27:19

Do you fall off every 3 hours like

From: Wired
Subject: Free Calls
Dated: Mon Apr 17 21:07:23

Yes I am afraid so, still DUN Manager keeps
me online, by reconnecting immediately.
could be a pain if you were mid fight on here ;-)
still, for me, its a small price to pay....

From: Sultana
Subject: immortal interferance
Dated: Tue Apr 18 17:07:19

I had a pile of t and froze off
I went back on and nobody was out so i went back
for it and it was gone.wh bones showed it in
the pub so i went there.It had gone so
I shouted cos was a someone and they zipped me to
a cave I don't know where it was
I had gone back with 2 mins to go and then was 1 min
I could not get out and then they zapped me
they putthe t back so I kinged it
then they began saying I had been stroppy so
They would now be out to kill me
I began to say (shout cos invis) that

From: Sultana
Subject: continued
Dated: Tue Apr 18 17:09:42

I began to say that I had no idea
who it was but they were not
supposed to cost us pts
when they booted me off
I know they are sposed to have fun
and we are sposed to put up with
teasing but they cost me time on
the game.I was dialled in in daytime.
and booted off while collecting.

From: Sheena
Subject: Sultana
Dated: Tue Apr 18 18:19:42

So, in a nutshell Sultana, the treasure was
put back and you kinged it, and the immortal
didn't actually come out and kill you... didn't lose any points at all then did
So apart from an immortal causing you
a slight inconvience, which granted may be
annoying, no real harm was done was it

From: Siva
Subject: Insultana
Dated: Tue Apr 18 21:07:58

Another way of telling your story is this.
While carrying a load of t, you fell off. A kind immortal
picked up your t and waited till you came back, then zipped
you to a safe place, dropped the t and told you to pick it up.
As time was down to nil, he stimed you another three minutes. But
instead of saying thank you, you started mouthing off about
immortal interference. So he zapped you, dropped the t where
it had originally been, restored the time to its original

From: Siva
Subject: Insultana ii
Dated: Tue Apr 18 21:09:37

...and told you that although he had hitherto been a friend,
and indeed, often watched out for you when you and your bigger
personas were out in the dangerous game, he would now seek
every opportunity to massacre your ass. And so he will.
Lots of love
Siva xxx

From: Sheena
Subject: Fruity
Dated: Tue Apr 18 21:14:23

As they say, always two sides to every story

From: Darkangel
Subject: Immortal fun!
Dated: Wed Apr 19 15:04:23

How can an invisi take t from a player without them knowing
and place all this t in BT, then hide the chord?
This left me in the castle without a weapon, or
any conversation with the person who had done it.
is this *really* the way things should be?
Why wont the person responsible speak or show him/herself?
are they affrain of me?? I doubt that they are!

From: Siva
Subject: Invisible fun
Dated: Wed Apr 19 18:17:17

Invisible fun, or abuse, take your pick, seems to be the new hot
topic, and is a perfect vehicle for the paranoid. Witness the
earlier ravings of a mortal who had misunderstood an attempt to
help her. I am not involved in your little saga, Darkangel, but
there is an explanation. First, it is not possible for an immort
invis, or otherwise, to steal t from a mortal without them knowing.
But there is a way t can vanish without your knowing, in the castle.

From: Siva
Subject: More fun
Dated: Wed Apr 19 18:20:25

...If you enter the East Tower, all your t mysteriously vanishes and
is left in a heap in the archway. Are you sure it was in the BT and
not the archway to East Tower? If your weapon was the rat, it too
have ended up there, leaving you as you say, weaponless in the castle.
If you had also wandered into the BT prior to that, carrying the chord,
it too would mysteriously appear to have vanished. No immortal could
do what you describe. But you could have done it all by yourself.
love, Siva xxx

From: Zeon
Subject: Fun
Dated: Thu Apr 20 06:24:48

Siva is quite right in what he says
Perhaps if certain mortals actually kept
an eye on what was happening on their screens
then these sort of wild accusations could
be avoided

From: Sultana
Subject: Fun
Dated: Thu Apr 20 15:48:57

I wonder where certain mortals look when out
playing on the game if not at the screen...
There was actually another incident last night.
A very low level player found the jls vanished
and was convinced they had not kinged it.
So it is impossible is it for an immortal
to steal anything from a mortal without them knowing?
I don't recall wizard commands clearly but did think
there was one to do that.

From: Jalfrezi
Subject: Objects going missing!
Dated: Thu Apr 20 16:20:03

I would like to point out that it is possible for an immortal
to steal anything without a mortal noticing. If I could have a word about
it next time I see you Zeon I'll tell you how its done
so you know what to look out for.

From: Zeon
Subject: Objects going missing
Dated: Thu Apr 20 17:15:19

Oh yes, do tell....
As far as i Know
There is no actual command to steal an item
from another player without him noticing Sultana

From: badriya
Subject: Command to remove
Dated: Thu Apr 20 18:21:29

Zeon I don't recall the name of the command
but did know there was one to do that
as I recall using it :)

From: Darkangel
Subject: Immortal V mortals?!
Dated: Thu Apr 20 18:34:14

Interesting thoughts. strange, but interesting no the less
First, i did not enter th black or east towers, i had just
left the mansion and was on my way to the fountain.
I *know* where the t went, I also know who was on at the time
and I am also aware that other people have had some strange
things happening to them, that cannot be done by other
mortals. I did *not* acuse anyone in particular at any time
so none of you but the guilty party should have anything
to get upset about. Love Darkangel X

From: Sephiruz
Subject: Sultana
Dated: Thu Apr 20 19:10:10

Sheena and Siva, there is one thing you have overlooked in your
quest to prove Sultana as fruity as her name! I was on before, during
and after that event. I saw what happened to Sultana, and the games
that were played with her. The t was kindly put outside the pub for
her to collect and king, so yes someone was kind! But whilst she
went to king it, somehow between the pub and castle, she ended up
in the lake. I wonder how *that* could have happened!
There is more to this little story than....

From: Sephiruz
Subject: More Sultana's
Dated: Thu Apr 20 19:14:06

Is getting posted for all to read, So i shall do the same.
One day, after both of you (and a few other persona jump out of
the woodwork and add their version, ones who were not here at the time)
have put your 2 pence worth in, then maybe i shall say more.
Till then, Sweet Dreams.

From: Zeon
Subject: Strange happenings
Dated: Thu Apr 20 22:21:47

Well all i can say is that I wish people would
let me know about strange things happening to them
Times, dates and logs would be nice, afterall
if I don't about it then I can't check up
on it now can I??
And there may have been a command once upon
a time to do as you suggest, but I have long
since forgotten it as as far as I know
one does not exist now...I could be wrong
of course. I'll look through command code when I get

From: Siva
Subject: Lake
Dated: Fri Apr 21 01:52:35

She wasn't in a lake, she was in my room which is called the
Cave of Eternal Ice. I was attempting to do her a favour.
What are the rest of your revelations?

From: Siva
Subject: Jalfrezi
Dated: Fri Apr 21 02:03:37

Without giving your secret away, why not demonstrate it?
If I put a mortal on Operator Crucified Here holding an ls,
can you make it vanish from my possession without me knowing?

From: Jalfrezi
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Fri Apr 21 11:49:21

Well I sugest you ask Twoflower then as I condducted the experiment
on him and it worked
I've emailed you how its done so you can see for yourself
trust me it does work.

From: Jalfrezi
Subject: Siva
Dated: Fri Apr 21 11:59:18

I've already demonstrated it when Sai and Twoflower on
and it worked.. P.s. its not a fancy command more a bug
thats always been there ever since I've had a wiz
just takes a simple command in the right place under the
right circumstances

From: badriya
Subject: Siva
Dated: Fri Apr 21 13:03:35

Sultana didn't know the location and could find no exit
She said no way out and then you zapped her
She didn't know who was doing it either.,
and WHen she complained she got booted.
How could she tell it was helpful?

From: Sephiruz
Subject: Siva
Dated: Fri Apr 21 13:56:20

Dearest Siva, I do appologise. I should have checked my log before
posting my last message. You are correct, it was not the lake as i said
but that does not meen that i take back all i said, it still stands.
You were not as helpfull as you make out, unless you could not hear
Sultana's shouts. Also with regard to the messages about wizards and
witches stealing from mortals without their knowing
didn't something similar happen on pages 108 --> 113 of Cybergypsies?
The daeth of Hagstor?

From: Benedict
Subject: Siva
Dated: Fri Apr 21 16:53:02

personally, I have always found Siva to be very helpful
as well as sexy and hunky. Chuckle.
We love you Siva!!

From: Archaro
Subject: Benedict
Dated: Fri Apr 21 18:47:42

Benedict! Haven't seen you in an age!
How are you, dear fellow?

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Much Ado About **** All
Dated: Fri Apr 21 20:59:59

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

From: Siva
Subject: Sephiruz
Dated: Sat Apr 22 15:07:38

Can't comment on the book you mention. Haven't read it.

From: badriya
Subject: booted
Dated: Sat Apr 22 18:35:14

I was posting and had not sent it
when I was booted
presumably by siva who didn't like my post

From: badriya
Subject: siva
Dated: Sat Apr 22 18:37:50

there is no immortal visible
but I hav enow been booted off twice
just for posting
but he can't guard the game
against free speech all day
so I will post it

From: Siva
Subject: Cybergypsies
Dated: Sat Apr 22 18:48:17

I am a character in a roleplaying game, I have nothing
to do with this book. I did enjoy booting you though.

From: badriya
Subject: Siva's book
Dated: Sat Apr 22 18:53:28

Is that a sample of your truthfulness?
I too read pages 108-113 in Cybergypsies
and the mortal did lose the ls without
knowing how because of Wizard interference
Would you like the free copy you
sent to me back so you can check?
And I have now tried to post this 3 times
and been booted off before I could.
Wh free speech?

From: Siva
Subject: badriya
Dated: Sat Apr 22 19:02:16

I didn't boot you thrice. It must have been the other invis.
About this book, is it the one which describes lurid clingfilm
and candle-wax parties? Or is that something else?

From: badriya
Subject: Siva the roleplayed
Dated: Sat Apr 22 19:56:33

Funny, I thought you actually advertised the book
here on the bb. Or someone you roleplay did.

From: Bubbles
Subject: Roleplaying
Dated: Sat Apr 22 20:00:23

...which is obviously a subject in which
you have very little understanding badriya

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Something In The Air
Dated: Sat Apr 22 20:55:00

Am I the only one who can small the putrid stench of a
Vendetta in the air ?

From: badriya
Subject: bubbles
Dated: Sat Apr 22 21:11:27

Siva did not post here about the book
in his real name. But as a shades personna
so he tied real life to shades.
which was why it seemed ok to mention

From: Kali
Subject: Vendetta
Dated: Sat Apr 22 21:44:05

Hey, I didn't write that damned book either.

From: Siva
Subject: invis stealing
Dated: Sat Apr 22 22:03:19

Jalfrezi is right. Zeon has just demonstrated to me how
a weapon or anything can be stolen from you without your
knowing a thing about it. Unfortunately he won't tell me
how it's done.

From: Zeon
Subject: Invis stealing
Dated: Sat Apr 22 22:08:15

Just to add to that, it is in fact a bug
that will hopefully be eradicated shortly

From: Xparrot
Subject: Death of Hagstor
Dated: Sun Apr 23 18:59:14

It was I who stole the sword from Hagstor and restored it secretly
to Wyrd, who had just hurled the mild unassuming rat at Hagstor and
missed, the rat sticking head first in the soft soil. I was able to
steal it secretly using the bug which has now come to light and been
demonstrated by Zeon and Jalfrezi.
I gather that the episode was used by the author in the form of a
parody of a sequence in the Iliad, the purpose being to demonstrate
the absurdity of taking a game so seriously.
Yrs Xparrot

From: Hagstor
Subject: Reports of my death
Dated: Sun Apr 23 19:05:37

...have been greatly exaggerated.

From: Bear
Subject: Cybergypsies
Dated: Sun Apr 23 19:25:35

I am the author of this book and take responsibility for it
and everything in it. Xparrot is correct in saying that the sequence
called the Death of Hagstor was a parody of the Iliad. Check Iliad
Book 22 lines 260 et seq, particularly 305-315. In the same way the
text elsewhere contains a parody of the Book of Job. As the parrot
says, twas done to show how ludicrous things get when a game is
take over-seriously. The drivel on this cttrack wd make a perfect
Pope parody called The Rape of Sultana.

From: Wyrd
Subject: Haggy's demise
Dated: Sun Apr 23 19:33:46

As the guy who offed Hagstor, with illicit and cheating help
from Xparrot, I have to add my 2dworth to this vulgar brouhaha.
It is as they have said. Also, we characters have been chatting
twixt the covers as it were, and none of us can remember meeting
a Sultana, or a badriya? Who are these self confessedly stroppy
alleged females and wh.....

From: badriya
Subject: Bear
Dated: Sun Apr 23 20:22:29

Sense at last! Immortals who take their
dignity too seriously and expect @mere@
mortals to bow and scrape or else be
booted off the game are very ludicrous!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Apr 23 21:55:52

Tonight's winner is Obsession - 7 kills and 3 deaths
Second (and hot on her heels!) is Bogus - 5 kills, 1 defeat and 3 deaths
Third is Mere - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
Poor Icecold got killed 3 times as did Shadowlam and Treacle got killed
So next time they're going to be on a Vengeance Mission!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results II
Dated: Sun Apr 23 21:58:34

I posted too soon...sorry chaps!
p.s., I meant to say that SaMsOn and Spite also died twice
So there we go, lots of deaths and stuff..

From: Depraved
Subject: curse of the Bear
Dated: Mon Apr 24 19:43:01

A dicky bird tells me that Badriya got herself killed by
a mobile this afternoon. Awww. Did it have ta be the Bear???
Yours, still crying helplessly,
Depraved (disqualified for Mayor)

From: Wispa
Subject: roleplaying
Dated: Tue Apr 25 11:00:08

Is it roleplaying when all your personnae
have the same agenda? And take up
arguments for each other. And when a wizard says
all my killers will now hunt you.
That is surely the player being unable to roleplay.
Any time a wizard uses killers to harass someone
he dislikes that isn't roleplay, is it?
If the dislike is from wiz/mortal interaction.

From: Pegasus
Subject: *gibber*
Dated: Wed Apr 26 13:21:46

Sheesh...go away for a couple of weeks and chaos reigns!
>em goes for a lie down to recover.

From: Xena
Subject: badriya
Dated: Thu Apr 27 13:11:09

for sitting in safe and repeatedly filling my screen with messages saying
you are a c--t (without the --)
and for saying u will sit in safe and fill my screen with messages like
that everytime i'm on please don't get shocked if i now attack u on sight
my level may be a lot lower than yours but i'll do my best to keep u
on the hop after that lot of abuse
u are an evil warlord in drag

From: Gemini
Subject: Stuff
Dated: Thu Apr 27 15:42:47


From: Deckard
Subject: A tip for Badriya
Dated: Thu Apr 27 18:10:24

Just a small tip for ya me luv.
Upsetting Xena is not reccomended! ;)

From: Ossie
Subject: Xena & badriya
Dated: Thu Apr 27 21:01:57

so whats wrong with calling someone a cart anyway?

From: Phaid
Subject: Shades
Dated: Fri Apr 28 11:02:01

The point of the game is to collect Treasure - while surviving.
Mobiles are intended to make this harder rather then be a way of
gaining points
While it's true they do add points to your score when you kill them
it should be appreciated that - if a player ONLY kills mobiles
they arent really 'playing the game'. Hence - other players may
comment on the fact, and even use the mobile killers as target practice
Shades is also a 'multi user' game - with a social element

From: Phaid
Subject: <
Dated: Fri Apr 28 11:09:16

Players who don't know their way around will generally find that
if they ask more experienced players 'politely' they will be given
clues and sometimes even, complete routes. This is far preferable to
spending all your time killing mobiles and getting ratty with the other
players who comment on your behaviour
yes shadowlam - this mesage is aimed at you...please take it in the way
it is intended - rather than assuming an insult which isnt there....
end of lesson....;)

From: Deckard
Subject: Phaid
Dated: Fri Apr 28 11:28:30

Ok ok.... Thats far too much sense for one year thankvery muchly.
Az, carry on with your idiotic insane poetry.
Deckster x

From: Pegasus
Subject: Phaid
Dated: Fri Apr 28 11:48:19

Phlipping heck, Phaid, that was a lot phor you to say!
Amusement aside, he's right. Shades is going through a good
revival at the moment - I'm looking forward to seeing it
regain some of the popularity it used to have, so
playing the game right is critical.
Says she, who hides in safe at every given opportunity...

From: Siva
Subject: Xena and Badriya
Dated: Fri Apr 28 15:03:56

No Badriya, Xena is NOT one of mine! This seems to be a new
kerphuphphle you've gone and got yourself into. I haven't
attacked you on sight since the last time I saw you. Giggle.

From: Phaid
Subject: common sense
Dated: Fri Apr 28 20:21:43

sheesh - how ones ever accused me of being common before

From: Art
Subject: Phaid? Sense?
Dated: Sat Apr 29 18:01:18

Who are you and what have you done with the real Phaid?

From: Pandora
Subject: Ninja
Dated: Sun Apr 30 00:32:47

Whats this then Ninja??
Collecting easy kills to make yourself
look good ???
Try fighting someone who actually fights
back for a change why dont you....

From: Ninja
Subject: Pandora
Dated: Sun Apr 30 18:11:55

Err... What seems to be the problem Pandora?
I attack everyone, easy hard medium what ever...
I've never actually spoke to you before, so all
I can imagine is that I've killed one of your seconds..
So, cheer up and try to realise I fight for fun.

From: Zeon
Subject: BB Result
Dated: Sun Apr 30 23:31:35

Firstly, Robe and Luccool were both disqualified
for cheating, in that they were one and the same person!!
1st Bogus 9 Kills, 0 Defeats, 0 Deaths (yayay)
2nd Obsession 8 Kills 1 Defeat and 5 Deaths (Boooo)
3rd Moonraker 3 Kills 0 Defeats and 3 Deaths
Thanks to Twoie for keeping score and big pokey out
tounge to Chant for not only not turning up but also
for not telling anyone she wasn't going to turn up!!
Kiss Kiss dear, you know I love you really

From: Pandora
Subject: Ninja
Dated: Sun Apr 30 23:45:39

Yes Ninja, but to constantly attack
someone who you know cant fight
merely to increase your kill score
isn't exactly sporting is it???
I seem to remember something on here
about overkilling.....
And no, you have never killed any of my
seconds, died or ran from them, yes, but
not killed