From: Zeon
Subject: Dreamer
Dated: Wed Sep 01 18:26:36

Twas Crime of the Century....still got it on
good old vinyl

From: Zeon
Subject: Quiz points
Dated: Fri Sep 03 06:08:10

Quiz points for this weeks quiz have been
added to the scores of those who played

From: Balthazar
Subject: Beermat & Mindy
Dated: Fri Sep 03 21:56:30

Another no-show was due to the lack of a puppy-sitter.
em feels very guilty about not being there
congrats to both.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Beermat & Mindy
Dated: Sat Sep 04 16:46:38

I think I've got over the hangover (only a week later).

From: Ambushbug
Subject: Oi, Ellie!
Dated: Mon Sep 06 23:47:03

Rumour has it you've been asking after me...
So why don't you email me?

From: Deckard
Subject: Quiz and BB's
Dated: Sat Sep 11 15:37:40

I just thought of something the other day that might help encourage more
players to play the Quizzes and the BB's..
Why don't we increase the prize points?
I think at the moment, the points awarded for BB winner are far too low.
But to make it worth while playing, I think 5k would be a worthy prize.
And the same for Quizzes too. At least then it might allow all these
mortals to actually fight and not instantly qq! ;)

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Sep 12 21:50:42

Tonight's winner is Bogus - 7 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
In a close second place, Lostboy - 5 kills, 2 defeats and 3 deaths
Third is the late arrival, Obsession - 4 kills and 3 deaths
Fourth is Sorceror - 3 kills and 7 deaths
In fifth place, Deadcat - 3 defeats and 11 deaths
Thanks to all for turning up and well done!

From: Hackwork
Subject: Quiz and BBs
Dated: Mon Sep 13 00:22:39

Like Deckard's point about larger prizes.
But as for the BBs, the main reason
I stopped going was the lag
Sort that out and others may join in
As for the quizzes, they're quite healthy
But it would be nice to know what you're due for winning
I've had 1k on one occasion
500 points on another
But most times nothing at all
for coming first
'Course, maybe we should just be doing it for fun anyway.

From: Penzance
Subject: BB's etc..
Dated: Mon Sep 13 19:40:27

I don't know about anyone else but I would be happy
to join in the BB if it was on a weekday evening. There does
seem to be a big lag problem these days - I cant see how
Shades used to run twice as fast as it does now a decade ago -
Is it still running on the same machine!??
I had hoped to log on tonight and point out that Shades runs
much faster on a weekday.. but this is worse than ever!!
Are there any plans for another London meet?
It would be nice to see some old faces again..

From: Hazeii
Subject: Guinea Pigs?
Dated: Tue Sep 14 20:14:26

Tessier Ashpool Online lives again!
If you'd like to help me test out our new (free) voice chat service,
take a look at! I'm on there as hazeii, so message
me if you have any problems. Thanks!

From: Archaro
Subject: Coo
Dated: Wed Sep 15 20:33:15

Quick, take a picture of that message. Hazeii hasn't melted into
a puddle of icky stuff in leathers.
It's probably just roadkill sauce.

From: Hazeii
Subject: Roadkill
Dated: Wed Sep 15 23:06:30

At least the scabs after the last "oh shh...!" road,sky,pavement,wall, sky,
this is getting boring...>
have more or less fallen off...

From: Juarez
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Fri Sep 17 20:30:48

Two updates in a week? I am impressed..
You didn't really have to give up your job
though Zeon. :-)

From: Zeon
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Fri Sep 17 21:35:40

Yes, well, I have to keep you little
people happy don't I....

From: Zeon
Subject: BB
Dated: Sun Sep 19 22:24:37

Tonights BB scores are as follows
In first place Bogus 9 kills 3 defences and No deaths
in second place Ninja with 5 kills and 5 deaths
in third place Lostboy with 1 kill, 1 defence and 11 deaths
in forth place Deadcat who left early with 1 kill and 3 deaths
and last but not least Avesta who only stayed for a few mins
and manged to get killed twice in that short time

From: Deckard
Subject: QQ'ing in fights
Dated: Mon Sep 20 12:52:23

Just a small request.
I think that qq should be disabled during a fight.
They will stil be able to fl o but I believe it is to easy to escape.
Virtually all mortals tend not to partake in fighting, which is an
essential element of the game, and should be encouraged.
Just a thought....

From: Zeon
Subject: QQ in fights
Dated: Mon Sep 20 18:29:22

Fighting is indeed an essential element of the game
BUT it isn't compulsary!
If someone wishes to qq in a fight then really
it is up to them, however annoying for the
attacker it may be...
Anyway it is beyond me why people do actually
just quit when attacked, it is just as easy to flee out
then qq...and alot less expensive on points lost!

From: Deckard
Subject: Fighting
Dated: Mon Sep 20 20:52:55

I appreciate it's not compulsary, I feel the point is that
a lot of players hate fighting, and that this is a pity,
as it is just as fun, if not more fun than collecting T.
Although I respect personas rejecting this. It's just a pity it's not
encouraged positively.
perhaps it might be an idea to distinguish the direction the persona
wants to take by re-introducing pacifist mode?
Yours debatingly

From: Zeon
Subject: Fighting
Dated: Tue Sep 21 06:10:30

It depends from whose point of view you are
looking at with regards to fighting being fun..
For us with immortals under our belt, yes it is
but for those who are trying to get their first
immortal it most probably isnt!!!
It seems to be the natural progression in Shades
get an immortal and then create a fighter and start
learning to fight....
As for pacifist mode, yes I agree that it should be
reintroduced....have to talk to Peri about that one

From: Wired
Subject: QQ'ing in fights
Dated: Tue Sep 21 20:44:04

I am painfully aware that I have qq'd in recent fights
I also understand that this is not a good thing to do
I feel I must point out that on both occasions, I had
not had a screen update for over 1 minute, something which
I am wary of and if it happens I qq so I can log back on
unfortunately on two of those occasions I realised
that I had been attacked, (mutter!) but is it not
obvious that as an obvious Wiz seeking Mortal I would have
Fled if I had known I was in a fight?
..more in next message

From: Wired
Subject: QQ'ing in fights
Dated: Tue Sep 21 20:48:23

Don't misundertand me I am not complaining
despite what you may think! That is just Shades
and I accept that, but I just thought I would point
out that qq'ing is not ALWAYS cowardice.. but sometimes lag
as for Decks original point, I sort of agree...
shudder.. fighting is rubbish when your opponent qq's
but it has saved my skin in Lag twice now so I am
not going to complain!
this is the first time I have ever used the CTrack
so apologies for the poor format.. grin...

From: Hazeii
Subject: Fleeing and Frozen TTYs
Dated: Tue Sep 21 23:16:17

If your terminal freezes, then your best bet is to
type FL O and QQ - that way, even if you have been
attacked, you may get away with it. Also, you could typing
a ^Q, since this can unfreeze your terminal.

From: Wired
Subject: Frozen Terminals
Dated: Wed Sep 22 05:28:06

Thanks Hazeii I might just try that!

From: Deckard
Subject: Congrats Wired!
Dated: Thu Sep 23 12:49:54

Ahhhhhh! he done it! he done it!
well well... what can I say other than... Congrats!

From: Pauli
Subject: wired
Dated: Thu Sep 23 13:36:10

Well done wirey
Love Pauls xx

From: Kali
Subject: wired
Dated: Thu Sep 23 22:19:16

Many congrats xxx

From: Pegasus
Subject: Wired
Dated: Fri Sep 24 01:02:00

Oooh! Another wiz to play with!
Congrats, Wired! xxx

From: Neferata
Subject: Peggy
Dated: Fri Sep 24 15:29:12

I wasn't aware you knew how to play with wiz's Peg.

From: Wired
Subject: Wired
Dated: Fri Sep 24 16:40:19

Thanks everyone, it was a hard slog
many of you helped so thanks, many didn't help
so thanks to them too! Made me even more
Now the fun starts.. hehe

From: Wired
Subject: Lingus
Dated: Fri Sep 24 16:42:01

Well done Lingus, glad you made it too
fun to be nervous in the church! grin
I have a log if you didn't capture it.......

From: Zeon
Subject: Quiz points
Dated: Sat Sep 25 08:37:53

Points for last Thursdays quiz have been awarded

From: Zeon
Subject: Lyric Kwiz III
Dated: Sat Sep 25 08:38:32

Gussys Lyric Quiz III is now in Inshades

From: Lingus
Subject: Thanks Everybody
Dated: Sat Sep 25 18:35:02

Thanks to all who taught me how to play . . .
including those who pointed out the folly of my ways
so often and so brutally!
Drop in to room 1069 (appropriate number?)
for a drink sometime.
Lingus the Cunning Wizard

From: Zeon
Subject: BB results
Dated: Sun Sep 26 22:10:00

Joint effort tonight, I started it and Chantypoos
finished it...
1st - Ninja 9 Kills 0 Defences 0 Deaths
2nd Gyspy 7 Kills 1 Defence 0 Deaths
(who started 15 mins late)
3rd Bogus 6 Kills 1 Defence 1 Death
4th Deadcat 0 Kills 3 Defences 6 Deaths
5th Lostboy 0 Kills 1 Defence 8 Deaths
6th Sorceror 1 Kill 0 Defences 14 Deaths

From: Saul
Subject: me!
Dated: Tue Sep 28 10:16:43

If anyone's interested... :-)
I got a new job almost two years ago, and it's kept me frightfully
busy. I've also spent the last year doing a course (Foundations
for Ministry), which has taken up an awful lot of time.
However, course is nearly done, perhaps I can find some time to return
hear with some of my less popular inane emotes! :-)
I still check out InShades every so often, so I know there's a new
batch of wizzes... and a new batch of killers... and a new batch of lag :-
xx Saul

From: Saul
Subject: Spelling
Dated: Tue Sep 28 10:20:35

Hmmm... I still haven't learnt to spell though... hear-->here [grin]
Thursday night is choir night these days, but I might just drop in
for a quiz some time soon...
Take care y'all, don't take any nonsence from the mobiles...
xx Saul

From: Saul
Subject: Before I go...
Dated: Tue Sep 28 10:28:40

Mindy & Beermat: congrats! Sorry I didn't say before.
Hope the wedding went brill!
xx Saul

From: Mindy
Subject: Saul
Dated: Wed Sep 29 10:14:09

Thanks Saul! Good to see you back!
Mindy xxx

From: Savannah
Subject: Saul
Dated: Wed Sep 29 19:01:14

Can you smell a lyrics quiz from a 100 miles or something!!!..I was just s
went up "Oh no Saul for competition this time" and as if by magic!....
grin..only kidding, hope you are doing well..maybe seeya around

From: Saul
Subject: Lyrics Kwiz...
Dated: Thu Sep 30 11:34:37

Yup, I can smell a lyrics kwiz at far greater distances in fact!!
This one is proving much more difficult from the previous two though:
either Guiseppe is changing his musical tastes, awy from mine, or I'm
getting too old, and the music too young :-)
I'm driving Fiona nuts wandering around saying lyric lines trying to fit
a tune to them... [hehe]
xx Saul

From: Moss
Subject: what am i doing here?
Dated: Thu Sep 30 13:02:01


From: Guiseppe
Subject: Moss
Dated: Thu Sep 30 19:17:38

Hmm, not sure this the right place to ask such existentialist
questions Moss. Have you thought of therapy ?