From: Deckard
Subject: well....
Dated: Fri Oct 01 22:32:57

I'm not sure about that one G....
I've seen some strange comments in my time...
and a number have been on this game... ;)

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Nod
Dated: Fri Oct 01 22:39:24

Hehe, I'm sure that I've made more than my share of them Deck ;)

From: Archaro
Subject: Fish
Dated: Fri Oct 01 23:06:14

make nice overcoats.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Hazeii
Dated: Sun Oct 03 13:07:49

OK, I'll admit it...I actually understood some of your

From: Hazeii
Subject: Pegasus - Closet Techie?
Dated: Sun Oct 03 13:29:57

You did? Oh am I going to retain any cred. now
you know I don't know what I'm talking about :)

From: Pegasus
Subject: Hazeii
Dated: Sun Oct 03 13:51:20

That's fine, sweetcheeks, I don't understand you at all
the rest of the time, so you can remain mysterious and unfathomable.

From: Archaro
Subject: Pegasus
Dated: Sun Oct 03 20:01:21

Just don't spend any length of time in dark

From: Zeon
Subject: BB results
Dated: Sun Oct 03 23:09:52

Ta for Wired for stepping in and running it
scores roughly as follows:-
First Ninja 13 Kills 0 Deaths
Second Obsession 8 Kills 2 Deaths
Third Bogus 1 Kill 9 Deaths
Forth Sorceror with 11 Deaths

From: Pegasus
Subject: Archaro
Dated: Mon Oct 04 10:45:52

Scary prospect...

From: Pegasus
Subject: Chuckles
Dated: Sun Oct 10 16:25:37

Hey, you.
Are you STILL reading it?
Email v.soon!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Oct 10 22:04:07

First, Gypsy - 18 kills, 1 defeat and no deaths. CoooER!
Second, Bogus - 6 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death (PDG too!)
Third, Deadcat (yes, you're not seeing things - the Lag Queen is THIRD!)
Back to the score...Deadcat's third - 5 kills, 2 defeats and 9 deaths
Fourth, Sorceror - 2 kills and 8 deaths
Fifth, Jimmy (at his first bloodbath!) - 1 defeat and 12 deaths
Ellie got stuck in treacle and died 6 times but she did get harder to
kill each time!
Vast amounts of congratulations to you all!

From: Zeon
Subject: Music Quiz results
Dated: Fri Oct 15 07:56:57

the results and answers to Gussy's music
quiz are now in the updated Inshades

From: Keddy
Subject: blast from the past
Dated: Fri Oct 15 14:36:52

Well, it's been a looooong time.... a lot of water under the bridge and al
Anyone remember the me? Admittedly, having looked at InShades history
section, I realise that I was a bit of a sad case 10 years ago.
But I did make a lot of friends through Shades, and it would be
great to hear from anyone that remembers me...
I'm all overcome by nostalgia... sob

From: Pegasus
Subject: Keds!
Dated: Fri Oct 15 22:45:47

Pull up a peach and sit yourself down with the other fruits!
Nice to see you again...

From: Hazeii
Subject: Relapse
Dated: Sat Oct 16 22:00:03

Lightweight! A lousy 10 years and you log back should've
stuck rehab out a few more years yet, you know......
Welcome back!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Oct 17 21:52:09

Tonight's winner (by a fair bit!) is Gypsy - 19 kills, 4 defeats, 0 deaths
In second place, Sorceror - 4 kills and 15 deaths
In third place, Robe (you have no idea how difficult that was!) with -
1 defeat and 12 deaths (Guiseppe was the unlikely victim!)
Bambam turned up but had to go and munch his din-dins and didn't get
the chance to fight much
Thanks to everyone for turning up - hope to see more of you next week!

From: Kali
Subject: Nandee
Dated: Thu Oct 21 11:18:03

If anyone sees a novice called Nandee, obviously new and lost,
please be nice to her, she is a friend of mine.
Kali xxx
PS: Any WELL members, check the inkwell.vue conf at

From: Wired
Subject: Nandee
Dated: Thu Oct 21 15:34:41

So Zipping to the Leech is out

From: Aznolife
Subject: Immortals...
Dated: Sun Oct 24 04:12:32

Can someone please tell the "attitude" immorts
that are bored with Shades not to spoil it for the rest
of us. Jailing someone for "not liking them" is not on.
There's too many attitudes round here lately, no wonder new
players are put off.
And you know who I'm talking about.

From: Wired
Subject: Immortals...
Dated: Sun Oct 24 10:55:40

I have no Idea what you are talking about
please enlighten me

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Oct 24 21:45:21

All of you who didn't turn up are vile toad creatures with big warty
bottoms.... I just thought I'd mention that before I gave the scores
Tonight's winner is Bogus - 5 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
In second place, Obsession - 1 kill, 2 defeats and 3 deaths
Deadcat was the Lag Queen again and got killed 6 times and then, when
I'd put her up to Sorceress (me being such a kind little soul) she made
off like a bandit clutching her sorcdom to her bosom and wasn't seen again
So ho hum and all that..

From: Zeon
Subject: Aznolife
Dated: Sun Oct 24 23:34:04

Who jailed you??

From: Wizzo
Subject: Aznolife
Dated: Mon Oct 25 08:48:05

Shall we have a competition to see who can guess the identity of
the jailer?
I fancy my chances at a guess... think I have a lead... :)
Detective Superintendent Wizzo.

From: Deckard
Subject: Da Jaila
Dated: Mon Oct 25 10:25:46

It was im gavna! you know! that one! the one wiv nowt better to do!
Need I say more?
Good. Cos my accent was getting worse. ;)
Deckster - The Holiday King.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Deckard
Dated: Mon Oct 25 12:48:46

Have you considered applying to Eastenders to appear as one
of the Mitchell brothers? I understand there's a vacancy...

From: Juarez
Subject: Aznolife
Dated: Mon Oct 25 13:21:31

Well firstly apologies for posting that message under a
different account, but I was running out of personas not
in jail. A rather drunken Azmodan jailed several of my
personas - maybe the reasons were valid, I dont know, but
the jailing for 'not liking you' seemed a step too far.
Another jailing was for having 2 personas on at a time. One
had frozen and I logged on with another. The 1st was just
Sitting in the chat area and not doing anything. I don't
know if this is an offence, >>>>>

From: Juarez
Subject: Aznolife
Dated: Mon Oct 25 13:25:26

but if it is I apologise and accept the jailing of both personas.
But after that I was booted repeatedly off the game
with a different persona - and I mean booted at least 100 times
and told that it was because he was bored with the game and
couldn't be bothered anymore.
There were others on when this was happening that can confirm
The Immortal involved (and please note, I dont like dropping
people in it - mortals or Immorts) was Azmodan.
If you don't like >>

From: Juarez
Subject: Aznolife
Dated: Mon Oct 25 13:29:30

>> me or the way I play then I'm sorry, but play
by the rules. I spend money on this the same as you do
and don't expect to be treated like dirt just cos I'm
mortal and haven't been around for ages.
Anyway, enough said, if it's just a drunken one-off then
fair enough.. we've all played intoxicated before and
thats no reason to take it any further.

From: Wizzo
Subject: Aznolife
Dated: Mon Oct 25 15:33:03

I think it's only fair to reassure new players when they're not
in the wrong, which Juarez may or may not be, subject to
verification of the facts by the Arches.
The immortal in question has a long history of power abuse,
both drunk and sobre, including multiple bootings, zappings,
and immortal busts, as well as immortal retliation for mortal
But what goes around comes around, so don't despair.
Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll piss Zeon off on a bad hair day :)
That would do the trick!

From: Deckard
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Mon Oct 25 16:48:38

I know! lets just blott the XXXX!
(just a thought) ;)

From: Wired
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Thu Oct 28 12:52:25

Errr that killed that conversation Deck

From: Badriya
Subject: Point of information
Dated: Thu Oct 28 22:24:02

As far as I recall it used to be bad form
to lowstam. Am I wrong now? Earlier today
An invis someone gave me some t. Enough to make
it worth going out for the last 6 mins of a reset
I was attacked by 2 mobiles and on 79 stam.
There was nobody there except wizards so
I waited for the girl. Someone jumped at me
It was probably Zero or Roger, who have a history of this.
I hadn't been here much but spent time today
Getting zmud to my new puter. Guess what? I have
gone off beginning to play shades

From: Badriya
Subject: Ctd
Dated: Thu Oct 28 22:26:12

They must have been watching as an immortal
as I did qw lots and there were only wizards on.
Probably an invis immortal too.
They then jeered at me for quitting on 79 stam and
not fighting! All makes this *such* a pleasant game.

From: Badriya
Subject: challenge
Dated: Thu Oct 28 22:27:14

I did suggest they get down to 79 stam and
with me on full stam we have a fight.
They just said quitting and not fighting
was cowardly...

From: Badriya
Subject: Name of brave attacker
Dated: Thu Oct 28 22:28:45

Is morpheus. I have no idea who
his immortal is. But Ibet he has one and it probably is
Zero or Roger.

From: Die
Subject: Baddys attacker
Dated: Thu Oct 28 23:40:42

Tis neither Zero nor Roger, they dont play
any more....

From: Morpheus
Subject: Cry Baby Baddy
Dated: Fri Oct 29 09:11:38

Have you any idea how childish this is Badriya?
I was merely teasing you after the fight Baddy.
Oh and before the fight, I was not aware of your low stam.
And I certainly don't take pity on you moaning just cos u got attacked!
You have played the game long enough to know that this
is a likelyhood. So chill darling!

From: Wizzo
Subject: Baddy
Dated: Fri Oct 29 10:28:07

Whos Roger??

From: Pauli
Subject: Baddy
Dated: Fri Oct 29 11:57:53

S'not true that there wre only immortals on cos I was on.
lots of love and kisses
PS It wasnt me...before you ask

From: Wired
Subject: Badriya
Dated: Fri Oct 29 16:32:22

Hmm I happened to be there and
don't remember jeering at anyone, I was
busy on other things..... Point is
as far as I can see is that this is
bitterness on your part... I would simply
have fled to save points anyway..
And by the way, when did Pauli become a
Wizard.. chuckle
Wired one

From: Pegasus
Subject: Morpheus/Badriya
Dated: Fri Oct 29 23:17:42

If it's true, and far be it from me to stick my oar
in (LOL) then it's a pile of brown smelly stuff. Any
person worth their salt checks another player's stam before
attacking, just so things like this don't happen.
Baddy: I for one back you up.
Whee. Lots of red wine on a Friday night..YAY!

From: Zeon
Subject: Baddy
Dated: Sat Oct 30 14:24:20

I only have one comment to make
Any Bewticher that stands out of safe
on 79 stam 'waiting for' the girl
deserves to be attacked!!
And no it wasnt me!!!

From: Gemini
Subject: Well...
Dated: Sat Oct 30 21:08:14

I don't normally say much but... :P
G x

From: Wizzo
Subject: Stamina Checking
Dated: Sun Oct 31 15:42:41

I always thought it was more the responsibility of the person
on low stam to check their stam.
I have to go with Zeon on this, Bewitchers 'waiting' on low
stam are far too tempting a target.
I'd have probably attacked even with a valiant if that's all
I had at hand.
But, alas, it wasn't me either... :)

From: Amstar
Subject: No more deaths...
Dated: Sun Oct 31 21:12:44

phew, well i've finally done it and i can now hang up my
mortal rags and go and sit and have a nice cup of tea.
thanks to all of u who help, and espec. sorcerer who managed
to retrieve my last load after someone had played around
with the drawbridge .. heheh. good old black pearl.
i'm off to go and hunt some mobiles for my new room.
amstar the black pearl wizard.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Oct 31 23:02:54

A MUCH better turn out tonight - yay! Thanks for showing up!
First, Gypsy - 12 kills, 3 defeats and 3 deaths
Second, Bambam - 7 kills, 4 defeats and 3 deaths
Third, Deadcat (cooer!) - 4 kills, 3 defeats and 10 deaths
Fourth, SaMsOn - 4 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death
Fifth, Lostboy - 1 kill, 3 defeats and 7 deaths
Sixth, Cackle (first ever bloodbath!) - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 14 deaths
Seventh, Daelfic (first ever bb and joined in v late) - 1 defeat 7 deaths
Major congrats to all!