From: Lagolas
Subject: Continued
Dated: Sat May 01 18:37:54

then the net and shades etc... is genuinely FREE!
not all day, but in the evenings and at weekends....
pretty Darn cool huh?
Anyways.. I'll leave you all to make up your own minds on this offer...
and no I have nothing to do with it financially...(grin)
So if you wanna find out more theres a hotline to call...
0800 376 5262

From: Lagolas
Subject: oops
Dated: Sat May 01 18:40:53

err...there was meant to be a message before that...(blush)
forgot to type post...(cough)
it basically said that Shades and the net is now potentially FREE!
so call the number on the last CT message....
(unless you want to continue paying for you shades bills...)
From your old pal Lag.

From: Badriya
Subject: kali
Dated: Tue May 04 23:41:02


From: Kali
Subject: badriya
Dated: Fri May 07 23:28:34

Oi? What do you mean by Oi?

From: Bearrr
Subject: Cybergypsies
Dated: Fri May 07 23:44:11

If anyone asks about a strange new cyberpunky book
that mentions Shades in rather a lot of detail and even
some of the current players, I have to confess to being
the culprit what wrote it. If you want to find out more
about the thing, or god forbid, even buy one, you can pop
along to
PS: Buying it online saves you two squid.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Cybergypsies
Dated: Fri May 07 23:51:10

Don't Shadists get it for nuffink???
Stingy wotsit.

From: Hawkmoon
Subject: Cybergypies
Dated: Sat May 08 02:08:21

Well, I bought it on thursday to read on the train,
not knowing that there were so many Shades
references (just looked like a good read). And I must
say that I am hooked on it, and will shortly finish it.
Well worth reading!

From: Bearrr
Subject: Peggy
Dated: Sat May 08 13:03:53

er, Peg, have a heart, I only had six copies to give away and all
of them have already gone.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Bearrr
Dated: Sat May 08 19:06:43

OK - I'll go and buy it, then! :))

From: Phaid
Subject: books
Dated: Sat May 08 22:29:07

I did - and it's brill!....hehe

From: Branwell
Subject: Bearrr
Dated: Sun May 09 11:26:49

I think it is nothing short of disgraceful that the mods have
allowed your blatant advertising to pollute the crystal clear waters
of the chattrack. Hell man, why not go the whole hog and say it's
published by Scribners and the ISBN is 0-684-81929-5?!
It is a sad day indeed when Shades hosts the maudlin ramblings of
an aging and erstwhile pornographer in this manner.
Please note that any further communications between us must be conducted
through our respective solicitors.

From: Zeon
Subject: Bearrr
Dated: Sun May 09 15:33:08

Yay way to go Branny, you tell him
put the old tart in his place....

From: Pegasus
Subject: Branny/Zeon
Dated: Sun May 09 18:44:59


From: Bearrr
Subject: branwell
Dated: Sun May 09 18:51:17

wh yr promised review on amazon, laddy xxx

From: Chant
Subject: Books and Branny
Dated: Sun May 09 21:54:37

Kali, my little sweetpea, Branwell says that your next work will be
featuring him in great detail. If that is the case, may I suggest
a title or two?
I thought that 'Cyberslappers' or perhaps 'Virtual Tarts'
might be appropriate...

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun May 09 21:59:50

Tonight's winner is Marijuana - 8 kills, 2 defeats and 2 deaths
In second place, Ophelia - 6 kills and 2 deaths
Third was Obsession - 4 kills and 4 deaths
Poor Dogstrot was there to provide the points for others tonight and
died 12 times for that noble cause!
Thanks to everyone who turned up and mouldy, scabby bits to those
who didn't.

From: Wizzo
Subject: Tarts
Dated: Mon May 10 10:55:53

My oh my, Kali, what an interesting life you lead!
Waltzing globes??
And to think that Savvy called me a tart!! Pah!!!

From: Kali
Subject: Wizzo
Dated: Mon May 10 16:14:00

Well, you have to admit they weren't *my* globes, but I
will never forget how they moved.
Kali xxx

From: Deckard
Subject: Summer Meet?
Dated: Mon May 10 22:47:54

O.k people....I reckon we should try and organise a meet at some stage thi
Mylana and Phaid! back me up here!....chuckle
I know you live nearish...and Starmist, and Zeon, and Azz...
well... tis just a thought.....
a suggestion is the beginning...
so just testing for peoples opinion on it...
everyones welcome....oh except for Kendy...(grin)...
Decky poos...

From: Zeon
Subject: Near???
Dated: Tue May 11 06:35:04

Define nearish Deccky, I live about 300 miles north of all those you
except for Phaidypooo who's a tiddly bit nearer to me...

From: Pegasus
Subject: Near
Dated: Tue May 11 09:42:23

Hey! And me! :)

From: Phaid
Subject: summer meet
Dated: Tue May 11 09:42:31

sounds good to me....but where?
london's miles away for zeon....Lincoln/Nottingham/leicester are
about half way up the country....want to try for that area?
az is in nottingham....anyone here from leicester area?

From: Jalfrezi
Subject: Meets
Dated: Tue May 11 10:29:49

Oi don`t involve me!

From: Aeia
Subject: Meets
Dated: Tue May 11 15:06:58

Was thinking its definitely time for a meet
Location is a problem, OK so I'm biased cos I live in London
but I think London is a good idea as its got good transport links
even for those who are far away.
I've found in the past that the London meets are always the best
attended ones, not that any get many people along now!

From: Deckard
Subject: Meet
Dated: Tue May 11 20:52:59 - Nottingham (Come on Az....don't be shy)...:)
Or London of course...apart from the fact that Zeon is too far...
where abouts you live then Z?
Anyways can advise us on where we could go....grin

From: Zeon
Subject: meets
Dated: Tue May 11 20:58:49

Ok then how about this for an idea
given the fact that out of town meets that last a
weekend go well, ie Blackpool and Cumbria ones
what about organising one to say Amsterdam
for sometime in the new year
booze cruise on the way and fun fun fun over there
just an idea

From: Kali
Subject: meet
Dated: Tue May 11 23:29:29

Amsterdam is a great idea. Very excellent. Failing that how about
hiring a couple of villas at CentreParcs for a weekend?
Amsterdam is a truly terrific wheeze.
Kali the Amsterdammerung Witch

From: Azmodan
Subject: meets
Dated: Tue May 11 23:31:22

Oi stop invoivong me in it.....mutter

From: Phaid
Subject: Meets and Azzy
Dated: Wed May 12 11:07:54

I wasnt 'involving' you. As you live there though I
thought you might be able to suggest a good pub or whatever.
seems the idea isnt popular though so stop sweating

From: Azmodan
Subject: Meets
Dated: Wed May 12 15:09:49

Heck I can supply you with plenty of pubs and clus to go to but at the
end of the day is anyone actualy going to go?. They all want it near
where they live at the end of the day. Zeon`s idea on a meet over a
weekend would be best as its more likely to be attended but if you wanna
do one in nottingham by all means do just don`t make it a saturday or a
thursday as i won`t be able to attend.

From: Hero
Subject: BBQ/meet type thing.
Dated: Wed May 12 15:14:47

Im having a BBQ on the 17th of july and your all invited... :-)
if you want to come send me an email at and I'll send you th

From: Kendy
Subject: How to....
Dated: Wed May 12 20:40:10

You don't have to swear...
You don't have to insult their mum, father, wife, etc.
You don't even need to say "hello"...
You just need to write:
Why call them back from heaven?

From: Lagolas
Subject: Nobility
Dated: Wed May 12 22:42:15

Well done, your very noble. :)

From: Starrmist
Subject: Amsterdam
Dated: Thu May 13 18:23:31

Me likes Amsterdam!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

From: Mylana
Subject: meets
Dated: Thu May 13 20:54:27

well, I'm in Cheltenham so I'm near nottingham!
but anywhere would be good
because I haven't been to a meet yet!
lots of love, M

From: Azmodan
Subject: Meet
Dated: Fri May 14 01:18:30

Well we will see M depends on wehter i can get Phaid and a few others
to get thee asses down here :). Keep you posted though.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Starrmist/Amsterdam
Dated: Fri May 14 11:08:40

Hmm...would that have anything to do with some rather
dodgy herbal remedies? Or an extra ingredient in choccie cake?
If so, bring a slice back, will you? :)))

From: Deckard
Subject: Summer Notts Meet...
Dated: Sat May 15 14:06:57

A proposition for a Nottingham Meet has come to light...
we were thinking around Mid July would be cool...
so if anyone would like to go then let me know!

From: Hawkmoon
Subject: deckard
Dated: Sat May 15 14:42:36

Just wanted to say...
many congrats to Deckard for making
wizard on friday evening
Well done mate!

From: Elusive
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sat May 15 21:06:52

I'll go if a certain person agrees to go and promises not to look both
cute and innocent. You know who you are!

From: Perialaga
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun May 16 22:00:01

I'm afraid I completely messed up my score keeping, so the results are
for victories only.
Obession 5
Ophelia 2
Buttons 1
It'll be more organised next week when Chant is back!

From: Elusive
Subject: Mindy.
Dated: Mon May 17 19:45:18

You never got around to something, Mind??? Thats just SOOOO unlike you
Hugs, Lussy X

From: Kali
Subject: Cybergypsies
Dated: Mon May 17 22:50:08

Thanks to all who loyally went out and bought a copy of the
tome. This afternoon it was No.6 in charts.
Much appreciated and much love to all,
Kali (the wise and beautiful) xxx

From: Wizzo
Subject: Kali/Gypsies
Dated: Tue May 18 14:58:26

Nice going Kal!
Lots of newbies on the game thanks to your book,
I've already bumped into a couple.
Now if we could only arrange to make it exorbitantly expensive to
play, we'll get all the old addicts back too!!!

From: Mindy
Subject: A round Tuit
Dated: Wed May 19 18:57:18

I dunno what you mean Lussy!!!
Paintball anyone
Mindy x

From: Elusive
Subject: Paintball.
Dated: Wed May 19 19:46:46

Ahh yes.. Paintball.
"Oh yes, I'll arrange that soon."
Copyright (c) Mindy 1997.
All rights reserved.
Hugz XXX

From: Zeon
Subject: A reminder
Dated: Thu May 20 07:45:21

Will mortals please be reminded that they
should not use a lower peronna to collect
treasure for their main personna

From: Pegasus
Subject: Cybergypsies
Dated: Thu May 20 11:40:23

Coo! Much applause, I have to say!

From: Mindy
Subject: Cybergypsies
Dated: Thu May 20 18:43:17

Beermat would like to point out that he has
no memory of being Vlad's Bimbo...

From: Pegasus
Subject: Cybergypsies
Dated: Thu May 20 22:43:10

Of course, only a TRUE pedant would point out that the
crow replaced the bat and the Morloch replaced the Gumby,
but I don't know of any pedants, do you?

From: Kali
Subject: Beermat
Dated: Thu May 20 23:28:37

He was, honest. I have the original spool of that conversation
in which Beery appears as Vlad's Bimbo. Having said that, it was
a long time ago and a different Vlad, obviously, to the present
one. If indeed one can begin to imagine what it meant.
love, Kali xxx

From: Pegasus
Subject: Beermat
Dated: Fri May 21 07:58:22

Get out of that one, Bleerie! :))

From: Mindy
Subject: Beermat
Dated: Fri May 21 17:09:15

Well I decided it was safer not to try to imagine what
it meant ;-)
I think he's claiming amnesia at this point...

From: Vallhalla
Subject: Cat
Dated: Sat May 22 20:53:44

You have been warned about that suffix before it`s rude and vulgar.
Next time i see it you`ll be jailed instantly.

From: Cat
Subject: Valhalla
Dated: Sat May 22 21:31:19

No darling, it's only rude and vulgar according
to your tiny, filthy little mind.
Smooth is just a street word for Cool
as used in many childrens cartoons

From: Phaid
Subject: slang
Dated: Sat May 22 21:36:46

Hmmm....a few years ago the word gay meant happy and carefree...
now - if u use it in the wrong company you risk a smack in the mouth
I'm afraid you have to bow to the majority useage of words
and where Cat's suffix is concerned - that means change it...

From: Vallhalla
Subject: Cat
Dated: Sat May 22 21:46:26

I think you`ll find its not just my mind its most people who play
the game. Loose the suffix you have been warned several times.

From: Robe
Subject: problem
Dated: Sat May 22 22:19:26

does anyone know how to get past the tree sprite WITHOUT dancing?

From: Kali
Subject: robe and sprite
Dated: Sat May 22 23:59:19

yes, kill it.

From: Die
Subject: New Players
Dated: Sun May 23 16:51:09

What is it with all these new players
that just don't want to learn to fight???
Just what is this world coming too???
Is the Internet spawning a new generation
of wimps or summit???

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun May 23 22:05:47

Tonight's winner is Marijuana - 16 kills, 2 defeats and no deaths - Coo!
In second place, Ophelia - 6 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
Third is Blight - 2 kills, 3 defeats and 4 deaths
Fourth is a Newbie! Yes! Skylit is fourth - 4 kills and 12 deaths
Another Newbie in fifth!! Robe - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 11 deaths
Questor (who was on a strange pooter!) came sixth - 1 kill and 2 deaths
And poor Deadcat was tonight's Lag Queen with 6 deaths
Congrats to all, especially the newbies who did so well!

From: Zero
Subject: Cat/Zeon
Dated: Sun May 23 22:25:27

As Cat doesn't seem to want to comply with everyone's request
to change her suffix, I vote that this persona be blotted.
It's too vulgar to have on a game with young kids and parents watching
over their shoulders... certainly not a way to promote the game.
If anyone else thinks this is a good idea, please say so!

From: Zeon
Subject: Cat
Dated: Mon May 24 07:54:56

Coo a kangeroo court or what??
I'm not going to be blotting any one until I have
spoken to her myself.
Apart from the couple of messages on the chattrack
noone has mentioned this too me (not sure where the
'everyone' comes from!)
Personally I think that you are over reacting, but yes
I see that certain people could take offence to her suffix.
If after speaking to her she still refuses to change it, I will
take action.
I'm a bit concerned about your comment regarding young

From: Zeon
Subject: Cat/Zero
Dated: Mon May 24 08:04:33

..continued from previous message..
people playing with their parents looking over theie shoulder
Firstly I'm not sure if there are actually any 'young' people
playing. I have always said that shades is NOT a game
for children.
We have to be careful about censoring names/suffix's
just because they might upset or insult someone
Do I blot Viagra the well 'ard??
Do I blot Curtains the well hung??
both these could be interperated as smutty
as for Lingus the cunning...
think about it..

From: Pegasus
Subject: Personas and Suffixes
Dated: Mon May 24 08:46:33

To a certain extent, Zeon is right - Shades isn't a 'game'
for children, but Zero's point is correct - it's not exactly
good publicity when people don't consider that 'children' might
be playing.
I think that if people aren't responsible enough to respect
that, then they should get a pretty severe warning.
Maybe the suffix command should be given back to immortals only?

From: Kali
Subject: children
Dated: Mon May 24 16:35:09

Children aren't encouraged to play Shades, but that doesn't
mean that children can't or won't come on here. As there is
no way to screen them out, it is probably wiser to be safe
than sorry. Ironically, it was a debate like this which led
to the wars on the old Shades, with what calamitous results, many
will remember.
Kali the wise and wondrous... xxx

From: Wizzo
Subject: Suffixes
Dated: Mon May 24 16:56:37

I am a firm supporter of free speech.
I believe s**t has the right to be s**t.
However, if you're doing the gardening, you have the right to
oppose those little gems landing on your lawn.
Since it is Peri, the Arches and us immortals who do most of the
gardening, we have a right to decide how we like to adorn
this lawn we call Shades.
When it comes down to it, a decision will have to be taken by
the Arches on a case by case basis, whether democratic or not.

From: Badriya
Subject: zero
Dated: Mon May 24 20:08:49

I was chatting to some old timers and heard
that zero got his first wiz by paying someone to get it
is it true zero?

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Zero
Dated: Mon May 24 20:20:36

This sounds more serious than the Lawrence Dallaglio scandal.
What is the truth, we deserve to be told.

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Cat / Zero
Dated: Mon May 24 20:29:39

Lets face it, the sort of censorship being propounded by the moral minorit
is only one step away from burning books.
I have a friend who refuses to go online at home because the " the Interne just full of pornography ". Yet he freely allows his young children
high street newsagents with all their top shelf magazines & videos.
The point I am trying to make ( I think ), is that this place thrives on
double-entendres & innuendo, and that is part of it's charm & appeal.

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Cat / Zero Pt II
Dated: Mon May 24 20:34:45

My vote is to allow common sense to prevail.
There are enough experienced Immortals with well developed sense of
social responsibility to regulate the game. And let's face it, if anyone
had been sufficiently outraged by Cat's suffix, they would have acted by n

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Previous
Dated: Mon May 24 20:35:53

Apologies for the waffle.
I also realise that some people may have difficulty with the concept
of me having a friend.

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Waffle
Dated: Mon May 24 20:36:45

Aren't these anti-depressants wonderful !!!

From: Zero
Subject: Badriya
Dated: Mon May 24 21:21:50

The only help I had, was that I was lent a 2400 baud modem
and an atari ST.
Other than that, I have needed no help with that immortal
or any others that I have created since.
I don't quite see how your message is relevant to the current
thread, but I hope this message puts the record straight.
And thank you Baddy for your wonderful insight into my
immortal creation...
P.S. - As you seem to be having so much trouble with your mortal,
I would be happy to accept a tenner to help you on your way.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Zero/Badriya
Dated: Mon May 24 21:37:19

Ooooh! Spiteful! :)

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Tenner
Dated: Mon May 24 21:57:04

You were always cheap Zed ;)

From: Zeon
Subject: Zero/1st Wiz
Dated: Mon May 24 23:49:57

That wasn't quite the only help you had....
You forgot to mention that you were a
pacifist Zed.....;-0
Anyhow, you mentioned to Badriya about
this being nothing to do with the current thread
! eagerly await your additional comment to that
said thread......

From: Pegasus
Subject: Zero
Dated: Tue May 25 08:59:20

What's this, National Pick On Zero Week?

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet
Dated: Tue May 25 14:01:52

So whats happening about a meet then?
There was loads of discussions about it
on the CT, before the CT turned into a
huge slagging match!

From: Zero
Subject: Slagging Match
Dated: Tue May 25 17:33:40

Since when is the CT not a huge slagging match?
Anyway, if anyone wants a London Meet, I'll
just pick a Saturday in late June and the usual
venue of the Goat in Boots.
P.S. Zeon, my two immorts since were obviously not pacifists!
so ner! ;-)

From: Peached
Subject: slagging match
Dated: Tue May 25 22:05:13

Shouldnt that be slanging rather than slagging
re London meet...would that be a little too close to the proposed
Nottingham meet in July??? It may drop numbers on both

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Slanging Match
Dated: Tue May 25 22:22:05

Regarding the current Zero / Zeon thread,
I believe that protocol dictates that the next stage involves the
protagonists comparing the relative sizes of their fathers.
This of course, presupposes that either of them have fathers.

From: Vallhalla
Subject: Meet
Dated: Tue May 25 22:28:02

You wanted dates for the Nottm meet Peachy well this is them, July the
3rd, 17th, 24th, 31st or anytime in august am running the dates past a
a few others to see which is best. Let me know if you can make any of
em and i`ll see wat can be sorted out.

From: Mylana
Subject: meets
Dated: Tue May 25 22:52:57

well i can make any time apart from the 10th July
so go for the 3rd July as most people seem to want that date

From: Zeon
Subject: Slugs
Dated: Tue May 25 23:09:04

Peggy : Wasn't aware that this was a slanging match, Zero asked
me to blot some one which resulted in me starting a discussion
on personna's names and/or suffix's
Zero : The whole point of starting a discussion is too continue
the thread and actually answer the points raised in the answer to
your message
Gussy : In answer to your second point, I will ask
my mother next time I see her...
but in answer to your first point, the man that i presuppose
to be my father is about 5 foot 8 inches in size

From: Pegasus
Subject: Slanging Matches
Dated: Wed May 26 08:36:30

Hey, who am I to complain if it gets the Chattrack working?
I'm perpetually neutral, I am...

From: Mindy
Subject: Slanging Matches
Dated: Wed May 26 15:44:41

These Slanging Matches....
Would that be Cockney Rhyming Slang, or another dialect?
Is there an entry form?
Are there any participation pre-requisites?
Just wondering..... ;-)

From: Pegasus
Subject: Slanging Matches
Dated: Wed May 26 21:49:32

Nah, just get on with it, petal.

From: Peached
Subject: Notts Meet
Dated: Wed May 26 22:05:54

As I said before...fix a date around others and then if I can go I will.
No point fixing a date around me incase I cant make it...But Id imagine
the first two weeks would be best for me...

From: Peached
Subject: Notts cont
Dated: Wed May 26 22:06:22

that should have said first two weeks in July

From: Vallhalla
Subject: Peached
Dated: Wed May 26 22:12:19

Well I actualy gave people a list of dates on icq and mentioned you
would be more likely to attened at the start of July, and hence that
now seems to be the date unless anyone has any objections. Am still
waiting to hear from Deck!!!!!!!

From: Beermat
Subject: amnesia
Dated: Thu May 27 20:21:11

now, what was someone saying about amnesia.
I forget...
(oops, too obvious. Wh subtlety?)
(wh tact?)
(wh ambushbug!)

From: Mindy
Subject: amnesia
Dated: Thu May 27 20:51:28

I was going to reply to your message
but I forgot what I wanted to say...
Are we nearly there yet?

From: Aeia
Subject: Amnesia
Dated: Thu May 27 22:13:19

Beermat asked where Ambushbug was..
he seems to have forgotten how to log on
to Shades. Probably all that Ozzy wine!

From: Deckard
Subject: Meets & ICQ
Dated: Fri May 28 09:08:22

sorry az.....need to install ICQ on my work computer....
tis only at catherines at the mo, haven't had time to check it..
I'll be there what ever the date...
so in the mean time...could you leave date on CT?

From: Pegasus
Subject: Amnesia
Dated: Fri May 28 11:40:37

The Bug has gone to the same place as Frobar, obviously.

From: Frobar
Subject: Re: Amnesia
Dated: Fri May 28 19:38:26

Where have i gone then?

From: Zeon
Subject: Bloodbath
Dated: Sun May 30 10:41:27

Chant cannot make the BB tonight
If nothing else can be arranged I am prepared
To run it after I get in from work at around 10.30
pm (BST)

From: Zeon
Subject: BB update
Dated: Sun May 30 13:09:41

Chant will pop on at around 9pm to setscore
everyone, so if you wanna play please
make sure you are there at that time.
All we need now is a Wiz to keep the score

From: Linda
Subject: Bloodbath
Dated: Sun May 30 16:57:06

Bloodbath will run as normal tonight server willing
9pm start - see you there

From: Linda
Subject: BB
Dated: Sun May 30 22:03:58

4 takers this week although Blight arrived very late
1st Obsession 5 Kills 1 Defeat and 1 death
2nd Bogus 2 Kills and 1 death
3rd Teapot with 2 deaths and finally
4th Blight with 4 deaths
Nice try all

From: Zeon
Subject: The End?
Dated: Sun May 30 22:43:44

To Clinton...
To Blair...
To Mahmood...
To Milosevic...
To Yelstin.

Klaatu Barada Nikto'