From: Foxy
Subject: The Shadey Fox
Dated: Wed Jun 02 08:21:38

The Shadey Fox is returning....
See Inshades for details

From: Bearrrr
Subject: bbc-online live chat
Dated: Fri Jun 04 14:42:38

If anyone is interested I will be doing a live chat
on bbc online on Monday 7 June at 1pm. People can log in
and ask questions! The url is
To register questions in advance, email
Or check out
lots of love and hugs, bearrr xxx

From: Bearrrr
Subject: online chat
Dated: Fri Jun 04 14:56:51

It's not bbc-online, apparently there is a difference.
but the url given in earlier message is correct.
millions of hugs and kisses and that, Bearrr xxx

From: Art
Subject: Honey! I'm home!
Dated: Sat Jun 05 21:43:44

Hi all,
I'm back :-)
Miss me? Remember me? Care?
Nope? Oh well..
Art - The second coming.

From: Vallhalla
Subject: meet
Dated: Sat Jun 05 22:02:23

Okey dokey folks the date for the nottm meet is saturday
july the 3rd and the venue has almost been decided upon just gotta do
a map thingy which will get posted on inshades soon.

From: Archaro
Subject: Art
Dated: Sun Jun 06 01:56:54

I remember you Art :) Welcome back!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jun 06 22:00:51

First, Obsession - 15 kills, 2 defeats and no deaths! Coo!
Second, Chewbacca - 8 kills and 6 deaths
Third, Artbb - 2 kills, 2 defeats and 12 deaths (a busy night for Artbb!)
Fourth, Blight - 3 defeats and 8 deaths (vengeance at last, eh Blight!)
Fifth, Amstar - 2 defeats and 9 deaths. (That's where Blight's lag went)
Huge congratties to all who turned up and horrid poxy bits to those
who were slug-like and stayed away vegging.

From: Pegasus
Subject: EverQuest
Dated: Tue Jun 08 10:09:57

Are there any other Shadists apart from myself and Chuckles
who possess this impressive game and who would be interested
in setting up a Shadists Guild?
Email me on if you're interested!

From: Vallhalla
Subject: Novices
Dated: Tue Jun 08 13:49:09

Maybe with all these newbies about it may be a good idea to open
the novice game....If an arch could possibly do that of course.
Tis just a thought.

From: Kali
Subject: Novies
Dated: Tue Jun 08 13:52:46

er, I meant Novices. I second Vall's is nice to see
so many new players. The last thing experienced players should be doing
is scaring them off by massacring them before they even know
they can steal a weapon in a fight. Let alone attacking down, as
Rastaman did to Brid, which is completely unforgiveable. If I catch
anyone bullying newbies, I will wreak a very dire revenge.
Kali xxxx

From: Phaid
Subject: noviCes
Dated: Tue Jun 08 14:04:05

Can you Third an idea?
if so - I do!
At least on a novice game nebies would be safe from
wizzes who need to boost their own ego by killing players
who dont even know you can respond to an attack.
lets face it - for experienced fighters to kill new players is
nothing more than bullying at it's worst
and I for one feel we should be encouraging these new players
to stay - not making them lose heart when they first start.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Novices
Dated: Tue Jun 08 22:26:47

Idea fourthed. Are we agreed, Mr and Mrs (or Ms) Arches?

From: Zeon
Subject: novices
Dated: Wed Jun 09 00:18:33

Us arches can't open the novice game
..well if we can I dont know how!!
Have sent a message to Peri suggesting it

From: Deckard
Subject: Novice Bullying
Dated: Wed Jun 09 12:10:11

Hmmmmm.....I agree whole heartedly on the subject of picking
on inexperienced fighters being a sin, an
unforgivable sin!, I mean who would do such a thing?
It's a travesty of Shades morals set down by the 'Pure'
If I catch that Rastaman doing that again, I'll
I'll, I'll er......well I'll tell im off!
I mean everyone left me alone when I was a newbie eh!
and Sue killing Sorceror?.....shame on you Sue....

From: Phaid
Subject: newbies (and dec)
Dated: Wed Jun 09 15:43:44

hehe - yeah dec...course - you did go around telling
everyone that you weren't really a newbie....just a returner
so of course everyone thought - let's kill him!
common practice on here...hehe
the main worry is for REAL new players - if we want
to keep them we have to give them a chance to find
their feet...rather than cut their legs off as soon as
they arrive...:-)

From: Phaid
Subject: Feet and legs
Dated: Wed Jun 09 17:59:07

with apologies to the hamster who's legs I DID
cut off when he arrived....snigger

From: Savannah
Subject: Newbies
Dated: Wed Jun 09 18:10:53

Well the hamstre wasnt exactly new was he
I do agree to an extent that newbies should be given plenty of time
to learn the ropes...But how long should they be given this kid glove
treatment ? Especially when they feel they should always be left alone
because they cant fight...Sorceror is a classic example of this
6 months hes been playing and he still whines on about being attacked
because he cant fight....
Fighting has always been a big part of this game whether the new players

From: Savannah
Subject: Newbies cont
Dated: Wed Jun 09 18:17:23

approve of such behaviour or not, so surely the sooner they learn
how the better...
And if the consensus was that new players should be left alone where
do you draw the line?? Everyone is going to have a different opinion of wh
a new player is and for how long they keep that status
Sure the novice game would be a good idea
and then they could at least play there in safety
but also a great many of them dont seem to learn much very quickly
and take little or no regard of advice...CONT>>

From: Savannah
Subject: Newbies cont
Dated: Wed Jun 09 18:23:03

The number of these newbies Ive had to speak to about wandering
about on low stam all the time!!!! They dont seem to feel thats very impor
basically they will get round to it when they happen across the girl
sometime in the next 45 mins...
And to illustrate this in the time that I have been writing these messages
Roadogn has been killed by mobiles twice!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Savvy
Dated: Wed Jun 09 19:31:46

yeah but Savvy dear how long did it take you to write that
little essay or yours ;). You have a point and you werent a newbie
Deck you had played before along time ago hardly exactly a newbie.
And as for the nottingham meet it may be canceled due to lack
of interest will keep you posted but am busy with other stuff at the
mo :)...em is ment to be revising for advanced organic chemistry as he
types this message :)

From: Azmodan
Subject: Fighting
Dated: Wed Jun 09 19:32:49

Hmmm maybe that fight school ought to be reopened then if there is
enough interest in that......just an idea.

From: Deckard
Subject: meet
Dated: Wed Jun 09 19:47:30

O.k guys and gals...
the best bet for everybods to state now if they can go to the Notts meet..
then we can sort it all out before it gets a bit silly {grin}
er....I can go...there thats one...chuckle

From: Archaro
Subject: meet
Dated: Wed Jun 09 20:00:15

I can go too.

From: Phaid
Subject: Gawd....where to start?
Dated: Wed Jun 09 20:33:47

Surely a newbie game will only allow players up to a certain level on?
Anyone who can reach seer/mystical - or certainly soothy/spellbinder
has proved they know the game well enough to be able to learn to fight.
In the old days we had the pacifist option - while I would
never go that route myself - it was a good option for people who
couldnt or wouldnt learn to fight....could that come back?
I agree that newbies who ask for help should try to listen when
people (not just wizzes) try to help them.

From: Phaid
Subject: more - and more....yawn
Dated: Wed Jun 09 20:36:27

Anyone who ignores help offered doesnt deserve help later when
they may realise that this game isnt as easy as they thought.
I rarely zap mobiles for players of any level if they havent taken
basic precautions to protect themselves.
as to the nottingham meet - I'll be there - if there is one....
phew - I need a sleep now - far too much like hard work for an old fella
like me....:-)

From: Archaro
Subject: Newbies
Dated: Wed Jun 09 20:37:06

I fifth the idea of reopening the novice game,
and I also second the idea of the fight school, subject to interest.
I might even go and learn how to fight meself! :)
(don't lay any large wagers on it, tho)

From: Savannah
Subject: Notts Meet
Dated: Wed Jun 09 21:17:50

Well I will be there if I can...

From: Zeon
Subject: novices
Dated: Wed Jun 09 22:36:29

One thing I have noticed about the majority of these
new players, the don't map the game!!
The first thing that I and i'm sure most of the original
players did was to spend a while mapping it out
Alot of them seem to just wander around with no sense
or purpose

From: Zeon
Subject: novices continued
Dated: Wed Jun 09 22:41:12

Also at what point do we stop treating new players as
novices?? To my mind by the time they have reached 4K they
should have least have got some idea of the layout
of the game, after they reach 4K, then it
learn to fight....:L-0

From: Pegasus
Subject: Novices (Again)
Dated: Thu Jun 10 09:32:35

Surely, to a certain extent, it's far better for a
newbie to be killed a few times whilst they're still at
low levels? It gives them scope to learn, rather than
gather loadsapoints and then get killed off.
Surely if the latter happens, they'll go stomping off in
respective sulks and never return? OK, I agree that it's a
bit unfair - but when I started playing MNet Shades,
nobody cared about MY feelings!
Is this all part of the new touchy-feely Shades society?

From: Kali
Subject: Novice game
Dated: Thu Jun 10 13:07:32

A novice game would allow them to flourish only up to 4K,
say, or 8K max, after which they would HAVE to log into
the real game. So then the need to learn to fight will
become naturally apparent. And by then they'll have learned
about the weapons and how to use them against mobiles.
They'll be better prepared for inter-player battles.

From: Kali
Subject: Novices...2
Dated: Thu Jun 10 13:09:52

In Mnet days it was chaos, agreed, but there was also a pool
of hundreds of players, who came and went. Here we have
a very small pool and want it to grow. So a little
nurturing is in our own self-interest. Besides which of course
there isn't really much fun in slaughtering defenceless clueless
idiots, unless you are either a cretin, or just after meaningless
notches on the belt. How abou displaying some intelligence?
For a change?
Yours lovingly, Kali
the wise and wondrous xxx

From: Pegasus
Subject: Intelligence
Dated: Thu Jun 10 17:08:22

Ah, Kali - remember that one of the by-products of having
a baby is that your brain shrinks.
I'm still definitely in favour of the novice game, though.

From: Savannah
Subject: Novices
Dated: Thu Jun 10 18:14:17

It seems under agreement that most new players should have an idea
of what they are doing by the time they reach 4k.
As I think it is unlikely that most experienced players are going to go
around killing people under 4k it makes me wonder how the
conversation of new players being bothered by fighters arose.
I dont feel that its right they should be continuously slaugthered
but it does seem there is a consensus that they should at least
have a vague idea of what they are doing at the 4k stage.

From: Phaid
Subject: more novices
Dated: Thu Jun 10 20:40:57

I dont agree that an arbitrary 4k limit makes a person a valid
target. Any novice can get to 4k bu wandering around the grounds
randomly for about half a dozen resets without having the
foggiest idea what the game is about.
If there were 20 or 30 people on all the time (as in Mnet days)
there would be plenty of people to help them learn. These days
there are maybe 3 or 4 people on regularly - and by no means all the time
seems to me it's expecting a miracle to assume....

From: Phaid
Subject: boring innit?
Dated: Thu Jun 10 20:45:06

that merely by knowing where moats bank and the dense forest are
a player can be expected to understand that they may be attacked
they need a weapon and what to do with one if the find one
On most modern muds there is a help system which is unavoidable
for newbies when they first join the game. This help explains all
the dangers and expected behaviour etc. before they even reach the game
there is no such help shades. If we kill them without explaining
we shouldnt expect them to come back for more

From: Kali
Subject: Phaid is wise
Dated: Thu Jun 10 23:28:29

It seems clear that the upper limit on the novice game should then be 8K.
By the time the player has got this high,
s/he is lusting for more and must fare forth
and conspiflicate. This is my last word on t'subject.
Kali, xxx

From: Pegasus
Subject: Novices (No, Really?)
Dated: Fri Jun 11 10:50:42

Didn't someone suggest earlier on in this discussion that
the fight school is reopened? Maybe that's a nice way of doing it.

From: Rosanna
Subject: Fight school
Dated: Fri Jun 11 18:57:10

Yeah lots suggesting it but no one offering...

From: Deckard
Subject: Er....hello?
Dated: Fri Jun 11 19:32:35

I have just about had enough of all this...
I had no idea what some people thought about me
until I started getting booted at will
then abused by some wizzes...
Next time I would appreciate people informing me of my errors...
in this case, I made no errors, only mistakes...innocent mistakes...
It's a shame that people go completely overboard
before they get their facts straight...
I won't forget this little escapaid...
but I also won't mention it again...
as for feelings from novices...

From: Zeon
Subject: Deckard
Dated: Fri Jun 11 23:29:50

A friendly word of advice Deccy Babes
Have a word with Azmodan about distinguishing
Shades and Reality....
He's been to the place that you appear to be in
and has managed to escape from it (well almost!0

From: Foxy
Subject: Shadey Fox
Dated: Sat Jun 12 09:03:38

The first part of the new Shadey Fox is
is now in Inshades

From: Archaro
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Sat Jun 12 14:07:04

How come you never call me Archy Babes?

From: Perialaga
Subject: BB Resets 13 June 1999
Dated: Sun Jun 13 22:03:23

Obsession won this time with 8 points full results are:
Obession: 5 Kills 3 Defeats and Killed 1
Amstar: 5 Kills, 1 Defeat and killed 5
Blight: 1 Kill 2 Defeats and 1 Killed
And finally, ArtBB 1 Kill, 0 defeats, and killed 13 times!
Well done all of you, and special praise for ArtBB for trying -
you'll get there - everyone else does in the end!
See you all next weekm

From: Brid
Subject: newbies/novices
Dated: Wed Jun 16 17:58:52

Just thought I'd have a say in the newbie conversation
since I am one... well relatively anyway.
A fighting school doesn't sound like a bad idea to me!!!
No good losing all yer carefully gathered first points in a fight!
Not very encouraging to come back if you get killed before you know
how to fight. (Never mind if you're just crap at it)
And thanx Wizzy and Phaid for all the help I got!
You are absolute darlings!!!

From: Pegasus
Subject: Brid
Dated: Thu Jun 17 12:13:29

Phaid and Wizzo? Darlings?
Just wait until you REALLY get to know them, hon!
Just joking, boys. xxxxxxx

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jun 20 22:01:12

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 16 kills and no deaths. CoooER!
Second is Chewbacca - 11 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
Third is Bogus - 8 kills and 4 deaths. So a very good score by the top 3!
Fourth is Artbb - 5 kills and 13 deaths (lots of blood being splashed..)
Fourth is Robe - 1 kill and 21 deaths (poor Robe he was hacked to bits!)
Fifth was Quartz (a very late arrival) - 1 defeat and 1 death
Thustra joined in for a little while (first attempt at fighting) and
got killed twice. Well done though!

From: Vallhalla
Subject: meet
Dated: Mon Jun 21 11:25:32

After much deliberation and a bit of enay meant miny mo, the start pub
will be The Windsor Castle in Carlton, Its at the junction of
Station road, Cavendish road, Station road and Burton road (its called
carlton square where the meet on a map). The pub itself is right on
the corner and is next to a Tesco`s carpark so theres plenty of room
to park for anyone who turns up in a car. The start time will be 4pm
Saturday the 3rd of July.
If anyone has problems with where it is or can`t find it on a map

From: Vallhalla
Subject: Meet cont
Dated: Mon Jun 21 11:27:46

then please say and I`ll send you a street map or give you much more
comprehensive dierections.
P.S. For those of you who can`t find Carlton on a map, its in the south
east corner of Nottingham just north of colwick park.

From: Die
Subject: Rapunzle
Dated: Tue Jun 22 00:33:05

When are you going drop your 'im the best
Almost every other fighter/killer plays
because they enjoy it but you seem to be on
some massive ego trip.
Why the hell do you always have to go on and on
about people fleeing, or about how you would have
killed them if they didn't especially when you
flee as much as the rest!
For christ sake chill out and stop being such a pratt
Oh, and I would appriciate it if you didnt go
blabbing out my other personna's to all and sundry

From: Darcy
Subject: Tamilla
Dated: Tue Jun 22 02:24:12

hey, good to meet ya tonight. sorry i wound ya up a bit.
I don't know you, and you don't now me, so no point
guessing games, but was fun while it lasted.
If you ever in Derbyshire and lost your horse, come see me

From: Rapunzle
Subject: die
Dated: Tue Jun 22 02:32:44

If you don`t like that fact then tuff titty I couldn`t give a monkeys.
As for revealing who your personna`s are did I ever say you had any others
em never remembers saying you had any or who they were as I made no
reference to you in what I said.
Oh dear I'veforgot what I was gonna say oh well it don`t matter.

From: Die
Subject: Rapunzle
Dated: Tue Jun 22 18:58:50

Hey, I don't care what you do, after all you are the one
that is making everyone think you are an idiot, your call
As for revealing personna's I suggest you drink a little
less before you come on and then you might actually remember what
you say...

From: Pegasus
Subject: Mud Slinging
Dated: Tue Jun 22 20:37:35

Guys, can you keep your slanging match to email or something?
We're a friendly bunch on here and it's not a nice thing
to see people fighting publicly.

From: Die
Subject: Pegasus
Dated: Tue Jun 22 21:30:27

Er why would I want to take this to email
the agruement is between me and Rapunzle, not
between the real life people that play these characters
God, why does no-one understand the concept of
roleplaying anymore??

From: Pegasus
Subject: Die
Dated: Wed Jun 23 10:15:13


From: Rapunzle
Subject: Die
Dated: Wed Jun 23 12:55:50

Ooops maybe I had a bit more than i thought to drink, and I never knew
you cared you little sweetie xxx.

From: Archaro
Subject: Die/Rapunzel
Dated: Wed Jun 23 18:39:27

You're not going to let her off like that are you Die?
I mean.. I've still got some popcorn left :)

From: Cunning
Subject: Die/Rapunzle
Dated: Thu Jun 24 20:20:55

30 40
quiet please
Die to serve

From: Mindy
Subject: Die/Rapunzle
Dated: Fri Jun 25 11:37:58


From: Die
Subject: Rapunzle
Dated: Fri Jun 25 22:58:19

We have made up, she is having my baby

From: Archaro
Subject: Die/Rapunzle
Dated: Fri Jun 25 22:59:16


From: Robe
Subject: novices
Dated: Sat Jun 26 08:48:09

i am in favour of a novice game.

From: Robe
Subject: fighting
Dated: Sat Jun 26 09:00:28

will people please stop attacking me.
can u arches open a fight training center somewhere PLEASE!

From: Pegasus
Subject: Die/Rapunzle
Dated: Sat Jun 26 11:36:19

I like happy endings.
(em hands round the box of tissues)

From: Ambushbug
Subject: Not around, I'm afraid.
Dated: Sat Jun 26 13:24:21

Did someone say "WH Ambushbug" ?
Yes, ok. I know that was last month.
There's quite a bit of lag from this side of the planet.
Don't tell the authorities, but I'll be visiting
the UK in August. Apparently somebody with dodgy hair is
marrying someone who used to be blonde.
And rumour has it there will be large quantities of alcohol
available. So naturally, I'll be there!

From: Aeia
Subject: Ambushbug
Dated: Sat Jun 26 15:06:09

So you remembered how to log on then! :-)
There's plenty of lag from anywhere on this planet.
Then again I dont think you're ever actually on this planet ;-)
So you're coming all the way from Oz just so you can drink English beer
when you can get so much nice Ozzy wine out there..!

From: Mindy
Subject: Ambushbug
Dated: Sat Jun 26 20:18:36

My GOD! You mean Madonna is going to marry Chris Evans?
And you're invited?!?!

From: Rapunzle
Subject: Die
Dated: Sun Jun 27 12:31:14

Awwww I hear my ikkle baby isn`t to well. Get well soon lover xxxxx

From: Perialaga
Subject: BB Results 27 June 1999
Dated: Sun Jun 27 21:53:29

Obsession: 12 kills and 2 Defeats no deaths
Bogus: 5 Kills and 3 Defeats and 3 Deaths
Wersi: 4 Kills 1 Defeat and 9 Deaths
Amstar: 3 Kills 1 Defeat and 4 Deaths
Odein: 4 Deaths
Robe: 11 Deaths!
Thustra: 1 Defeat - retired.
Special praise to Robe for lots of trying!

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Thursday Quizzes
Dated: Wed Jun 30 22:00:40

As there seems to be an increase in the number of people now playing
I have decided to resurrect the Thursday Night Quiz Evenings.
Usual time, 9pm...Usual place...Game 7
If you are new to Quizzes, just turn up on Game 1 around 9pm
And somebody will show you the ropes.