From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Mon Aug 02 23:02:26

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 7 kills and 2 deaths
In second place, Bogus - 4 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
In third place, Naomi - 1 kill and 1 death
and in sort of joint third (he was going for it when the reset turned up!)
Lostboy - 1 defeat and 5 deaths
Thanks to everyone who turned up and ever so sorry for being a mite late
from me.... Blushes and apologetic kissypoos...

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Mon Aug 02 23:05:34

p.s. I forgot! (I'm really having one of those days...)
Avesta was tonight's Lag Queen and got killed 3 times
So next Monday she'll be the Revenge Queen and get you all!

From: Deckard
Subject: Late?
Dated: Tue Aug 03 23:41:12

er.... a mite late? - I MISSED OUT GODDAMMIT!

From: Samsara
Subject: late...
Dated: Wed Aug 04 07:46:12

Well you shouldnt have to go to bed so early then...!

From: Deckard
Subject: Bed
Dated: Wed Aug 04 11:31:55

well thats cos mumsie has to tuck me in with a story and cocoa
:) ...... D

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Bed
Dated: Wed Aug 04 19:12:47

Hmm, looks like we'll have to rename you Oedipus Deck ;)

From: Brid
Subject: Furry
Dated: Thu Aug 05 10:47:00

Everybody, it's Furry's wedding day today!
congrats Furry!
Hope you'll be very happy!

From: Deckard
Subject: Furry?
Dated: Thu Aug 05 17:16:59

is that the one who just sits in Outside the "Shalking Toppe" Pub,
and says nothing - well very rarely.....
well I now understand what he must have been doing.. [wink]
Congrats Fur!

From: Robe
Subject: bb
Dated: Sun Aug 08 09:33:02

why does everyone ALWAYS kill me on bb
im only 8!

From: Phaid
Subject: 8?
Dated: Sun Aug 08 11:35:29

well that's a silly question if ever I heard one.....:->

From: Sara
Subject: Robe
Dated: Sun Aug 08 13:21:35

Er Robe BB stands for Bloodbath NOT for
Please stroke me on the head cos i'm only 8
At the age of 8 you shouldn't even be playing this game
in my opinion!!!

From: Brid
Subject: robe
Dated: Sun Aug 08 18:12:07

now now people, be kind to the little feller!

From: Kali
Subject: Robe
Dated: Sun Aug 08 23:31:55

Nothing wrong with being 8. Leave him alone.

From: Azmodan
Subject: Robe
Dated: Sun Aug 08 23:58:46

But is there anything right with being 8 either????????

From: Deckard
Subject: Robe
Dated: Mon Aug 09 01:51:54

In his case... - maybe, just maybe... :)

From: Robe
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Mon Aug 09 19:32:36

Im doing a quiz on Friday 13/8/99
at 9pm

From: Starrmist
Subject: Robe
Dated: Mon Aug 09 20:14:45

In all the CT messages, not one of them thought to
explain about the BB and why so many kills are made.
Robe, in a BB everyone is out to kill/attack as many
players as many times as possible. That's the way to
win the game. Unfortunately, there are a few more
experienced players who end up killing the newbies
an aweful lot. It's not meant to be mean or harmful
to you personally. It's just part of the BB... you
can find more info about it at:

From: Starrmist
Subject: Robe/Age
Dated: Mon Aug 09 20:18:56

As far as you being only 8, I congratulate you for figuring out
this game so rapidly. I'm not sure if I would have been
able to figure it out so quickly at your age.
Everyone else needs to remember this is a public game, and there
will be many more young players to join. Take care of them...
Remember, they are our future.
em steps off her tall soapbox :) xxxx

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Previous
Dated: Mon Aug 09 21:27:12

Starry, is your theme tune 'Teach Your Children Well' ?

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Mon Aug 09 21:57:59

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 10 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
In second place, Bogus - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 8 deaths
Third is Thustra - 2 defeats and 4 deaths
Poor Robe got killed three times so he's after vengeance next week!
Thanks to everyone who turned up and see you all (and hopefully more
bodkins!) next week!

From: Deckard
Subject: Future?
Dated: Wed Aug 11 00:39:40

Take care of them...
Remember, they are our future. (laff!)
sorry Starry, but you do make me giggle at times....! xx

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Future
Dated: Wed Aug 11 18:26:14

I've just remembered Deck !
Those words are the lyrics from a totally pants Whitney Houston song.
em scratches his head and realises that all Whitney Houston songs are pant

From: Starrmist
Subject: Future
Dated: Wed Aug 11 19:53:12

When the Children Cry is the song I was actually
thinking of when I wrote that, but Whitney Houston
is good too :)
Hey! I've decided that's my purpose in life Deck! :)
...And I'm at least okay aren't I?? *grin*

From: Starrmist
Subject: A Laugh?...
Dated: Wed Aug 11 20:03:34

Two men walked into Woolworth's the other day and
stole a calendar...
They got six months each!

From: Starrmist
Subject: Oh no...
Dated: Wed Aug 11 20:08:08

Restaurant: Knock, Knock!
You: "Who's There?"
Restaurant: Lettuce!
You: "Lettuce Who?"
Restaurant: Lettuce entertain you!

From: Starrmist
Subject: Snigger...
Dated: Wed Aug 11 20:11:21

And the finale...
Restaurant: Knock, Knock!
You: "Who's There?"
Restaurant: Lettuce!
You: "Lettuce Who?"
Restaurant: LETTUCE ENTERTAIN YOU!!!!!!!!!

From: Elusive
Subject: Blot Her!
Dated: Wed Aug 11 20:12:22

Blot her!
'nuff said.

From: Starrmist
Subject: Elusive
Dated: Wed Aug 11 20:55:19

Em gwives wou extwa cuddwes anwd kisseypoewws
Ewuswive! xxxx

From: Deckard
Subject: Starry
Dated: Wed Aug 11 23:58:31

wow Star, didn't realise you talent stretches from poetry to jokes!
a multi talented american? can this be?
love loads xx

From: Pegasus
Subject: Starry/Lettuce
Dated: Thu Aug 12 08:30:48

I dunno, Starry - I think you should give people advance warning
of jokes that hurt that much!

From: Starrmist
Subject: Hehe..
Dated: Thu Aug 12 17:29:59

That's right Deck! Americans are very smart...that's why we have
so many NASA's and are number 1 in computer technology, amongst
numerous others I might add :-)
(Of course, most of them are considered bad (i.e. - drug city of
all the world, etc.), but we won't get into that :).)
Awww, shucks...
Peg, do you mean you didn't even let out a little snicker at
any of those??? Especially, the 'finale' one *laugh*

From: Zero
Subject: Starrmist...
Dated: Thu Aug 12 21:46:28

The jokes are worse, told in person - sigh.....
Mind you, I told her the calendar joke.... so you can all blame me.
Anyway, here is one to be getting on with....
What did one grape say to the other grape?
Nothing, Grapes can't talk.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Jokes
Dated: Thu Aug 12 21:50:33

Well, all I can say is...
Burt Lancaster.
You probably had to be there.

From: Starrmist
Subject: Grapes..
Dated: Fri Aug 13 00:34:00

Speaking of grapes (which we weren't, but now we are),
What did the chicken say when it crossed the road?
Look Ma! I'm roadkill!!!! HaHa
(Methinks too much Jim Carrey...)

From: Kali
Subject: muffety mai
Dated: Fri Aug 13 16:28:37

muffety mai dahi malai
ghaas pe bait ke khai
ek bada sa makda kapda ko pakda
aur bhaag gai muffety mai
much love, Kali xxx

From: Pegasus
Subject: Grapes
Dated: Fri Aug 13 16:56:37

What do you get if you cross a labrador and a rottweiler?
A dog that scares the s**t out of you then brings you the
lavatory paper.

From: Starrmist
Subject: Ugh!
Dated: Fri Aug 13 17:38:19

And you say my jokes are bad...
Grin! xx

From: Pegasus
Subject: C'mere, there's more.
Dated: Mon Aug 16 12:26:16 (1137)

One of the silliest, yet probably mildly amusing jokes I've
ever heard.
What's brown and sticky?
A stick.

From: Mindy
Subject: Jokes
Dated: Mon Aug 16 15:20:19

I have received a complaint of infringement of copyright.
Beermat would like to point out that Burt Lancaster is in fact
copyright Beermat 1988.
PS. Did you hear the one about the couple who confused KY with putty?
All their windows fell out!

From: Mindy
Subject: PARTY!
Dated: Mon Aug 16 15:25:31

I've just remembered that I forgot to post this!!
All Shadists are cordially invited to the Evening Reception
celebrating the wedding of Mindy and Beermat!
Time 7:30pm onwards
Date Friday 27th August
Location Wedges Farmhouse, Bashurst Hill, Horsham, West Sussex.
email for directions.
List of nearby hotels/B&Bs also available, and there is a possibility
of camping space if anyone needs some (let me know)
Anything else anyone needs to know, email me!
hugs Mindy xx

From: Pegasus
Subject: Anything Else
Dated: Mon Aug 16 15:45:41

There's lots of things I need to know, Min, but I'm
PRETTY sure you won't know the answers.
See you at the bouncy castle!
Love, Your Old Married Bridesmaid

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Previous
Dated: Mon Aug 16 18:37:38

Err, technically Peg, I think you're now a matron of honour ;)

From: Zeon
Subject: BB's
Dated: Mon Aug 16 21:12:04

Can we go back to Sunday nights for BB's please
at least a) Chant remembered and b) people turned up!

From: Starrmist
Subject: BB's
Dated: Mon Aug 16 21:45:51

I reckon Zeon's got a point...
Hey, we tried summat we hoped would work, but
it didn't. So what? The lag still remained
as always, non?
I vote for the return of Sunday night BB's!

From: Deckard
Subject: BB's
Dated: Mon Aug 16 23:35:05

I have to agree on this one...
Sunday is a good day, more people have free time it seems, so lets do it!

From: Chant
Subject: Blush....
Dated: Tue Aug 17 20:25:57

I forgot again.. I'm ever so sorry; I didn't remember until this
morning by which time it was a bit too late.
Perhaps Sunday night might be better as I do tend to remember it.
So see you on Sunday at 9p.m.!
p.s., Grovelly bits for forgetting!

From: Mindy
Subject: Peggy
Dated: Wed Aug 18 09:16:34

We were thinking of awarding her the title of
Matron of Dishonour actually ;-)

From: Pegasus
Subject: Mindy
Dated: Fri Aug 20 09:22:26

Oooh, yes! That's me!

From: Robe
Subject: sunday BB's
Dated: Fri Aug 20 10:25:12

maybe we should have bb on sundays

From: Zeon
Subject: Robe and Sunday BB's
Dated: Fri Aug 20 18:05:19

Nice to see that actually read the chattrack
Robe ....NOT!
If you care to go back a few messages you will
see that Chant has already re-arranged the BB's for Sunday

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Aug 22 21:51:48

I remembered!!!
Tonight's winner is Xena (a rare visit there..) - 7 kills and no deaths
In second place, Bogus - 4 kills, 2 defeats and 3 deaths
Third is Obsession - 5 kills and 4 deaths
In fourth place, Bamstick - 4 defeats and 9 deaths
Fifth is Acumen - 3 kills and 10 deaths
See you all next week!
p.s., Congrattypoos to all who turned up and were such clever little

From: Deckard
Subject: High Level BB's
Dated: Thu Aug 26 00:39:43

Hey peeps... are we ever gonna have a high level BB again?
I hope so, it would help the newbie high levellers, and it's a laff..
let the debate commence... :)

From: Zeon
Subject: High Level BB
Dated: Thu Aug 26 18:39:04

If enough people turn up I'll run one
after the normal BB this Sunday

From: Chant
Subject: Beermat and Mindy!
Dated: Fri Aug 27 20:25:41

I hope your wedding was a blast and the reception a total hoot!
Alas, the no-show was due to an ailing puppy. Don't they just have
the BEST timing?! Typically enough, he's feeling better now..
Huge congrattypoos and stuff!

From: Lostboy
Subject: High Level BB's
Dated: Sat Aug 28 13:57:17

What is the difference between High Level
Blood baths and normal ones? Is it
just that you get setscored higher and therefore
more spells are used?
should be a laugh...

From: Gemini
Subject: Beermat and Mindy
Dated: Sat Aug 28 16:59:50

Congratulations :)

From: Gemini
Subject: :)
Dated: Sat Aug 28 17:00:19

guy of few words *giggle*

From: Wizzo
Subject: Mindy & Beermat
Dated: Sat Aug 28 18:00:58

And a very happy honeymoon!!

From: Seb
Subject: quiz
Dated: Sat Aug 28 22:10:35

I can do the quiz on 9 September if required
just confirm here

From: Deckard
Subject: Beermat & Mindy
Dated: Sat Aug 28 23:13:28

Hey I don't know you peeps, but congrats annyway!
Heres to you both and cheaper tax!
chuckle x

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Aug 29 22:01:36

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 7 kills, 2 defeats and no deaths
BUT!!! Tonight's winner would have been (almost certainly, if she'd
stayed on and hadn't left early). Get ready for'll astound you..
DEADCAT!!!!! Yes!!!! Shade's Very Own Lag Queen had her revenge and
came second with - (wait for it...) - 1 kill, 5 defeats and 4 deaths
Way to go Deadcat! See that worm a'turning!
Ahem..back to sensible mode. Third was Bogus - 1 kill, 2 defeats, 1 death

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results Contd.
Dated: Sun Aug 29 22:04:24

Fifth was Lostboy - 1 kill and 9 deaths
In sixth place, Juarez (a blast from the past..) - 1 defeat and 3 deaths
Euphorbia stayed long enough to get killed three times but then had to go
before wreaking his revenge (but maybe next week..?)
Well done everyone who turned up and see you all next week!

From: Chant
Subject: High level BB
Dated: Sun Aug 29 22:44:03

A short high-level bloodbath followed the usual one - results are..
In first place, Gypsy (the brutal little thing. She was really after
blood tonight) - 8 kills, 4 defeats and no deaths
In second place, Juarez - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 6 deaths
Third was Lostboy - 1 defeat and 4 deaths
Last but not least was Euphorbia with 6 deaths
Ignore that, last are my poor pinkies that are worn out with all this
typing and setscoring and stuff!

From: Deckard
Subject: LAG!
Dated: Tue Aug 31 21:06:55

I hate lag!
surely - someone, somewhere can do something to overcome this problem?
dream on dreamer.... :)

From: Phaid
Subject: Lag
Dated: Tue Aug 31 23:54:59

Supertramps....crisis what crisis?
or was it Crime of the Century.....
Hmmm....those were the days...chortle