From: Pegasus
Subject: Apathy Weekend
Dated: Mon Oct 19 11:55:23

You KNOW I'd have lent my support if I'd been able to, Zeon.
Sorry if people aren't grateful for what you do.
I'll grovel eternally at your feet - how's that?

From: Mindy
Subject: Apathy Weekend
Dated: Tue Oct 20 19:01:38

Well the quiz had a quiz-like number of peeps
turn up.....
Still didn't manage to win though :(
Ah well, one day....

From: Milanda
Subject: Take heart folks..
Dated: Thu Oct 22 01:22:09

If anyone's worried about attendance on Shades at the moment,
I wouldn't be. No one who's ever played has ever really stopped for good.
It's been about 4 years since I last graced these hallowed halls, but
I'm back (& probably bringing people with me as well)
People are still interested, they're just sleeping or something.. :-)

From: Zeon
Subject: Milanda
Dated: Sat Oct 24 14:18:57

No my dear, I think that recent events have shown
that the majority of people couldn'e give a damn....

From: Phaid
Subject: giving a damn
Dated: Sat Oct 24 23:30:09

actually Zeon - some of us could - but unfortunately
we work for a living and Real Life has to take priority
sorry and all that

From: Zeon
Subject: Giving a damn
Dated: Sun Oct 25 09:52:14

My dear Phaid, my you are getting rather paranoid
in your mature years aren't you, I said the majority of
people, not ALL the people. I certainly have NEVER classed
you as one of the majority...:-)
As for working for a living, it may have escaped your
attention but I do that as well....
As for my comment, I think that the recent attendances
on the Quizzes and Bloodbaths does go along way to
proving my point...

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Oct 25 21:46:27

In first place, Ahalya - 4 deaths, 7 defeats and 0 deaths
Second place goes to Miguel - 4 kills and 0 deaths
No deaths for either the first or second, hmmm.....I wonder where all
the deaths went? Ah...there they are!
Poor Deadcat got killed 6 times and a much mangled Ambo got killed
9 times. So next week, they're both going to be bringing their
The usual blot upon those who sat upon their tooshes and showed not and
may Deadcat and Ambo visit them with their chainsaws at the ready...