From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Nov 01 22:05:05

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 19 kills, 4 defeats and 2 deaths
Second place goes to Rincewind - 3 kills, 2 defeats and 15 deaths
Third is Deadcat (who left early) - 1 kill and 7 deaths
Danish battled against the lag and only managed 4 deaths
Cheers to those of you who turned up and fought in the lag
(especially Rincewind who was rusty as well as laggy!)
and do make an effort you lot who can't be bothered. I do...

From: Sultana
Subject: attendance
Dated: Sun Nov 08 23:33:54

Well, maybe I wasn't the only one left because of hassle from arrogant imm
Has zero gone yet?

From: Zeon
Subject: Zero
Dated: Mon Nov 09 07:22:38

Nah, he just went and got married instead....

From: Aeia
Subject: Xmas Meet
Dated: Tue Nov 10 20:34:35

So nobody arranged any Xmas meet yet.. we surely can't miss a year!
Though I hardly know anybody who plays at the moment as I havent
been about for eons!
So it'll be the Goat'n'Boots on the somethingth of December..?
no I'm not volunteering to organise it! :-)

From: Chant
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Tue Nov 10 23:05:52

Are you SURE you're not volunteering to organise it, Aeia?!
Aw.....go on......!
p.s., I still play so I hope I count as an anybody!

From: Zeon
Subject: Chant
Dated: Wed Nov 11 07:59:25

Define the word 'play' my love..

From: Mindy
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Wed Nov 11 11:11:32

Just don't arrange it for the 12th December
Coz I'm having a party then which most of you will
be invited to and I don't wanna clash with a Shades meet!

From: Pegasus
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Wed Nov 11 12:36:34

What's Christmas, then?
Is that that thingy at the end of the year that costs
loads of pennies?

From: Azmodan
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Wed Nov 11 12:54:00

Meet whats a Meet????????????

From: Chant
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Wed Nov 11 20:49:33

OK, so you've got me on that one.....
I guess 'play' in my case will have to read 'hang out in safe and
waffle on a bit' .... blush .....
Just because I can't find my way around the city any more or fight
my way out of a paper bag .. sob!

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Xmas
Dated: Wed Nov 11 22:02:04

Xmas means mistletoe Peg. ;)

From: Pegasus
Subject: Mistletoe
Dated: Thu Nov 12 08:52:53

Is that a threat or a promise?

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Mistletoe
Dated: Thu Nov 12 21:43:25

Hmmmm, both I think Peg.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Guiseppe
Dated: Fri Nov 13 09:14:33

Me Luck's In!!!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Nov 15 21:46:24

This week only two people turned up....
It was a complete draw - they almost took it in turns to kill each other!
Tonight's winners are Bogus and Gypsy - 7 kills, 1 defeat and 8 deaths eac
So mega cheers to them for showing up and battling on...
Next week, could more people please show up and join in?
It would be really nice to think that I was risking smudging my nail
varnish for a good (ish) cause...
p.s., You'll be glad to know that I didn't smudge it this week.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Wibble!
Dated: Mon Nov 16 16:18:15

Just thought I'd start a meaningless thread to see if anyone
actually still exists out there.

From: Azmodan
Subject: Peggy
Dated: Mon Nov 16 17:47:29

Could i have a dicionary of your unigue language Peg as I`m sure I`m
not the only one who can`t understand you half of the time.

From: Phaid
Subject: Wibble!
Dated: Mon Nov 16 22:14:11

Now then peggy....lets not get personal about my figure!

From: Pegasus
Subject: Wibble!
Dated: Tue Nov 17 09:19:03

Azmodan: there is no Grebil/English dictionary, I'm afraid - it's
part of my charm not to be understood.
Phaid: Your figure is wonderful. Slaver, drool, slurp, creep, etc.

From: Mindy
Subject: Wibble!
Dated: Tue Nov 17 10:55:27

So whats an unigue language when its at home?
I want an Azmodan/English dicionary ;-P
Who was that masked man?

From: Zero
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Wed Nov 18 17:57:03

Am I organising this then?
If so, then I choose a date of Sat 19th Dec...
A place will be announced shortly....

From: Azmodan
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Thu Nov 19 22:08:18

Hmmm well I`d love to attend but chant is threatening to slap me
if I turn up!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Nov 22 21:51:43

Tonight's winner is Ahalya - 6 kills and 4 deaths
Second is Bogus - 4 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
In third place, Blight - 1 defeat and 6 deaths (poor Blight...)
Thanks to all who took part and may those of you who stayed away be
cursed with a visit from the Phantom Bits Biter of Old Shadey Town..

From: Aeia
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Thu Nov 26 21:36:17

So where's it going to be then? Assuming it is going to happen!
Cant let a year go past without a Christams meet sureley!

From: Zero
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Fri Nov 27 00:15:53

Well, I was hoping to sort someplace different....
But other things have taken over... so it may as well
be the old faithfull establishment.
The Queens Head & Artichoke, opposite the Sols Arms
on Sat 19th Dec, usual start time 7.30pm
See you there!

From: Pegasus
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Fri Nov 27 09:43:32

Excellent timing! I'm getting married on the 19th December,
so raise a glass for me!

From: Shedevil
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Fri Nov 27 21:50:12

** Message erased **

From: Zeon
Subject: Pegasus
Dated: Sat Nov 28 06:19:59

Congrats my love, bout time someone
made an honest woman of you!!
All the best and don't forget to send me
some wedding cake.....

From: Shedevil
Subject: Erasing CT Messages
Dated: Sat Nov 28 19:43:29

Seems like some Arch decided to erase my
message about the Xmas meet. Why's this then?
ChatTrack is for public speaking is it not???
If there is some sort of rule about what can be written on CT,
then please refer me to that rule....otherwise,
I don't appreciate it and I'm sure no one else would if it
happened to them either, true?
It would be nice to accept an apology from the *smart* Arch who
chose to do this also....SOON!

From: Shedevil
Subject: Shades Rules
Dated: Sat Nov 28 19:50:11

How can Shades' players be expected to follow strictly by the rules
of the game, especially if the Arch's are setting bad examples by becoming
drunk off their own powers?
Could this be a reason why no one ever shows up on this game anymore?
Because the Arch's have taken over the game for themselves and play
how they deem appropriate, no matter how INAPPROPRIATE???

From: Lingus
Subject: Re Shades Rules (OK?)
Dated: Sat Nov 28 21:00:15

Does anyone really know why so few people play these days?
Back in the bad old days on Micronet, when BT charged a fortune
and if you had a 2400 baud modem you were invincible
there were 6 or 7 games full all the time
Seems to me that apart from me and 1 or 2 others, the only players
are Immortals, Arches and their seconds.
And it seems to me as a mortal that they abuse their powers frequently,
and get away with it, whereas if a mere mortal does anything
slightly wrong, he gets points deducted a

From: Lingus
Subject: continued
Dated: Sat Nov 28 21:02:52

and a public telling off.
I just wonder if there is any connection between the bullying
(not everyone I hasten to add) and the lack of players.
I for one would be sorry to see Shades die

From: Phaid
Subject: arches and shades
Dated: Sat Nov 28 21:37:21

Hehe - you know me - can't resist a challenge....
OK - are arches abusing their powers these days?....probably ....
but not half as much as they used to on Mnet. In those days you could
be busted for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.
Are wizzes abusing their powers?.....also probably - but
in the old days a necro could be zipped to the leech if a wiz
felt in a bad mood with nothing much happening to him afterwards

From: Phaid
Subject: more of the same
Dated: Sat Nov 28 21:40:56

so I think the game is LESS subject to the moods of Imm's and arches
than it was.
So - why so few players?.....the medium is a lot more varied than it was
In those days - in the UK - there was Prestel and Micronet. Many players
played on a work account via Telecom Gold.....and in the UK
there was little else available
These days there are thousands of MUDs available at almost no cost
so why should people play shades?....It hasnt matured as many have
(even more)

From: Phaid
Subject: (boring innit)?.....:-)
Dated: Sat Nov 28 21:44:42

Shades is a 'specialist' game - i.e. you either love it
(as I do), or you get bored with the same old thing repeated
over and over again. If you are not interested in the social aspect
then there is really very little to hold people here
Most other muds give Wizz's powers to change the environment by
writing new areas - so the game evolves. That isnt possible here
so many feel they have beaten the game - or get bored with being
killed and move on. When it comes right down to it - shades is a

From: Phaid
Subject: (->>)
Dated: Sat Nov 28 21:47:59

matter of taste - and until it offers a wider and more varied
range of challenges it will remain that way. The days of having
hundreds of players and multiple games are gone. It's like
trying to attract Tomb Raider players with a version of TV tennis
For myself - I shall be pleased to be on shades for as long as
we are lucky enough for someone to be willing to run it
after which - I will mourn its passing - there will never be
anything to replace it.
phew - that's all folks!

From: Wobblebum
Subject: Shedevl
Dated: Sat Nov 28 23:14:09

I read your message yesterday Shedevil
And i certainly can understand why it was deleted
It's not very nice to write things on the chattrack about
about other people that you may think are funny but
in fact are downright rude and would most likely upset
the person concerned if she/he read them

From: Lingus
Subject: Shades continued
Dated: Sun Nov 29 14:45:40

Thank you Phaid for that reasoned, well-balanced response.
The difference now is that the immortal/mortal ratio is
skewed the other way - there are too few real mortals for
the immortals to torment. If an immortal wants to play his
second killer against a real mortal (as most seem to want)
then there is only me and a few others to kill.
This sounds like whingeing because I'm a cr*p fighter, but it
isn't really. As many of you know, I have been happy to be
used as a punchbag.

From: Lingus
Subject: continued
Dated: Sun Nov 29 14:50:13

The only grievance I have is with immortals who gain an
advantage for their seconds - which is clearly against the
rules. For example - snooping a mortal whilst invis so that
you know just what he is carrying and where he has been and
where he is likely to be next, then bringing your second on
with a weapon mt'd ready, and attacking immediately.
Perhaps a way to even this out would be for a delay between
entering the game and being able to attack?
What do you all think?

From: Zeon
Subject: Lingus
Dated: Sun Nov 29 15:20:27

On your first point, immortals DO NOT mt weps for
use in a fight. All mt's are logged and this happening
would stick out like a sore thumb.
The concequence of any immortal mt'ing a wepon for
use in a fight is an instant blot...
On your second point, this is a possibility in a very small
number of cases but unfortuntely, if it does happen, it is
very difficult to prove
On your suggestion, the only answer is too qw alot!

From: Zero
Subject: Wobblebum WHOOOOO????
Dated: Sun Nov 29 18:32:57

There were no nasty things written in that message, as
there were no rude remarks made to the innocent eye. How-
ever, if you have an evil eye for that sort of stuff, then
you'd probably read much tooooo far into it and don't have
the faintest idea as to what you're talking about. My advice
is that if you don't know what you're talking about....

From: Phaid
Subject: apology?
Dated: Sun Nov 29 18:49:52

am I getting confused here?
from what I read earlier - zero didnt think he was due an apology
I thought it was shedevil was hoping for one?
must be me - cant be persona sharing surely.....:-)

From: Phaid
Subject: Lingus
Dated: Sun Nov 29 18:59:25

Thanks Lingus - however....
Though you are right about the immort mort ratio, most of us immorts
are too lazy to attack these days. There are really only about
2 or 3 immorts who evr attack high levels. In the old days there
were loads more aggressive immorts, so I think the ratio is still
about the same. Doesnt make it any easier for you i'm afraid
but then - shades has never been about easy or fair. That's half
the fun (at least for me anyway).

From: Azmodan
Subject: Personna Sharing
Dated: Sun Nov 29 18:59:58

Is it just me or is personna sharing not allowed?????????????????????
And infact isnt it a blotable offence??....Me thinks someone is
pushing there luck a little bit to much. If I for one catch someone
personna sharing and can prove it I`ll bust them on the spot!
Not that I`m a nasty vindictive person....just that it is a definate no-no
As for your deleted message Shedevil you may not of thought it would of
upset the person/persons involved but others did and from what I know

From: Azmodan
Subject: Personna Sharing
Dated: Sun Nov 29 19:01:17

about the message the comments in it were totaly uncalled for.
Maybe its you who should appologise!!!!!!!!!!!.For being so rude to the

From: Zeon
Subject: Shedevil/Sharing
Dated: Sun Nov 29 20:03:14

This matter is being dealt with via e-mail

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Nov 29 22:10:28

Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 17 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
(on a roll, or what?!)
In second place, Bogus - 5 kills, 4 defeats and 8 deaths
Third is Rah - 1 kill, 3 defeats and 9 deaths
In fourth place, Blight - 3 kills and 6 deaths
Also rans were Tsunami with 11 deaths (he just would NOT flee even when
low stammed!) and Emerald who attended her first bloodbath and didn't come
back after she was killed for the first time....poor thing!
Cheers to everyone who turned up!!

From: Pegasus
Subject: Shades These Days
Dated: Mon Nov 30 14:43:04

I think the lack of players has rather more to do with the fact
that the majority of MNet Shadists have all 'grown up' (technically at lea
whilst it's nice to find it again, it's difficult to fit it in around the
joys of day-to-day life.
It had a bit of a spurt a while back - maybe it'll happen again.

From: Aeia
Subject: Shades These Days
Dated: Mon Nov 30 18:57:10

Well judging by the posts on the CT Shades is getting back to
like it was in the old days. Plenty of slagging off of each other, moaning
about arches and immortals. messages being wiped. Feels like
the old days already :-)

From: Pegasus
Subject: Shades These Days
Dated: Mon Nov 30 19:30:20

All we need now is the Mafia, and we're well away!