From: Phaid
Subject: The Old Days....
Dated: Tue Dec 01 13:45:31

Yep, you're right Peggy - we have 'grown up' (some more than others)
(me less than most....:-)). But in the old days there was a stream
of players joining and leaving. Now we have a very few joining,
and most dont stay for long. If someone goes onto the Internet
and looks for MUD's, they get a list of several hundred. What
makes them notice shades - never mind come and try it?
on Mnet, you looked for MUD's and got.....Shades

From: Phaid
Subject: Here he goes again.....
Dated: Tue Dec 01 13:50:12

I think we have to admit that, now there are so many MUD's about
particularly the user editable ones (like LPMUD's), shades will
be lucky to gain one or two new players a month. As for keeping
them, that will only happen for those who like the fight system
here, (which I think is unique), or the social atmosphere.
Lets' face it, if we have to rely on just the old Mnet players
then what we have is pretty much it.
Anyone got any suggestions of how we can make shades more noticable?

From: Lingus
Subject: Making Shades more notic
Dated: Tue Dec 01 16:58:23

You could spam all the newsgroups . . . (G)

From: Phaid
Subject: Corned Beef
Dated: Tue Dec 01 23:56:42

Never liked spam meself Lingus.....
was thinking of something a little more subtel....but what the hell
go for it!....:-)

From: Kali
Subject: dr dee
Dated: Wed Dec 02 22:39:34

Anyone desirous of trying out a new game, partly created by me,
please direct your browser to
Not a MUD, it is an interactive cartoon game, you will need
the Flash 3 plug-in and IE3 is not recommended.
Please let me know what you think. xx

From: Ahalya
Subject: Recent Discussions
Dated: Wed Dec 02 23:32:42

There have been some recent discussions on the CT regarding imms
abusing their powers. Now Ive played this game for many a moon, never real
having reached the level of immort as yet, not that that has ever stopped
particularily bothered me. Im not in general the type to moan, I just get
playing...But I must say tonight I was somewhat miffed.
I rarely get to play these days, I enjoy a fight as much as the next and a
to winge on about wiz seconds...BUT I do object a little to an invis imm t

From: Ahalya
Subject: Recent Discussions cont.
Dated: Wed Dec 02 23:39:14

spoiling my playing time as one did tonight....The suffix changing I could
but after a while the confusion and cripple spells got a little tedious..
and the being secretly give the football all the time was a real pain...
and for the finally, a nice trip to the leech...I wouldnt have been that b
dieing if I had, but luckily berserk at spellbinder didnt let me down !
I think maybe this is verging on abuse of wiz power......And they didnt ev
curtesy to reveal themselves....Cont...

From: Ahalya
Subject: Recent Discussions
Dated: Wed Dec 02 23:40:24

Who ever it happened to be they are certainly on some weird power trip....
Well thats my two-penath.

From: Kali
Subject: ahalya
Dated: Thu Dec 03 09:49:10

if everything you say is true, then it *IS* abuse of wiz powers.
What time were you on? The logs will show which invisible immorts
were around. My guess is that whoever was teasing you, would not
have let the leech kill you. Perhaps he or she was enjoying your reaction?

From: Pegasus
Subject: Ahalya
Dated: Thu Dec 03 09:52:42

I have to agree with Kali - this is what I would term as being
abuse of immortal powers. Playing silly games with mortals is OK
up to a certain point, but to keep persisting is childish and
is half the reason why people don't come back.
At the very least make yourself known to your 'victim' and reward them wit

From: Pegasus
Subject: Cntd....
Dated: Thu Dec 03 09:53:11

*coff* reward them with a bit of treasure
or something.

From: Risk
Subject: Ahalya
Dated: Thu Dec 03 14:31:18

Sounds worthy of an investigation to me.
Keep the faith Ahalya, I believe the vast majority of immorts
will support you in the case of such a blatant abuse of powers.

From: Starrmist
Subject: Ahalya
Dated: Thu Dec 03 21:59:41

There are a couple of points that Ahalya forgot to mention in
her message about the "power-crazy" immortal.
I (me) crippled and confused her when she was in Safe..and
cured her quickly thereafter..there was no harm done to her
health or score. Secondly, the football trick is just that..
a Trick..nothing more, no harm done. I believe she also forgot
to mention that she was upset because the Rose kept talking
to her when she was t collecting and caused no harm there either.

From: Starrmist
Subject: Ahalya Cont'd...
Dated: Thu Dec 03 22:06:29

Per the Help Wizard Topic...respecting Immortals is a duty of
all Mortals and should that not be followed, there is a degree
of punishment that may be taken. She decided to Berserk when
sent to the Leech, however, had she stayed, she would have been
zipped back to the girl and given t...Maybe she should try
asking questions instead of assuming the worst about someone.
And so should the rest of you Immorts for that matter!

From: Starrmist
Subject: And again...
Dated: Thu Dec 03 22:09:21

Ahalya...this is a multi-USER game, other players will be on
when you are. Just because that may have been the only time
for you to t collect, that doesn't mean that everyone has to
leave you alone to yourself. I was attacked and pestered when
making immort and so is everyone else. I think you should get
used to it and accept it. No harm was done to your score or
health, therefore complaining about it will do nothing for you.

From: Ahalya
Subject: Starrmist
Dated: Thu Dec 03 23:02:55

Well I never planned this to be any sort of row or slanging match..
but of course I must reply..
1. I WAS confused out of safe and had to leave game on at least
one occasion to clear it...
2. Football - Maybe a trick but an annoying trick when it is done
3. I was most definately not upset by being talked to by a rose!!!!
4. I berserked after the leech hit me a few times..I wasnt about to
hang about and see if I was to be rescued when a berserk may work..

From: Ahalya
Subject: Starrmist Cont
Dated: Thu Dec 03 23:07:25

and if it was the case that you were planning on intervening how come
you failed to mention that afterwards???
You say you never affected my score, you did affect my score as it would
certainly would have been higher if you hadnt have been "playing" with me
I never once suggested I want the game by myself. No objections to company
and being attacked doesnt bother me either. Infact I was fighting shortly
before you started to muck me about (prehaps one of your seconds ??)

From: Ahalya
Subject: Starrmist cont
Dated: Thu Dec 03 23:12:57

I enjoy fights and if I loose I loose,,
As for your suggestion that I was punished for being disrespectful..
in that case you definition of that word really worries me..What on earth
I actually do which was disrespectful ?? You say imms should be respected,
You have obviously overlooked that respect is earned, it is not
a God given right..
If an imm carries on in such a way which is not fitting for their level
they will never earn the respect of others in the game!!

From: Phaid
Subject: Power Mad Immorts
Dated: Fri Dec 04 01:30:26

I shouldnt worry Ahalya - we always get the odd new immort who goes
power mad. They either grow up or get blotted......:-)

From: Pegasus
Subject: Power Mad Immorts
Dated: Fri Dec 04 09:06:26

I have problems with this, because to a certain extent, I can see
both sides of the argument. I understand that the immortal just wanted to
have a bit of a laugh, but it does appear that it was a bit on
the persistent side. Mortals have to get used to a certain
amount of bullying (it's probably 'character building', HAH)
but immortals have to learn when to leave alone.
God, it's nice to see the Chat Track in use!

From: Kali
Subject: Power-Crazy
Dated: Fri Dec 04 21:04:15

me me me. I would like to be a power crazed immortal.
all I need is some power. I would keep it in my elbow
just to make sense of the old exhortation. i would not
mis-use it (it would not light up in "thinks" bulbs
over bald men's heads, nor emit greenhouse gases). I would
conserve it in jars with pickled mushrooms and
save it in stamp albums full of muddy footprints.
I would use it to bring Branwell and Savvy back.
please vote me into powers.
Love Kali xxxx

From: Cryptic
Subject: Power-Crazy Immorts
Dated: Sat Dec 05 01:37:33

i would like to be power crazy with immortal powers *sigh*
will it ever happen?
if you're voting, please vote for me! i would take great care
of those powers (cackle, cackle). honest!

From: Zeon
Subject: Ok hands up
Dated: Sat Dec 05 07:24:37

Ok ok so what sad git has been sat there typing
in all the personna id numbers to see which ones
have the same password as their id number??
Go go own really must have been bored
with a capital B...

From: Mackerel
Subject: mackerel unmasked
Dated: Sat Dec 05 09:38:43

will whoever wrote this on the walls
let me know what they are on about
because i have nothing, that i know about, to hide
you should also ask me directly first dont you think?

From: Mackerel
Subject: unmasked contd
Dated: Sat Dec 05 09:50:28

Just found the book.
i ahve asked a few people about the author because i am curious -- ththino

From: Mackerel
Subject: unmasked contd
Dated: Sat Dec 05 09:55:48

i read an early copy of the book because i work in the industry an authorh

From: Mackerel
Subject: unmasked contd!
Dated: Sat Dec 05 10:00:41

people should be less suspicious. if i was the author do you think
that i would have such a hard time at bb? or find it bloody impossible
to write in this postroom? i'm lucky if i can kill the thief!
the book is now in proof form so there will be people reading it and
trying shades. lets hope people arent suspicious when other people
turn up having read the book. 4 weeks in and accuesed of something
already -- welcome to shades!

From: Mackerel
Subject: last unmasked
Dated: Sat Dec 05 10:01:53

just putting soapbox away

From: Zeon
Subject: Mackerel
Dated: Sat Dec 05 20:20:09

Anyone know what he's waffling on about??

From: Snuggles
Subject: Mackrel
Dated: Sat Dec 05 21:36:53

No hes a NUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Chant
Subject: Mackerel
Dated: Sun Dec 06 21:10:10

Well if he's a nutter, he should fit in here just fine!
Welcome to Shades, Mackerel!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Dec 06 22:03:56

Tonight's winner is Ahalya - 8 kills, 3 defeats and NO deaths! Coo!
In a close second place, Bogus - 6 kills, 2 defeats and 4 deaths
In an even closer third place, Blight - 3 kills, 4 defeats and 6 deaths
In fourth place, Bearrrrr (who left early to watch TV!) - 2 kills, 1 death
In fifth place, Rah - 2 kills and 14 deaths (poor Rah!)
And in sixth place, Deadcat (who left ever so early) - 1 kill and 6 deaths
Thanks to everyone for turning up. It's getting to be much more fun
with more players!

From: Chant
Subject: Followed by a wedding...
Dated: Sun Dec 06 22:44:41

After the bloodbath the lovely Mindy was prevailed upon (by dint
of much grovelling on his part) to marry the rather disreputable
The best man was Ender (who took AGES sorting out his persona!) and
the glamorous bridesmaid was Aeia (who refused point blank to swap
clothes with the groom)
Rah, Catz, Mackerel and Phaid were guests and also witnesses to all
the promises that the bride and groom made to each other....

From: Chant
Subject: Wedding continued...
Dated: Sun Dec 06 22:47:08

Amongst the promises was one made by Mindy where she promised faithfully
(cross her heart and hope to die) that she'll help Beermat to find his
way if he should ever accidentally wander out of safe and get lost in the
unknown (well, to him!) territory of the entrance tunnel, or ...gasp...
the vast echoing mass of the natural cavern...! She's also promised to
explain the dropping treasure in the Mad Kings Room bit to him...
So that'll keep her busy for the next year or so...
Congrats and stuff!

From: Kali
Subject: mackerel
Dated: Mon Dec 07 01:20:28

this all sounds highly dubious to me. how do you unmask a
mackerel anyway? i thought you cooked em in caper sauce?
as for all this "i work in the industry" business, which
industry employs masked mackerel to check out multi-user
games? it all sounds very very FISHY.
Lots of Love
Kali xxxx

From: Bearrr
Subject: bearrrrr
Dated: Mon Dec 07 01:44:06

Dear Chant,
I trust you will not mind if I point out that it was Bearrrrrr
who took part in tonight's bloodbath and not, as reported,
Bearrrrr. They are two separate, distinct and quite unlike
characters who have almost nothing in common except a profound
dislike of being mistaken for each other. As does another who
has the honour to be, madam, your most humble, devoted and
moth-eaten fervent,

From: Bearrr
Subject: I forgot!
Dated: Mon Dec 07 01:45:38

Mindy, Beermat, congratulations. If only I had known, I would
have liked to be there.

From: Kali
Subject: sad git
Dated: Mon Dec 07 01:54:26

I was watching the novices being created at a rate of knots.
Tried to explode one or two of them but they were gone too fast.
Presumably it was an algorithm doing its lonely digital thing.
Making the password the same as the ID used to be an old mnet
trick of mine, which is perhaps why I saw at least four of my
old characters appear. Or is there a more sinister reason?
love, Kali xxx
PS: This is yet another fishy happening, you don't suppose it has
anything to do with, shudder, mackerel?

From: Mindy
Subject: Stuff
Dated: Mon Dec 07 18:22:18

Thank you for the lovely report of the wedding Chant.
And thanks for all the congratulations everyone!
Old personas of yours turning up eh Kali?
Oh I should think its just some hacker or other...
who will have just logged loads of personas under their
shades account number.....
Not to mention against their IP address too I expect.
Sad isn't it....

From: Mackerel
Subject: mackerel is innocent
Dated: Wed Dec 09 09:11:38

all fish are innocent until proven guilty as that war godess kali knows
i wish i had the time (and brains to be a hacker) but i dont
and as for ways to cook me i am named after a character from a Japanese
novel --so id have to be eaten raw

From: Kali
Subject: Mackerel must die
Dated: Wed Dec 09 13:40:07

The Japanese may eat raw mackerel and, indeed, do,
but I gather that in China they go one better and
eat the flapping fish alive. The method is to make
a slight cut in the skin, rub in salt and chillies and
then flip in a frying pan over a hot flame. This
apparently makes for a very tasty meal and is jolly
good fun too. Mackerel, choose your fate.

From: Azmodan
Subject: Kali
Dated: Wed Dec 09 14:38:39

Coooo Kali don`t supose you could give me some cooking tips that Mackerel
dish sounds most delicious. I may have to try it out myself :)

From: Zeon
Subject: Old C/T messages
Dated: Fri Dec 11 12:51:13

Old Chat-track messages now appear in

From: Ray
Subject: Hooch!
Dated: Sun Dec 13 15:56:22

Cor dear, 11 years on and Shades is still going...
And where are you now Aeia? Email me sometime!
and the rest of you sad, old Shadists :-))

From: Slurp
Subject: and the rest...
Dated: Sun Dec 13 16:05:42

11 years and the rest......

From: Aeia
Subject: Ray
Dated: Sun Dec 13 19:07:47

Hello dear! I thought you'd deserted me!
Funny thing is I was talking about Skye meets with a bunch
of sad Shadist earlier today :-) So when's the next one!
We all want to come and terrorise Skye again..

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Dec 13 21:52:08

In first place - Ahalya - 9 kills, 2 defeats and ONE death (coo!
Ahalya actually snuffed it during a bloodbath! There's a novelty!)
In second place, Rah - 3 kills, 5 defeats and 9 deaths (not bad at all
for someone who thought he'd do nothing but die!)
In third place, a much battered Deadcat - 3 kills, 3 defeats and 14 deaths
And fourth was Bogus - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 5 deaths
Huge amounts of congrattypoos to all who took part and the usual
curse with bells on to those of you who wimped out

From: Shedevil
Subject: Thanks All
Dated: Tue Dec 15 18:11:24

Narrowing it down to four possible immortals who could have
possibly committed this dastardly deed. Who's the SmartA**
who changed the treasure to read "annoying witch" - Shedevil?
Come on, fess up...who did it? I'd like to know because I
haven't even been on for a week almost!!!
It's nice to know what kind of players I'm playing with even
when I'm not on! Thanks (sarcasm extreme!) again for your
kind and generous nature folks. NOT

From: Phaid
Subject: Teapots
Dated: Tue Dec 15 19:55:31

and kettles?

From: Kali
Subject: Phaid
Dated: Wed Dec 16 12:07:46

Phaid has gone nuts again, nuts again, nuts again,
Phaid has gone nuts again
All of a ... er ... um ...
xxx Kali

From: Wobblebum
Subject: Starrmist
Dated: Wed Dec 16 19:44:29

Respect is earnt, not demanded....

From: Groo
Subject: Meet
Dated: Wed Dec 16 21:02:46

Who, if anyone, is going then?

From: Starrmist
Subject: Wobblebum
Dated: Wed Dec 16 21:35:49

I don't remember asking for respect. I thought I asked for
the immort to show him/her self. F**K respect on Shades!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Ct
Dated: Wed Dec 16 22:21:40

No comment!!!!

From: Aeia
Subject: Meet
Dated: Wed Dec 16 23:51:43

I'll be going
I think we have also Zero, Shedevil, Chant, Peri and poss Hazeii
anyone else?

From: Zeon
Subject: Vjobs
Dated: Thu Dec 17 07:38:47

I do wish that certain immortals would learn
how to correctly CALL and DESC the Vjobs...

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Previous
Dated: Thu Dec 17 20:49:22

What are the chances of getting a Vjob on here Zeon ?

From: Zeon
Subject: Oral Sex
Dated: Thu Dec 17 22:24:21

Depends on how much you are willing to pay

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Oral Sex
Dated: Thu Dec 17 22:31:45

But you've never charged before Zeon !

From: Kali
Subject: this is disgusting
Dated: Thu Dec 17 23:21:30

some of us with more refined and delicate sensibilities
do not care for this coarse banter, and especially not at
this special time of year.
just think, the bombing of iraq could have been avoided
if monica had kept her mouth shut.
there's a lesson for us all in that.

From: Zeon
Subject: Monica
Dated: Fri Dec 18 07:20:45

I think if Monica HAD kept her mouth shut
there would have been more than one stain on
her dress :-)

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Monica
Dated: Sat Dec 19 12:43:11

Refined & delicate ?......Kali ?????

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Dec 20 22:10:24

Tonight's bloodbath was a high level one (Rah's suggestion) and NEVER
AGAIN! I reckon I ended up doing more typing than they did! They would
INSIST on getting defeated down to novice or on sneakily making immort!
Puff....pant.... Just as well I didn't have wet nails tonight...!
Anyway, tonights winner is Ahalya - 10 kills, 4 defeats and 3 deaths
Second is Bogus - 5 kills, 5 defeats and 6 deaths
Third is Blight - 1 kill, 4 defeats and 5 deaths
Fourth is Rah - 2 kills, 2 defeats amd 13 deaths

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Dec 20 22:12:48

And last but not least - Deadcat - 1 something or other (OK, I admit
I lost the plot and don't know what it was) and 6 deaths
I think that's fairly accurate but I wouldn't swear to it as people
were making wiz, dropping down several levels and ending up as novices
all over the place! I'm pooped!
I'm off to rest my fingers now!

From: Kali
Subject: lubricity
Dated: Tue Dec 22 15:50:23

Branwell, you old fool, where the hell have you been??
The lubricious one xxxx

From: Pegasus
Subject: Holidays...
Dated: Thu Dec 24 08:51:56

Just thought I'd use the Chat Track to wish all Shadists
past, present and thinking about it a very Happy Christmas
and a drunkenly good new year!

From: Kali
Subject: The first Christmas mess
Dated: Fri Dec 25 11:16:56

oops, that should have read, The First Christmas Message,
but the thing truncated it. Oh dear. Oh well, er, um, well the
thing is there was this star and it was shining in their eyes
- whose? - oh yes...well they were on their way from Baghdad or
somewhere, carrying biological specimins, oh never mind...the subject
was right after all. Happy Christmas!

From: Kali
Subject: Cryptic
Dated: Fri Dec 25 11:23:42

The correct way for a warlock to deal with an attack from a seeker
is to let the fight come to its swift and inevitable conclusion,
gracefully accept the few points you gain and note that your stam is
restored by defeating her. You do not run into safe, then pop out into
the entrance tunnel, zip and attack her, and when this fails, do it
again, and again, and again, until you finally succeed in butchering
someone eight levels below your own. If I catch you doing it again,
I will jail you again.

From: Kali
Subject: Oh btw Cryptic
Dated: Fri Dec 25 11:24:50

Happy Christmas.

From: Zeon
Subject: Happy Christmas
Dated: Fri Dec 25 12:42:58

Happy Crimbo to all you underlings out there :-)
and from Savvy too

From: Hazeii
Subject: Merry christmas
Dated: Sat Dec 26 00:51:25

...and a Happy New Year!

From: Perialaga
Subject: Bloodbath
Dated: Sun Dec 27 19:28:17

Remember the Christmas Bloodbath Tonight at 9pm! Be there!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Dec 27 21:58:05

Tonight's winner is Rah - 12 kills, 7 defeats and 1 death (coo! I guess
she was working off those excess Christmas calories!)
In second place, Ahalya - 9 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
In third place, Deadcat - 3 kills and 17 deaths (poor Deadcat!)
And last but not least, Sorceror with 12 deaths. As you can tell, it
was his first go and he's new to Shades, so three cheers to him for
having a go!
Congrats to everyone who turned up and was energetic.

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Happy new year!
Dated: Mon Dec 28 16:18:16

Since I missed the happy Xmas stuff,

Happy new year!!