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Last Updated :- 8th June 2003

New Stuff:- Making of a Witch by Beccy
A shades panel for newbies by Magestic

The Rough Guide to Shades - New Players


Regular (or irregular as the case maybe) Game Events

         Held every Sunday at 9pm, a nice quiet way of spending your Sunday evenings. Very simple to take part in, simply either use one of your persona's or better still create a new one and log onto the game just before 9pm on Sunday. One of the resident arches, probably the gorgeous Chant will setscore your persona to 10K. As soon as everyone has arrived and is on full stam the fun will begin, upon the reset you will then be invited to take part in 45 minutes of pure, unadultered violence!!!

                    There are no rules, anything goes, low stamming, stealing weps from other peoples fights, in fact any of those things that would normally bring down the wrath of an immortal are all ok.There is one aim and one aim only .... to KILL as many people as many times as possible. Only three things are frowned upon, kinging weapons, hiding in safe and berserking (except of course from low stamming mobiles!!)

                    The winner will basically be the person with the most kills/defeats unless there is a draw in which case deaths will be taken into account. There are prizes for the winners in the form of points added to the personna of your choice.

                    The format is as in a normal bloodbath but high level personnas are used instead. Your character will be kept around Necro level throughout the BB by the arch who is presiding, those being killed or noviced being setscored back up to  the required level. Scores are returned to thier starting point at the end of the bb, so no if you make immort during it you can't keep it (hard luck!).

                     Keep your eye on the Chattrack and Wall for annoucements of the next High Level Bloodbath.

             Originally the brainchild of Guiseppe (where is he now???), Quzzies are run every Thursday  at around 9pm. So get yer brain working (or your search engine :-)) and join in the fun. If you want to run one yourself then feel free!

                    Treasure hunts will take place on an occasional basis, check the chatrack for announcements.  For those of you that have not played a treasure hunt before here's the basic outline of what it is, further details can be  found by going UP from the pub on the game.

                     The hunt will take place on the quiz game (type QUIZ at the game prompt) and will last for one reset. At the beginning of the game there will be no treasure anywhere in the game. All the gates will be locked and the puzzles reset.

                     One piece of treasure will be placed at a random location in the game and the first person to get the treasure and put it in the fountain in the formal gardens will score the points for that treasure. This will be repeated until either all the treasure has been found or 45 mins has elasped, which ever comes first. At the end of the game each player will have a tally of the number of pieces of treasure that they have managed to put into the pond and an additional 100 points per item will be added to their score, plus extra points will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (1000, 500 and 200 respectively)

                    Fighting will be TURNED OFF during the game so there will be no possiblity of being attacked by either a mobile or  another player so you may use you main personna to play with, whatever the level. You must dance to get past the sprite and any mobiles that get in the way, such as the demon, will be disposed of by yours truely :-)

                    You are allowed to use any spells you want during the game in order to gain possession of the treasure (Strip, steal, cripple, zap etc etc).

Articles written by YOU in order of the newest first!

Old Chat Track Messages - Gone but not forgotten!

Ever wondered where the old chat track messages go??, well now they come here! Each month, the previous months messages will appear here so you never need miss out on the gossip again!

Shades History - Stuff for the Old Foggies out there from the EG and MicroNet Days of Shades

Meet Reports

                    Every now and again Shades People come together for a meet, ok for a booze up. Although none are currently planed you can read about past ones here.
                    If you want to organise one please feel free to send me the details and I will place them here!

                    Below are some reports ranging from 1996 to 2000.

The Election for Mayor

Once upon a time when Kali had nothing better to do with her arms and heads she decided to run an election for the empty position of mayor. Here's how it went...

Shades Mayoral Election Announcement

{Fluff's manifesto} - {Dazzle's manifesto} - {The Thief's manifesto} - {Wizzo's manifesto}

An open letter on the Mayoral Candidacy - A Politcial Smear Campaign Message

The Result

Scandal Rocks the Mayorship! - More News on the Scandal - Latest Scandal..

The Gallery - Pics 'n' Stuff

                 Ever wondered what some of the players look like in Real Life?? Well here's your chance to find out!!                  Got an idea of what your personna looks like?? Well here's your chance to let others in on your egotist visions..                  Really Really Old Stuff

Game Captures

This idea was suggested by, and the ball started rolling by Ravena. If you have any interesting game captures then please send them to me and they will be placed here.

A few points to note:-

1) Captures can be sent in any format and will be converted to standard text files for posting here
2) Immorts - Please do not send captures of snoops of private events, ie conversations or sessions in the Bridal Suite!!! as they will not be included UNLESS i have received an email from the concerned parties giving permission - (or of course if they are embarassing enough to those concerned!)
3) I (or Peri) reserve the right to edit captures (ie removing WH T lists for example!)
4) I (or Peri) reserve the right to not include captures without giving reason
5) Peri reserves the right to remove any captures that have been previously passed by me at his discrection!

Please note, captures are stored in TEXT format, after viewing please press the 'back' button in your browser to return to this page