Moon Shades

*** Bloodbath on Shades at 9pm(BST) Every Sunday ***

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Welcome to Shades, the twilight land of mystery and magic In this land you will meet new friends, and have new adventures whilst trying to achieve the exalted rank of Witch or Wizard.

To play Shades you need to have access to a 'telnet' program, and if you don't already have one, you can download one from here. Alternatively you can try Shades from a Java equipped browser.


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Getting Started - An introduction to Shades, and a collection of useful hints and tips!Download Software Useful software including ZMud and OrgasmatronPlayer Links Web pages of those who play Shades
Shades Statistics - Top 40 Information etc straight out of the persona databaseInshades - Social information and other stuff - the official support site! Read it to get to know Shades and its people.