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Multi-User games (often referred to as Multi-User Dungeons) are text-based games in which you can meet with, talk to and then mercilessly slaughter other people from anywhere in the world. Unlike traditional computer games, there may be as many as a few hundred players simultaneously, all of whom can interact with each other.


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Moon Enter a strange, twilight world..... Shades
**Now play with Java!**  Shades - The ultimate hack and slash (but friendly) MUD. Very traditional game play, you must collect treasure and solve puzzles, and try and avoid letting someone else attack and kill you while you are at it! Click here to find out more about the game, and to start playing!

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Avatar 3 - The Crypt

Avatar III - The Crypt This game has been running within the UK for the last twelve years, accessed by direct dial players. It is one of the finest examples of the role-playing 'MUD'.


Blue fairies


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